High maximum input lag

I’ve recently followed the ultimate input lag reduction guide, but even after, I still got a maximum SIM number (the one on the right if I’m corect) and it still is above ~13.
The min and avg are around 4/5 ms, which is good, I don’t mind, but it just seem strange to me that my maximum SIM is so high.

I got a laptop with a i7-7700, 1070 with 8GB of GDDR, 16GB of DDR4.
OW installed on SSD, a 144hz/1ms screen (xg2401) linked via mini displayport to displayport.

All drivers are up to date, nothing else except discord and some low memory/process app(logitech, 7+ taskbar, 4t minimizer, noisegator [little java app for mic], fraps and lightshot)

My first guess with laptops is always heat spikes/overheating, but it’s also possible to be something running in the background siphoning away some of your system response time.

Can you post a DxDiag?

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Sorry for being late, I just didn’t checked the thread
Here it is : pastebin .com/YF0nUTMR (can’t post links :confused:)

I see a lot of Windows update attempts, so you might want to manually check and apply those.

updating right now
for the ram, since I only have 2 slots, I can’t really make a dual-channel I guess? laptop is the GE72MVR

I didn’t realize you provided the GPU memory and misread it as the actual RAM, you should be fine with the 16GB, as it’s likely 2 cards of 8, making it dual channel. Did the updates help at all?

For now, I don’t really now since I doesn’t have the screen, but the integrated screen on the laptop show kind of better results. I’ll keep you informed tomorrow probably. Thank you :slight_smile:

Back with some new results : if I put overwatch on a TV (samsung quite recent) via hdmi, I got less than 5ms in avg input lag and something like 10 maximum. But even with the update, the main screen still is at like 7ms of SIM avg as well as over 10 in maximum.
Discovered some parameters as well om the screen that were already enabled :

  • Response time : ultra fast
  • Low input lag : ultra fast
  • Smartsync as well as freesync : disabled