Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

Shh, that’s a secret! :smiley:

How often will the experimental card update once it is implemented?

PLEASE consider this!! We might not have strategic metas in the lower ranks, but we do have a small pool of heroes that get played over and over again and very little incentive to try more challenging heroes. I wasn’t a fan of the idea of hero pools at first, but if it were per rank, I could definitely see this improving the OW experience.

How do you feel about the balance of Zenyatta at the moment?

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Big thanks for the answer. I created so many topics about console problems and I really appreciated to hear that you know about the problem. But may I suggest a temporary solution like a raising up requirement level to enter into Competitive mode from 25 to 100 for example (specific for the consoles)? It will at least delay this problem. On platinum and diamond ranks there is too many boosters and smurfs on PS4. Thank you again!


Why is there a certain amount of characters to write in a reply if we can just hide text anyway to make the reply shorter?

One last question from me, can you bring back retired/legacy abilities (like scatter,shieldgen,torb armor,genjis worst nightmare) to workshop and custom games?

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I was hoping we’d get a new PTR today but it appears not :frowning:

It is technically a spam prevention measure.


Keep barraging him with questions, he cannot leave as long as we have more!

You fell into our trap card!


Never say never. Sometimes they come on as late as 8 PM EST.

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zen is honestly trash

Let him have 6 orbs of harmony at 5 hps!

I know this is very random but would you spoil us with some information about d.mon and how she would work as a playable hero? just for the fun of it :slight_smile:


i think a hero pool would be more beneficial for higher ranks (masters and up) and may have a negative impact on competitive gameplay for the average ranks. although players should be more diverse, having random banned heroes may result in people playing heroes they arent very good at which would hurt the entire team.

ps have yall considered adding a finnish hero? im from finland


So there will be a pool with no Hanzo/Baptiste? I could see myself joining that one.

Will Overwatch 2 have a beta period like OW1 did?


You know what? I wish future update could be focused on actual bugfixing game UI.

Since patch 1.27 a one simple option in Custom Games called “Add to queue” in lobby is not working.
Since patch 1.28 Polish signs of low hp player when playing healers are positioned incorrectly.
Since patch 1.30 Custom Game are looping music from lobby even when game is started.
On Archives event you completely ignored bug which didn’t allowed us to save highlights from Retrubition and Storm Rising.
Since 1.44 (!) HP bar is positioned incorrectly and there’s black dots on chat.

All problems were reported on Bug reports and PTR Bug reports multiple times, and all reports got IGNORED, and topics got CLOSED.
And all issues are still here!

I wish you could stop for a second worrying about game balance and focus on game UI bugfixing!


No Dumbfist :laughing:


Great question here.

totally. we’re so excited for this. we’ve wanted this for so long. it was a ton of work but it’s going to be really cool. plus i am super excited to get console players involved with testing changes (right now they cannot play the PTR)