Hero pool UNINTENDED SIDE EFFECT - more imbalanced matches

If you dont like how they change competitive play, then please go play quick play. Nobody wants you there if youre just gonna be in a bad mood because Blizzard is doing a great job at shifting metas

It is cringe when plat players talking about ‘‘META’’.

below MASTER noone cares meta.


Thats what you think, but the meta is constantly shifting in every rank. Meta doesnt necessarily mean youre running a perfectly meta comp, but it does imply people are using different characters more, such as Ashe. Ashe recently became a meta pick because of Pharah becoming meta for a week. If you dont believe me, Overbuff is always available to check play times in each individual rank, and you can search in between certain time frames. You just dont think theres a meta because youre team isnt communicating it.

But you could have done that ANY TIME before hero pools were a thing. It’s not giving you the ability to do anything new, it’s reducing your freedom. They can remove hero pools, and you’ll STILL be able to play heroes you’re less experienced with! That’s literally not a benefit at all.

That’s like saying you’re ok having the cable company tell you you can’t watch any of your favorite channels, which you paid for, because when they did it you ended up finding an ok show on another channel you never watch. You still paid for all the channels and could have changed the channel at any time before.

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That is what i want to see there.

Guys guys guys it is only a game which people playing for fun am i wrong??

Why blizz take our freedom?

I m a mid diamond player can play almost every dps hero but i can chose it not blizz has to choose for Me !

I can counter enemies i dont need someone to let Me counter by something.

I hate hero pool !

…for console. He could very well have the same outlook as before for PC.

Which is that smurfs really aren’t a problem on PC. I RARELY see smurfs in mid ranks. Almost never.

Yeah, this dawned on me about Day 3 of hero bans.

I just don’t think hero bans could ever work in Overwatch. The matchmaking depends on people’s ratings based on the heroes they play.

In the end, i don’t think the forced meta changes were any more fun than what we had before.

I do like the idea of more severe and frequent hero changes to mix up the meta, i say skip hero bans and concentrate on that!


Btw you can already play another heroes and learn about new characters in comp or qp or custom without hero rotation.

But when i want to play some heroes i cant cuz they ban .

Everyone dont like to play pharah or ashe or doomfist etc.
Hero rotation makes it play XX or lose.

This is not even funny.

And everyone is not as skilled as others at same type or heroes. Someone is good as hitscan someone is good at projectile heroes and someone is good at more strategic heroes like symm.

Let people play whatever they want.