Updates to Hero Pools

I would really like to know how mixed Diamond/Master-Queues are affected. I already asked this in another reply though. Could you elaborate on that? Link to reply: Updates to Hero Pools - #55 by Palcom-2118

Would it only match Diamonds with Diamonds and vice-versa, or mixed would also mean no Hero Pools?

step in the right direction for sure - however lets keep hero pools for two weeks so owl has some narrative driven drama!

What are you even talking about I’m not even talking about role queue


I think that simply saying “bye” is a cop-out to leaving a conversation, it’s also rude.


A few people have asked about “What constitutes a Masters or Grandmasters” match, so let me answer that for you all. When Hero Pools come back, they will be active in your match if the average SR amongst all the players is greater or equal to 3500 SR. So if you’re at 3495 SR, you could be in a match with hero pools if other players in the match have higher SRs and raise the average above 3500. If you have a SR of 3510, you could end up in a match with an average SR below 3500 and not have hero pools. One other thing to note is that you can still end up in an “Master and Grandmaster” match even if you or other players are in placements.


Honestly, many of you players complaining about this “smurfing problem” is kinda stupid… As a Masters player I personally love this change, I think it’s what the game needed in higher elo. However, players in diamond and below shouldn’t be complainning. Most of you guys down in these ranks, don’t understand the basic mechanics of the game and heros in general. Why would smurfing become a problem?! As a high tier player, communication is required ,and by that level of competitive play most of us understand how to play different heros in different situations. So technically if you are smurfing from a higher elo where hero bans are a thing, shouldn’t that player be able to play any hero and still be able to dominate…? Think about that.


Nice. Also “Molly Fender” is “Scott Mercer!” I didn’t know you could do that!
Based on SR average, that means it has a purpose!

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thats true though lol

Everything was great until I read hero pools only at high levels, y’all about to catch hell in the lower elos with smurfs WATCH


Most of these changes are quite valid and I can see where you are coming from. This change however brings up some immediate issues.

  1. Splitting of the player base.
    Everyone plays the same game mode in ranked and as such should have the same overall rules in the game.
  2. Edge cases have no idea if they’ll be playing with or without hero pools.
    Assuming you are using average match SR to determine if a game is masters or higher. There will be cases of high diamond or low masters players who have no idea if their next game will be with or without hero pools. Making it a very inconsistent and unpredictable enviroment.

I see a lot of people bring up smurfing but I think that is a matter that will have to be dealt with entirely differently and shouldn’t even be a large part of this discussion. The integrity of ranked as a game mode and a consistent experience in that game mode should however be really important and be considered.


amazing, thank you. i hated hero pools so much

I can definitely see this going by average sr but with some average sr lobbies is my be over 3500 but still be a diamond team (Due to the fact their is more diamond players in the lobby than masters) and then also the fact that one team may be masters average but the other team isn’t. You see what I’m saying?

We are not as concerned about the ones who just dominate on their way back to where they belong. We are concerned about the ones who look at this new system and say, “Well now I’m just gonna throw to stay where I have easy games and don’t have to worry about bans.” This only makes them want to do it more.

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So if I have it correct: a match is considered a hero pools match if the average SR of all 12 players in the match is over 3500?

This is not a solution, I think the hero pool it’s necessary, but the system is wrong, if u let each team make a ban choice each team can adjust this ban according to their SR

Like this fine fellow here:

It’s not an issue of hero pools being meant to solve smurfing, it’s an issue of the system being implimented this way only further encouraging the smurfs to stay low.

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How is it ever a good idea to have different competitive rulesets for different tiers of players?

I hope the only reason you guys are still stuck on the idea of Hero Pools is that the time and cost to implement something else before OW2 is too great. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that this is nothing more than a bandaid fix.

If you spend half the time you’ve taken to implement Hero Pools to instead brainstorm a system for player-picked bans that is suitable for the game, the ranked experience, as well as your multi-million dollar esports scene, would have been in a much better state by now. Your very own OWL stats guy CaptainPlanet literally made a custom workshop game with a basic ban/protect system. Has that even gotten any attention internally? Give players and teams the agency to pick bans such that they are able to play the style that they are the strongest at. That is how you achieve true diversity. What you’re doing now with Hero Pools is forcing everyone to meld into a single playstyle each week, something that is also caused by your inability to uphold your promise of making aggressive balance changes.


That’s the stupidest thing i ever read