Hero bans are live!

You must be fun at parties…

Many people left due to 2-2-2. What’s your point here ?

This is subjective. Many think it made the game worse.

Why not release both “No restrictions” and “Restrictions” in Competitive as separate modes then ? Too afraid, no one would play 2-2-2 in Competitive ? Having a doubt about RQ’s “success” ? :slight_smile:

None of your business :slight_smile:

Friend, I’d just ignore Arisora. His/her/its profile screams forum troll, false reporter, and bot account all rolled into one. Doesn’t even have a profile pic selected.

I’d just ignore him/her/it and let the game go down in flames, along with him/her/it and their delusions about the game.

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Sure will mate :slight_smile: ! I’m just having a little fun with someone that seems to be contracting themself. I’m curious to find out how far I can push it until they start to stutter ^^…

Well looks like i’ll be taking breaks when my preferred heroes get banned.

The only way i would have been more surprised is if they had banned Orisa, Sombra, Bastion and Baptiste.

Where exactly am I contradicting myself?

Apperently 6 year Olds don’t like people with different opinions :))

You can’t balance for 2 separate competitive modes my dude

Sure I am LOL

How dare somebody thinks differently than you do!!!

Yep… Sure the game will die soon… It’s popularity is only increasing ever since 222 was added to the game.

I think the ban finally made Hanzo balanced.