Hot take. You deserve your rank

If you are hard-stuck in a rank, it is because you are that rank.

Your teammates are not holding you back, you are the rank that you are because you deserve that rank.

There are a few instances of legitimate bugs resulting in unwarranted de-ranks, but for the vast majority of players your ranking is completely and solely in your hands.

Whole lotta copium going around.


Another Blizzard shill coming out of the woodwork as this game crashes and burns.

There is so many players showing real evidence that it’s broken but you do you troll.


I don’t think it’s shilling. “Hardstuck” paints a very specific picture to me, personally. As flawed as the system may be, if the best players can still climb and I end up stuck somewhere, blaming the system is really just me protecting my ego by projecting blame on to an external factor.


What about the player who won 21 games in a row and deranked?

How in the every loving world is that not broken?


We can’t say for sure if it is broken or not, actually. We don’t have enough information how the system is meant to work. I saw a video on the topic that offered a plausible explanation that it could be working perfectly and produce that result.

We have to take the feelings away from the situations we encounter, because whether or not the system is fun to participate in is a separate animal from whether it’s working as intended… And unfortunately, we aren’t getting enough communication to know for sure where it’s working and where it isn’t.

Edit: here’s the video if you’re curious:


Whatever causes a machine to crank out overtuned results, means the machine is overtuned. And if overtuned results are an unintended product of the machine’s function, then that means there exists a problem with the machine’s design.

So, the machine is either working as intended and griefing players during their placements. Or it isn’t working as intended and overtuned results are simply a byproduct of its malfunction.


(Possible) unpopular opinion: I think it’s designed to grief players by starting them with a lower visual rank than what they deserve to try and trick them into feeling better about “climbing”.

I think it’s working as designed outside of the bronze 5 bug, but that it is designed poorly.


So you’re suggesting that if a system can stratify people into tiers, the system is a good, working, fair system? We’ll start there and progress forward after I get your answer.

What a brave stance to take. Bravo. I can tell you put a whole 3 seconds into writing this.

The problem, of course, is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. The ranking system is completely broken because it only factors in win rate. So, Solo Q players, being only 20% of the team, can regularly be the best person in the lobby, but still hard-coded to a given rank. Skill doesn’t matter.

This is particularly bad for supports, since their overall game impact is so low. They have no hope.

If you want to rank up, don’t play solo Q. Does that sound like a well performing ranking system to you?

To make this even simpler for you, take Lebron James. He’s unquestionably, in the top 3 of basketball players. However, the lakers are 3-10 this year. Blizzard’s formula would make him a Bronze 5 basketball player. He’d be dunking on school kids making them cry, but his NBA days are over. That’s how stupid the current ranking system is. In team sports, you alone rarely decide the outcome.


Because of their mmr, you will not climb much higher than your mmr, if at all, only wqy to improve your mmr is to play well at a consistent rate, no insane games here and there, it has to be consistant, hence why people can go on massive losing streaks and get back up the next day


But MMR shouldn’t matter at that rank if everything we have been told is true (It’s not anymore).

Also screw any DEV that makes a system where someone can win 21 games and not rank. That is the definition of RIGGING a comp system.


It’s literally no different from ow 1, they just exanged sr with 5-1 now, that’s it

In OW1 you could see your SR at least moving up or down. You could tell when your getting favorable matchmaking on the loading screen. Now everything is hidden and it’s rubbish.


Yeah, you just can’t see the sr, exactly, that’s why people are mad for some reason, nothing else is really different, other than removing being able to see ranks displayed in game, that was for a good cause, but didn’t do very well

They did it so you cannot see the broken matchmaker designed for speed instead of ranking.

Plenty of evidence that the spread of teams is massive with GM’s seeing Golds in their game.


When did that happen?


Correct, that is how a ranking system works.

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Can a system separate people into tiers and also be dysfunctional and poorly designed?


For ranks Diamond and below there is a “performanced-based ranking” system in place where, depending on a number of different statistics, you can gain/lose more rating per win/loss. (If you play exceedingly well, you will gain vastly more rating per win and lose far less per loss). This isn’t even necessary because good players can, with a fair degree of consistency, carry low-ranked games.

There are plenty of players, including myself, who only play solo and rank up. I actually prefer it and find it easier than stacking.

The idea that you are not able to climb out of low ranks even if you are an incredibly skilled player is absurd. There are no GMs in the metal ranks. There are players (as shown on youtube and twitch) who consistently, on multiple accounts, climb to the highest ranks solo.

Of course. Please give me more than a yes/no to respond to because I must type a message longer than 20 characters every response and forums won’t let me respond to multiple people without more chats.