Hey Reinhardt advocates, what should the solution be?

An Orisa and Hog that combos is literally free kills. Dunno why Hog players hate free kills, but whatever.

Sigma/Hog is basically a guaranteed tank deletion with the hook into rock combos. Oh dear lord is it filthy.

The funniest thing about S/H at lower ranks is how increasingly tilted the enemy will get, to the point of trying to gang---- the Hog and thereby all getting hit by the same rock, easily barriered off, and then ulted into a corner for quick poetic justice. And so forth.

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Sig Hog feels like it would just get mowed down from long range.

It lives on the threat of your DPS and the survivability of your Ana, as far as I can tell.

Try reading the concept a little deeper.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

By blocking DoubleBarrier, and DoubleOffTank.
It means you can buff barrier tanks a lot, all up to the same power level. With no concern if 2Barrier/0Barrier is too overpowered/underpowered.

To the point where maybe we end up with a 700hp Reinhardt with 90 damage hammer swings, and all the other barrier tanks buffed to similar levels.

Last time we had that it was the same, though. Great Reinhardt (and Zarya oddly…) and terrible Orisa/Sigma/Winston/etc.

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That’s not really a design limitation though.

They could buff them further, they just didn’t.

Yeah but I think at this point it’s clear they want Reinhardt > other tanks.

As somebody who told them to do that, the reason is because Rein is popular if you have to pick one Tank to be the best.

And they where rushing to throw out a January patch to get ready for OWL.

Now they are coming back and fixing their sloppy jury rig fix for something better.

And not being able to stack barrier tanks, makes it a lot easier to buff them.

and I usually get a useless roadhog. Great! Now I have to play Rein

Your first mistake was thinking that Rein-Hog was ever a good composition in the first place

Ball-hog is unironically better.

A good Orisa Sigma poops on a good Rein Zarya

Only with a significantly better supporting cast. Otherwise, they appear to have a faint disadvantage in objective-focused play, though they may have a slight defenders’ advantage after claiming a team fight win and seizing the initiative.

If all the main tanks were on the same power level balance-wise, Reinhardt would still be the go-to pick, because people like Reinhardt.

However, he’s played the most because Orisa and Sigma by themselves suck balls at main tanking.

Honestly, I think if all main tanks were equally good, he’d be #4 out of 5. Wrecking Ball would be first, Sigma second, Winston third, and the only one less popular than Rein would be Orisa.

Rein/Zarya is so popular and so successful because it’s a very easy comp to understand for a group of solo queue randoms and if you don’t mirror it, you will most likely be destroyed because your teamwork just won’t measure up. This was the case with Orisa/Sigma as well when that was meta.

I can see that against, say, Dive, or a Wrecking Ball comp. But I don’t think there’s anything more complicated about a Sigma or Orisa based comp than a Rein one.

buff Orisa, d.va, and monkey

revert the recent nerfs to Orisa
give monkey and d.va more armor/more survivability

and boom

rein is balanced still
Orisa is balanced
with those two come hog, sigma, and zarya being balanced and used
and dive is now fixed and usable

Hog Balls is actually a decent comp though. Reinhardt/Hog is more than sufficient unless they are running Rein/Zarya or double barrier.

Nerf orisa, mei, reaper, cree, and Moira and buff genji, zarya, and revert rein change and dive an brawl will be good and orisa sig will se like 25% playtime