Hiding profile was a bad move

A lot of offmeta mains were saying how hidden profiles are a good thing.

I agree with OP. How is it any better that no one can see that you have 1000 hours on Torb and they know you’re a devoted, good torb? Sure someone will say some dumb stuff about ‘‘torb main’’, but that’s less bad than the whole team doubting you for throwing/trolling.

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For competitive, I agree it should not be a thing. But for everything else, I welcome it! Getting berated for your rank by a person 200 sr above you is pretty lame… Especially if its after you just pooped on them a few times!

You say that not many players on Xbox are in chat or talk…

So what does it matter if you can see their profile or not?

They’re going to play what they’re going to play. If you can’t ask them to switch because they’re not in chat what does it matter if you can see the profile if you can’t do anything with that information?


If it’s a bad idea, then don’t hide your own profile ? Stop complaining about private profiles while you have a private profile yourself…

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Completely true. In console, NO ONE seems to have a mic

Well you obviously haven’t met people that actually use stats to suggest switches in a mature and logical way… which is sad that you throw those people along with the toxic ones.

This is the EXACT reason Hiding Profile is great. That person can now play something else because people act like if you play one support and have them as your most played hero even by ONE hour, you have to only use them. If you play Hanzo… well people know you are most likely gonna be sticking to DPS. Which is more than half the cast. Supports are stuck to what, like 6 heroes? Tanks are the same thing. Sorry we don’t all play meta DPS heroes


I think the mainproblem is that I can’t see player SR when using LFG. I have no clue what rank they are, gold, silver, bronze? OR does the matchmaker only show players with the same skillrating as you?

I haven’t met anyone like that either. I mean I believe they exist, but:

  • I never worry about getting struck by lightning while walking to work.
  • I don’t expect to win the lottery.

So yeah, not expecting to run into any of them ever, either. Even then, it’s a fake argument used to further toxic goals, because any players of that level of maturity and intellectual approach to Overwatch would pre-group anyhow. More so now that LFG is a thing. Hence eliminating the issue flat-out.

They shouldn’t show up unless they’re roughly in your SR range.

Rather than complain not being able to do something that takes a LOT of work, why not ask for a BETTER feature? LFG is close, but what about just having a ‘Here are the characters I’m fond of playing and think I’m good at’ section that appears under your name?

If you could nominate 3 characters that you ‘main’ and are interested in running, then people could pick their characters around your strengths. Could have a coloured indicator around the outside to show that the stats back-up the claims, if you wanted.

Surely that would be a little more effective than browsing through 5 peoples profiles in depth in the short time before the game kicks off. Then people without voice comms might smooth out the choices in QP too.

Grouping up adds a lot of pressure on me making me play worse through out my whole gaming experience I’ve been solo playing even when i did league of legends tournaments in my country with an orginized team also being the captiain of that team (had good game sense and do call outs) my performance was much lower than when i play solo q simply because the idea of having teammates trusting you adds a lot of pressure while in solo q if you mess up you join for another game and will most likely not meet the same players again hence why i’m reluctant to use lfg.

A LOT of services switched profile defaults from Public to Private - Steam among them.

I’m pretty certain it’s something to do with covering their backsides from the EU privacy legislation. Basically, you can’t really publicly show ANY user data without express consent - public-by-default is pretty much illegal in some jurisdictions now.

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Here is the question, even if you could see that the instant lock hanzo is bad you can’t do anything about it, same with those dreaded mercy mains j mean how dare they play anything other then mercy right. But same as with the hanzo even before when you could see that was what they were you could not do anything about it, so it really doesn’t matter. All it dose is stop people who try and bully people into playing certain heros

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I am some what surprised about this, I always thought console players talk more than PC - since typing would be a pain.

People call me out every now and then for my “silver rank” in Competitive, when I am playing QP. Which is completely silly, as I only did placements like 3 times and less than a dozen matches, back then in the stone age. So I like that I can hide my stats.

I would be completely happy tho if you wouldn’t see Comp. stats in QP/Arcade. In Competitive I support the idea that people should be able to see the Comp. stats.

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It looks like some persons understand me wrong and think im a bully or toxic :wink:
So i have to say no im not. I never write people messeages what they have to do or blame them but i know what you mean. I got insultet and flamed over 100 times in my Ov career. Im also very friendly and have a good moral if im in chat with other people, i got a lot of good feedback for staying positiv also if we loose and the ladies love my voice and accent :slight_smile:

Like i said, i just like to see what people are playing as their main heroes. Im used to it. The first thing i do before the game starts is check the enemies top 5 heroes and if i see no one of them has a Genji as top 5 hero, i know there will be no Genji in the enemie team to 90% :wink: Then i look what my team is able to play. If i see someone is a Orisa main i dont gonna take his char because it would be a bad move to pick someones best hero when you can play other heroes as well.
Another thing is i can only play Orisa and a little bit Zarya as Tanks. If i play one of those chars and it dont work because i suck or we need more damage, then i can switch to a DD because i know we have tank players in the team who can switch to another tank after i switch to DD :slight_smile:
Information is key and more information gives you more advantage.
All this information is just for myself and i dont use it to abuse.

Well even if you are saying the truth and that you personally would not abuse that knowledge to be toxic to your teammates when they pick something you don’t agree with. The fact is the community has shown that it can’t be trusted with public profiles or they would not have been made private, so you lose out and that is too bad, but there are just too many toxic players in this game and they ruined it for the rest of us


Yes thats true and i mean i understand your point. But i hate it that always the good players have to suffer because of the bad players, same in the real world. I know what you are talking, i felt the toxitivity more then once. I also was on the avoid me status last year once on xbox who makes me unable to search for a ranked game. Thats only because i was playing Hanzo a lot and he wasnt accepted at this time. I was having lot of reports because of unsportful behavior. Then i have to go playing battlefield for 3 days to increase my status XD I have xbox live over 10 years and i was never on the avoid me status, before Ow cames out. I also could show you over 100 messages where people hate and flame me (I never delete them). But i have to say in the last time people seem less angry and didnt flame that mutch. I also get bad messages really rarely nowdays.
If someone write me a bad message or insult me, i dont care and it didnt hurt my feelings. The only thinking i have is… oh another idiot and i get over it.
I hate toxic player :wink:

I had my profile hidden all weekend (in mid plat). I did not get a single complaint or even a mention about it. I played both by LFG and solo Queue and nothing from anyone. Instead everyone communicated and asked what people are comfortable playing with and there were no issues.

In my opinion, hidden profiles are not causing any harm to the game (at least in mid plat).

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