Hot take: we don't have any power creep whatsoever

Any we might have had were wiped away by the two global ult charge nerfs.

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure I believe this, but it’s something I almost never see in the threads on powercreep and it absolutely warrants consideration.

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ults aren’t the only thing that can be too strong though.
Especially considering, that even when we do get balance patches, the ults themself rarely get nerfed or buffed.


Are you trolling or being serious?

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Yes, ult charge was nerfed.

However, shields were also nerfed. You don’t get ult charge shooting shields. It’s still not uncommon for many characters to gain an Ult with one moderately long fight, like first fights on koth maps.

And, yes, there’s power creep. Even the dev finally had to walk that back.

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cc is power
we have a cc creep
thus we have a power creep


Power creep is inevitable in any game that receive constant updates. The best you can do is control its growth.


80% serious. Prior to the first ult charge nerf, teamwipes and teamrezzes were cheap and happened all throughout the fight. We’ve come a long way since then, yet between all the recent shield nerfs, lethality and ttk is nowhere near what it used to be.

If you really want to know the effect of this on any sort of power creep, you’d have to calculate the relative occurrence of ults compared to regular damage and abilities throughout an average match, or in other words: how important are ults compared to the regular stuff on the level of a match. That’s pretty hard.

Ult charge nerfs will certainly have had a dampening effect on power creep, but to what extent? That’s difficult to assess.

Welp, im for sure feeling being killed way faster as tank, and its way easier now than in past for me to charge up zarya dmg…

Ok. Since you’ve no clue what power creep is:

Right now, most common healers:
Baptiste + Ana/Moira/Zen (best one).

Overall they’ll put out 120-150 hps if played properly. And how much damage anyone else other than Widow, Hanzo,Reaper, Doom and Mei do? Negative damage probably in elo where people know how to position and play properly. And you won’t kill anything with your ults if they pair a zen with tanks who aren’t morons.

Then there is the idea of making new heroes op and better than heroes before to make them meta. Sigma is broken, Baptiste is broken.

Just because there’s ult charge nerf, doesn’t mean you’re not getting ults. But before you could play and do something without cc. Now that’s only reliable way to do that. And ults are being negated more than before.

But yes. There’s no power creep. Just google it first and then come to conclusion on what power creep is and if it’s there or not.

And lastly, check out old gameplay of Overwatch. Before you’d get teamfights lasting 15s maximum in teambased environments. Now it had gone up to 50s. If there’s no power creep, well.

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Ult charge rate nerfs means some heroes aren’t great. Examples: Genji (only good for blade for a long time), Sombra (you don’t pick her for her damage).

The worst part: you’ve got heroes which are self sustaining. Like reaper,Mei, Orisa, Sigma, Baptiste. They also have one thing in common, their ult charges faster. One of the reasons they’re meta.

People often talk about things they’ve got no idea on. Like there’s no power creep. Every multiplayer game that recieves content updates will have it whether or not developers admit it.

there has been some power creep it’s quite clear,
but it has been sort of happening in a lot of areas of the game, it’s not only damage, it’s also healing, utility, crowd control etc.
they have all been swelling a bit.

but as a counter measure they have been nerfing and buffing things around to where they think the game should be realistically.
sure there are maybe some decisions they aren’t too happy with, but they don’t want to to make any drastical changes that would put them in any worse position.

Considering the sorry state a lot of older characters like Zen, Pharah, Tracer, Soldier, Winston,, and even Ana to a degree are in despite not getting many changes (Except for I’d say that power creep is pretty alive and well.

The only older characters that are doing well mostly have the anti-GOATs buffs to thank for it.

That’s true. The real problem is, the current game didn’t get significant balance changes after 2 2 2. Yes ult charge got nerfed, shields got nerfed. But overall, there has been some problems that didn’t get fixed.

Please read that again.

Nobody said we don’t have power creep. He clearly said there might be power creep but it’s not a problem (yet).

The real question is if it outdoes the effect that the ult nerfs had on having trance/beat more often, especially prior to 2/2/2.

That’s actually what inspired this thread. Is this due to healing/damage mitigation power creep or overall DPS output going down due to ult nerfs? I don’t think the answer is that clearly cut.

If you don’t believe in powercreep or that it has been solved then you will have to explain soldier 76.

At launch his dmg was 17 per shot. They changed it to 20 but he was considered op outperforming Mcree. Nerfed to 19.

But last year 19 wasn’t cutting it and they bumped it back to 20.

Yet if there is no powercreep then why does his return to 20 not even register anymore as a meta DPS dominating threat?

He said there might be power creep, and that being concerned is a good thing. He didn’t exactly confirm if there was any or not.

But you do raise a good point, about being wildly distorted from the core experience- how much of that is due to the ult charge nerfs keeping things under control? (i.e. the point of this thread)

most people would point at the goats nerfs/buffs as a point of contention.

but if i take a step back and look at the game objectively i think it’s in a better shape it has been for quite some time atleast for now.

the only thing that feels a bit regrettable is things that’s been left at the way side a bit.

How much of this was from ults overall being less common though? While visor sucks and continues to get worse, it always comboed well with other ults to clear barriers and other impediments, but those are also less frequent now after the nerfs.

You’re probably right regardless, but evaluating powercreep isn’t as cut and dry as the example you gave.