Hero bans are live!

I take it back. Hero bans on ladder won’t be an unmitigated disaster. After seeing this week’s list, I’m guessing it will be hilariously ineffective.

Can’t wait to see next week’s list featuring three characters with less than 1% pick rates!:laughing:

Just throw. They are asking for people to throw so just throw hard until she isn’t banned.

Well I wanted Moira banned the first week just to get it over with NGL LOL.

:joy: the first week stinks anyway, so I’m pretty disappointed


This is by design.

Amusing for sure, but I like to do placements day one hour zero because on Xbox most of the masters and GMs are playing during the first day or two before switching to their lower alts (low masters or diamonds) for placements, then eventually moving into their plat accounts to boost their friends or troll other Smurfs.
Basically if you miss week 1 you’re gonna have awkward placements no matter what, so a Lucio ban on week 1 (or banning tanks that brig and lucio synergize extremely well with) would’ve been bad for me.

I just thought about this: If moira gets banned, boom instant Genji/tracer meta.

This is not true. If you look at just the last 2 weeks, then her pick rate is 4.7%. If you look at all 4 weeks of OWL then her pick rate is 8.3%. This is directly from the Overwatch League stats lab. See screenshots below for the source.

2 Weeks

4 weeks


That’s the thing…IF you’re going to ban heroes…it has to be TARGETTED bans…if you want to have people not just do what they always do then you have to impede THAT

These bans don’t do anything …They are just there for the sake of having “bans”…and an annoyance for several members of community

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Don’t get why they would ban orisa and bap when they’re both trash should’ve been rein, doom, Mei and Moria/Ana

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they just need to put in player bans so we can get more meaningful bans.
this is the troll bans these dev defending people were talking about player bans being bad.

Thank god rein doesnt feel nearly as shiddy to vs as orisa or sigma.

From the Overwatch League announcement on Hero Pools:
’ * The heroes will be randomly selected from a group of eligible heroes based on play-rate data from the previous two weeks of Overwatch League matches—only heroes that are being played regularly can be pulled from the next hero pool.

  • No hero will be unavailable two weeks in a row.’

Sauce: https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/news/23299542

From Jeff here on the boards about Comp Hero Pools:

I would be happy dancing about the fact that Mei is gone for a week…

…if it weren’t for the fact I can no longer play this game due to tech issues as well as the fact we’ll still see Mei in OWL this coming weekend.

If that was the case, Mercy or Zen would be banned. Bap has way more to offer than either of these two combined


Given who’s currently sitting in Experimental Mode, suddenly this ban list makes ALL sorts of sense.

Yay, just did my placement matches for the seasonal rewards, not touching this crappy Comp system ever again this season.

I hope hero bans doesn’t come back for Season 22.

I wish we had 1-3-2 Competitive. Too bad current Experimental Mode is 2-2-2 based. Nothing interesting to do on OW until Archives skins I guess, hoping hero 32 is released then too.

Firstly, this is totally off topic.

Secondly. The majority hated 123 so it won’t come back

And I like hero bans, too :))

I don’t care anymore. If I had to count how many people on these forums defiled my 1-3-2 positive threads and other suggestions outside of 2-2-2, you wouldn’t see the end of it.

I’m kinda tired of being nice on these forums to people that always get what they want without caring about people that liked Classic Competitive or 1-3-2.

Source ? We have no actual number since there’s no in-game feedback. If you only judge by these toxic forums, I can tell you I have seen as many “likes” to pro 1-3-2 threads as in the anti 1-3-2 threads so this is just your opinion you’re trying to disguise as a fact when it’s not.

Good for you, I don’t. A lot of other people don’t either but I guess people that don’t like 2-2-2, map bans or hero bans are not important players to these forums and devs.

Either way, you guys are never satisfied. You said 2-2-2 will be it and you’re still there pushing other control freak’s restrictions to make the game even more boring.

I guess you’ll be the first ones to jump ship when the game becomes unplayable. That’s the saddest part of the story.

Many people left due to no restrictions.

222 improved the game a lot and stop making assumptions :)))

And on top of that stop being off topic :slight_smile:


Orisa and Baptiste are some of the worst heroes in the game right now, they’re rarely played.

But sure, ban them lol

Same. I guess now I will have to not play Bapt instead (kek)