Hero 32 HAS TO come out on 2019

That’s the WHOLE problem I’ve been trying to put into highlight since OW2 announcement, but people still thinks the problem is something else like price, separated game and etc. No, the whole problem is that they will basically neglect OW1 for an entire YEAR.

Well they can, but that’s at the risk of losing a lot of players (except the ones that are mad crazy for Blizz and love the worship the company no matter what) because they will neglect OW1 for an entire year.


They will never get the balancing right, they have given up on that already. New heroes give more diversity to the hero roster, Jeff himself that said that it is easier to balance the more heroes we have. Think like when we have for example doomfist as a problem, what if we would get more supports who would completely be out of range of him, like echo flying all the time. Doomfist would get soft countered as, moira can fade away and echo can’t be touched really (without reddit narnia roll-outs).

That’s why there’s a new PTR patch because they’ve ‘given up’.

Those new supports could also plunge the meta into something much much worst, there has yet to be a decent non-oppressive meta that’s come out of a new hero, we had Ana who turned the meta into triple tank, we had Brig who turned the meta into goats, we had Sigma who’s helped create double shield.

The least oppressive meta we’ve had was dive and that was the result of balance changes and didnt consist of any new heroes, yes the Mercy part phase of it was rather oppressive but that was the result of a rework on a support character.

Pretty much this

A new hero in 2019 isnt necessarily needed but if we only get 1 hero and OW2 gets released in spring 2021 then people will have a rough time staying active
Im sure Im not the only one thats still waiting for a “main” and Im sure Im not the only one thats unsatisfied with a pool only containing 3 heroes
This game needs like 10 more supports and tanks each before a “lets take an updatebreak for a whole year” can be justified. LoL has 4 times the amount of champs and still releases a new one every few months, they even teased the next 4 to be released. Meanwhile OW struggles keeping a diverse tank and support setup for tank & support mains

Even if OW2 brings an impressive expansion to the existing rooster… I wonder if a 1.5 year break is really worth it

They showed off OW2 before they even knew what it was going to be.
Now watch them lose half the player-base from starving us of content so they can scramble to put together an over-marketed DLC they’re touting as a new game.

It’s going to be hilarious watching the community realise that yes, this is the plan until OW2.


Overwatch falling short of expectation is the rule, actually. They’ve met their mark. Don’t complain.

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Resources have been cut from OW1 for OW2 for the last year and a half.

I mean, here’s the thing right. I doubt they will announce hero 32 in 2019. They just pushed a HUGE patch, they finally added the while you wait feature and they have made massive balance changes.

So I think they believe its enough to meet player expectation until the end of the year. if they don’t make any “major” changes by the end of january, then You can expect a new hero in February.

Yup, I woke up at 7 everyday last week. So I guess it’s now a rule, I have to wake up at 7 every day of my life now.

Learn to make the difference between a pattern and a rule please.

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The content spread was depressing before they had an excuse, now that one exists I expect next to nothing.

So you cant wait 1 year of only 1 hero for the final prize of like 5 heros(+like 4 maps, 1 core mode) at once, all for free. Patience is key my dude.

Didn’t nano boost also give a speed boost? Leading to the baneblade meta of reaper?

So she wasn’t perfect but she was still mostly viable and had strengths and weaknesses. And sadly she was probably most viable and balanced hero ever upon release.

The GameInformer interview with Jeff:
he comes out and says we’ll learn more about echo on the road leading up to Overwatch 2. Iunno about you, but that seems like it guarantees echo for being the next hero.

There was also an interview done by hitscan on youtube:
Where Jeff sitting with a panel of dev’s Say’s they have plans for at least 1 new hero to hit the live service of overwatch 1 before overwatch 2.

This doesn’t mean we’ll only get one hero, but it also doesn’t mean we might get anymore new hero’s than one. Take from it what you will.

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I’m thinking the next hero will be in March.

It wasn’t going to be this month, otherwise they would have hyped it at Blizzcon.

Winter Event will dominate December.

January, they’ll coast, maybe with a week long “skin event” like the Nano Cola challenge and now Mercy.

Then comes Lunar New Year in February.

Following that, the next hero.


They never said that. They only stated that “Sojourn is not the next hero that’s going to be released.” Since Sojourn was confirmed to be the one of the heroes we’re getting with the release of Overwatch 2, that can only mean that we’re getting at least one hero before then, but there very well could be multiple.

Point is, we don’t know.

Another statement with no data to support it. What they said was “numerous new heroes.” You’re just deciding the number is “like 4”. I’d be very surprised if it’s that low. I’m not even sure 4 counts as numerous, but just from a marketing perspective I think they’ll release more, you kind of need a significant increase in the number of heroes if you want to claim Overwatch 2 is a sequel.

My prediction would be around 8 heroes, but that’s just speculation. :man_shrugging:

Seems it must have been for reworks and rebalancing- just not for this game.

If the Game Informer article from this month’s issue is anything to go by, there is a minimum of 4 additional heroes being developed for OW2; it’s not known whether Sojourn is among them or in addition.

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I hope it’s Echo and not Sojourn, we need a support ASAP.

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Honestly I don’t think we’ll get a new hero this year I think we’ll probably get one hero in 2020 before ow2. It kinda sucks

And yet you seem awfully convinced that what I’m saying is wrong.

Is code word for 1. This is to give you hope that you might get more, but they are really only obligated to give you one. If they were planning on more than one, they would say more than one. Looks like their fancy language has worked on you.

Yes, “like 4” means it is not an exact number. It can be any number. But the number is not just my fabrication out of thin air like you want to argue. It’s the rumored number by multiple gaming sites with insider information. You are free to believe what you wish. Maybe you will be right in the end, but don’t act like the information I’ve given is some fabrication because it doesn’t match your hopes and dreams lol.