Hero pool UNINTENDED SIDE EFFECT - more imbalanced matches

Obviously hero pools suck and have no place in 95%+ of the player base’s games. But I’m not sure if anyone brought up this particular issue they cause: even more lopsided matches.

How does that happen? Well Blizzard is clearly enabling certain heroes and/or compositions with who they are targeting. Unlike OWL where bans are based on statistics, Blizzard is manipulating the regular competitive pool manually. They banned Reinhardt one week, which strengthened dive and heroes such as Winston. They banned the 2 strongest healers one week, which enabled Zen and strengthened off tank compositions. They banned Doomfist one week, then McCree the next, making Doom unplayable one week then uncounterable the next. Now they’ve banned pretty much every freaking hitscan at the same time, making Pharah broken at most ranks.

What does this do? Well it leads to people who main those heroes and practice those compositions going up and down in SR as the bans change. Doom 1-tricks probably fell a few hundred SR last week, and will now go up several hundred SR this week. So while their teams were getting rolled all last week as they fell, they’ll be rolling other teams this week as they go back to where they were and then hit their career high SR, all due to manipulating what heroes and what counters are playable.

I was wondering why I’ve had some of the most lopsided matches in the past couple of weeks as I’ve had since role queue went live. Until now, I didn’t realize that this is probably one of the top contributing factors.

Blizzard, please remove hero pools outside of OWL, or at LEAST below Diamond. There is no “meta” down here, and you are completely destroying matchmaking with your little test. Check the MMR and SR variability this season compared to others and see that I am statistically correct in my assumption. Thank you.


This is actually a great point and I didn’t even really realize it until you said something. Most games since hero bans have been absolute messes, and you can almost always tell when someone is playing a hero they’re being forced on rather than one they know because it’s banned.


I think banning all the hitscan and not pharah was a mistake but I dunno, bastion can deal with a pharah with enough support. Think outside the box and get out of your comfort zone. SR isn’t sacred and the good weeks make up for the bad ones.

Law of averages.


Wrong. Nobody made them click on competitive queue, they chose to. They could have went into quickplay instead, where they could play their hero, or learn a new hero before going back into comp, but nope. Those players chose to go into comp knowing full well they weren’t bringing their A game.


totally true. games is one sided difference of pharah’s for every matches. boring.

no freedom.

its retarded

it is so bad.


You still got Ashe and Bastion…But ashe require skill which lower tier player might struggle, and Bastion need a lot of team support which usually is lacking in lower tier too. So pharah still wont dominate in high elo, but might be op in lower elo…

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I’ve always found Ashe to be easily the most consistent hitscan. Mcree is the hero I would place in to that role. Ashe is also a decent chunk better at fighting a pharmacy than mcree due to being stronger at longer ranges and having more burst

Honestly she’s already OP in lower ranks so nothing really changes.

Well, soldier could be still easier just to kill pharmercy, but soldier is way worse at everything else lol😂

Jeff himself confirmed there is no meta below Masters.

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I agree with your point, and I think it also applies to map rotation. Both rotations need to be removed, in my opinion.

I would not have problems with hero bans if they would not ban certain heroes who were practicaly only counters to specific heroes which are not banned sadly.

For example i didnt enjoy brigg ban while wrecking ball wasnt banned.

Jeff himself confirmed that he does not play the game.

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From i remember he said that he is playing game and he is low plat from what i know. Maybe he doesnt play comp that often but i am pretty sure that he is playing overwatch a lot internaly with other staff. Or playing OW2 :slight_smile: which is basicly the same.

Jeff himself is the lead game designer and he has also mentioned in the past about how he is a Platinum tank main, I believe it was.

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Other thing I noticed : some people are forcing themselves to pick dps heroes they absolutely never played.

A dude said to me “Wel, all hitscans are banned, I have to play Pharah but i have like 1 minute played on her”
Maybe don’t play comp this week? And his answer was “Well I want to play comp - but now I’m mad because I have to play Pharah and we will loose” and complained the whole game after that…

Indeed we loose. Go play you hitscans in QP or maybe, even try the heroes you never play in QP before coming and ruinning others’ games?

I guess they wanted to make DPS Q time shorter, thinking people won’t play comp this week because their main picks are banned and leave some room for dps like Doomfist, Pharah and others.

But I guess the stupidity and stuborness of some players is just going to ruin the game for others…


They are clearly not capable of banning the right heroes.
First they ban two main healers maybe allowing more people to play Zen and Lucio but then we get flame as healers because they don’t have enough heals.
Then banning 4DPS (why 4? this came out of nowhere) and ALL of them are hits can. + you don’t even ban mercy who can just pocket her pharah, no you ban Baptiste again! (Why??)
And some tanks are played together (rein-zarya, Orisa-hog, dva-winston) most of the time so this banning system just makes everyone confused even more. Every week the meta is different, I can’t keep up with a game like this. There’s actually no more fun. And I’m not even allowed to play heroes I want to play.
Your system is stupid.
And banning two healers or two tanks and only one dps previous week was also stupid because there are at least twice as many dps than healers/tanks.


OW2 is the same game… its just PVE DLC


Right is subjective. They are meeting their goal to shake up the meta. Not saying its a good goal… But they are meeting it.

Hero pool is most trash thing i ve ever seen.

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