Hero pool lockouts above 3500 during placements?

Sorry if this has been answered before

When we do placements, there’s many matches at the start of the season where the teams have the team SR hidden because some or all of the players are placing still. In this case, are the hero lockouts not active? Or does it just calculate the SR in the background anyway and apply the hero pool lockout?

Hope this clears things up for you.

It does not, thank you though

I would assume it’s the latter OR it would lockout/apply hero pools based on the overall SR of the players on a match by match basis.

If you’re floating around 3500 and you get into a placement match below that SR you won’t have hero pools. But if it’s above it would apply to you.

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Then to be more clear, yes, hero pools are still active during placements if the match is at the Masters MMR or higher.

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