Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

You should add Comp Classic in the experimental mode :smiley:
If need be I would gladly sacrifice all my hours on Reinhardt and Genji to make this a thing

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regardless of if we do a different scoreboard for OW2, we definitely want to do more with stats and provide more statistics to players

Is there potential for a Combat log in the Replays on the Horizon?
Also maybe some API linkage so global and average stats can be tracked accurately with Overbuff and the like. It’s really useful to know what areas I might be lacking per hero at my skill level and compare winrates by map and hero combinations.

All this simp :eye: i smell cap

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Since Jeff is being kind with his time, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Thanks for the good posts Jeff, the more the merrier! February is looking good.

However I do have a worry about hero pools. Are there any expectations of hero pools affecting queue times?

The tank roster is limited and relies heavily on synergies, a ban on 1 tank may actually result in multiple being practically removed from play. For instance, a Rein ban means Zarya is out as well. Tanks are very much tied to one another unlike the sup/damage roster.

That means the already limited tank choices get even smaller and smaller, and isn’t that going to push DPS queue times even further upwards?


Just an idea i’ve thought about. What if the players would be able to complete a survey about the current experiment card after playing one match there?


Who is the best overwatch waifu

we’ll still use the PTR for major patches and major changes. for example, if we were testing a new hero or map, that would be on the PTR and not in the Experimental Card.

the experimental card uses a different data set and was engineered by people far smarter than i am. it’s going to work and be magic and nothing could possibly go wrong… right? =]


this is a very hard problem to solve but we have some ideas. any solution is more long term, though. possibly OW2 or later. sorry i know that’s not the answer you wanted but it’s actually very complicated with the way consoles work and the rules regarding account creation.


Jeff you are going to break the forums if you talk so much!


Buff the mess outta Mercy again

Everyone will tank if Mercy can just fly around rezzing like a quack head

totally not a mercy main :blush:


I’m afraid that opposed to the good intentions of the development team to add flexibility to the game, that this change will in fact remove flexibility from the game for both the Tank and Support role. I don’t exactly look forward to play Reinhardt most of the time when both Orisa and Sigma are not in the hero pool. And I’m guessing a lot of players will end up feeling that way.

When both the Tank and Support role become even less popular because of hero pools, queue times will increase even more.

Did the development team think about this situation?


I don’t.

  1. hammond
  2. mei
  3. tracer

Any chance that we can have more control over which modes/levels we play for QP and QPC?

Seems kind of strange to make people play levels and modes they don’t like.

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How often do you plan to run expirements, and what are the lifecycles looking like? For example, testing 1-3-2 for a month, then a month of downtime? Or maybe a week of some crazy balance ideas every week?

That’s what I’m talking about.


I see you are a man of culture as well :wink:


Excellent taste good sir

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Personally I am against those lay-off (or whatever) and against the people left having their lives effected in this way.

Imagine if you got a great chance and moved up, and your options were to follow the tops decisions, or join them, so you do whats best for you and your family, just to have people wish you get the same…

It’s a bad place to be in, but I am sure most of the staff didn’t want it and just kinda had to do what they had to for their career and family…


Hi jeff :slight_smile:
Im really sad about this hero pool :confused: but tell me why ban 1 tank, 2 dps and 1 healer.
Because yes there are more dps but majority of players plays 1 role like hitscan, projectile, maintank, offtank, main heal… and all these " small roles " are 3-4 heros. Imagine if you ban 2 hitscan… like widow tracer, what hitscan player should play ? :confused: And I’m not an otp but i play a lot 1 hero because i like him and i’m really sad if i can’t play this hero :frowning: