Hero pool UNINTENDED SIDE EFFECT - more imbalanced matches

jeff doesnt care.


And yet he thinks the game will be better off if he determines the weekly bans instead of the players themselves who have actually experienced the game at a competitive level.

Overwatch players have proven time and time again that they will abuse and exploit any and every system added to the game, from the reporting system to multiple accounts to LFG.

Players simply cannot be trusted with hero bans.

Did you not read my response to you in another thread where you said exactly the same thing? Or are you just that hardheaded? You’re definition of “players” is a small minority that you’re apparently salty with. It’s ridiculously naive to paint all players with the the same brush. Especially since your first 3 points have nothing to do with hero bans. What’s the connection you’re seeing there?

It’s not a small minority at all.

Cheaters (including smurfs and XIMmers), boosters, throwers, and toxicity are all rampant in Overwatch.

As for the 3 things I mentioned, they were merely examples of things players have abused and exploited.

Hero bans would be no different.

20 character limit…

So you seem to have faith in Blizzard but you’re contradicting yourself here. Blizzard themselves have claimed that smurfs, boosters, and throwers aren’t an issue. They say smurfs don’t really exist because the system quickly places you at your correct rank (same reason why you can’t “boost” according to them), and throwers are fine since you’re just as likely to have a thrower on the enemy team and it balances out in the end.

and yet there’s literally only 1 comp mode whatsoever so if you want a place where you have literally any consequences for a loss then guess where you have to suffer. so physically no one is forcing them, but every comp player is being manipulated and again the bigger issue at hand is the lack of other modes for a more serious set of games: we only have the 1 comp mode, and we’ve made frequent requests for additional ones, even comp ctf at this point.

but its ok if jeff says you cant play that hero? wow how noble of him.

I love hero bans… I dislike the implementation of it though.

use a vote system similar to dota or just ban 2 random heroes in each category every day or every game because I could get how some people get cringey if the heroes they like playing gets banned for a week.

You’re referring to a very old comment from Jeff.

He’s since posted confirming that smurfing is an issue and that they’re working on possible solutions since, apparently, it’s not an easy fix given how console accounts work.

Do you have links thinks you him saying this?
I’d love to read the full quote/article where he talks about this.

Here 'tis:

Nothing about Jeff’s quote is him confirming smurfing is a real issue. It’s just him responding to someone about smurfing & saying it’s hard to fix.
But I guess you just read what you wanted to read.

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He said “it’s a very hard problem to solve”, thus admitting smurfing is a problem.

Hero pool is totally trash and cause people playing at alt/smurf accounts or stop playing and OW losing his community.

Hero pool is nice. I learn to play Hammond with decent results on the “hitscan hero pool”, I wouldn’t ever try him without hero pool. I have a totally different vision for that hero and I know what a good Hammond should do.
Yeah I lose some SR why? Because I wasn’t able to adapt, it’s competitive! Being flexible is key.
In the past I would ask for an hitscan and if I didn’t have any good in my team I couldn’t find a solution, the fact that I’m forced to come up with something make me learn new things.
Also I notice my team has to work as a team to win a game, more than before.
Hero pool is just in competitive if you don’t like it you could play so many different mode, if you pretend competitive is how you want for your personal preference than make your own videogame and make your own rules. I see too many people talk about what Devs should do, none of you show me your own videogame where your idea works. Just leave if you don’t like it instead of brinh negativity

Excuse me? I chose to buy this game when there wasn’t bans. I choose to buy this game because I like and only liked the competitive mode. They indeed are forcing this onto players.

1-week is nowhere near long enough to learn a hero. Also people play what they like and what they are best at. Most people also can only play 2-4 HEROS really well before they start spreading themselves toO thin.

they can’t bring their a-game because their strongest heros are being banned every other weak.

I play every tank in the game (except D.Va) with a specialization in WB. Every week I lose a key hero of my roster.

We are being forced and if it remains for next season I’m out. It is my choice but many like me will chose not to tank and heal when we lose so many of our options EVERY FREAKEN WEAK

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It’s the freaking weekend baby
I’m about to have me some fun

Just get good at every hero dude its simple