Hero 32 HAS TO come out on 2019

Three heroes a year is the rule. This is cutting it close. So far, we’ve only gotten Baptiste and Sigma this year. If hero 32 doesn’t come out before 2019 ends, it would show neglect towards the OW1 in favor of OW2 development.

Since during Blizzcon you confirmed hero 32 would come out before OW2. I hope that doesn’t mean that only ONE hero will come out before OW2, because that game is projected to come out on 2021:

Sojourn is confirmed to be an OW2 release hero, so I am hoping that doesn’t mean she is hero 33. If it was so that would mean we would not get anything new after hero 32 until OW2 comes out, which is honestly just wrong.


nah theyre lazy dude, lanched overwatch 2 trailer, “oh wer not gonna have an archives event this year” same halloween and summer event for 4 years now, yea sure, pray for the new hero to at least come out n early 2020


Who said it’s a rule? They are a company that can do whatever they want with their product.

They’ve already admitted as much. I am not sure why you have the blinders on. Resources are being spent to develop OW2. Less resources are being spent to maintain OW1 in the interim than would otherwise have been if OW2 were not in development.


Blizz: “We got you bb”
Blizz: (releases Echo on PTR Dec. 31st at 11:59:59PM


What? How do you know he/she is gay already?! :open_mouth:


Why would they need to release them this year? If we’re only getting one it makes more sense to space it out.

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Because they’ve been doing that since the game launched:

2016: initial base heroes, Ana, Sombra
2017: Orisa, Doomfist, Moira
2018: Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, Ashe
2019: Baptiste, Sigma, ???

It has been a consistent release period since the beginning, so I don’t think it’s fair that they begin slacking off like that. Might as well just drop support of the game if you’re not going to release any content before OW2 comes out.

The initial purchase of Overwatch, which is basically a Season Pass, promised that it would continuously come out with content, be it heroes, maps, cosmetics or modes. Pausing that for a whole year for the optional purchase of a PVE expansion is nothing less of a middle finger to all your consumers.

I have the right to demand this, because all the content that has come out has been far from free for me. I’ve bought 200 loot boxes from them. That’s 160 dollars in support to this game’s development; pretty much akin to re-buying the game each of the four years it’s been out. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. A big part of the player base has paid thousands of dollars towards this game through loot box purchases. None of the content released has been free.

That’s what shouldn’t happen. We should be getting 4 heroes before OW2 if that’s planned to come out on 2021.


I to would like the hero schedule to stay consistent, but it’s not going to. We know there will be at least(most likely) 1 hero in between now and OW2. We also know OW2 is bringing a bunch of new heroes at once.

It makes more sense to release them in the middle of this time period, to lessen the content drought.


Well then, just read this on the summary forum post.

Since all OW2 heroes go free to OW1 owners, I take it all back.


And it does… you still get new skins every few months. They have said they will only release 1 hero from now until OW2. When OW2 comes, you will get like 4 more. You don’t have to pay to get them. But you will have to live through slower releases until then.

Yep. Confirmed this with @DrClan. It’s all good now.

While this is precedent, it isn’t law. They’re under no contract to produce 3 heroes a year.

Everything in there is incorrect. They promised that releases of characters and maps would be free, not that there would be a constant stream of it. It also released as a game, not a season pass which implies there is a cheaper version available for without the additional content.

Just because you decided to pay money, does not obligate them to fulfill your made up contract. You paid money, you got lootboxes. That was the agreement you went into. Not “I pay money and you owe me content”.

For thousands and thousands of people it has been free.


The sad thing is Blizzard is failing on all fronts when it comes to releasing new hero’s imo. First is the quantity, even 3 hero’s a year seemed horribly slow for a game that desperately needs more hero’s to balance out the Support and tank roles (never mind fact Blizzard won’t ignore DPS entirely either)

Then there is the quality of the hero’s released. Most are broken upon release, taking months of patches to get into a viable state. They are either brokenly strong, or just plain worthless. I am pretty sure Ana was the only hero to work right off the bat and remain fairly viable the entire time.

But the worst of it from my perspective is the lies. Blizzard told the fans the reason they were slowing down on updates was to focus on Game balance and reworks last year… yet we find out the real reason has been OW 2 which has been in development for a while now.

It’s seemingly taking so much of their focus they can’t even make an Archive event next year, let alone spend 5 seconds to add a new hero to Junkenstiens revenge or something.


Uhm it looks to me like this year they released 23 heroes.

Just a counter to “Don’t complain about free content.” I’m just stating that Blizzard has not been coming out with all this content for free. Of course, now that I know that there will be multiple heroes coming to OW2 and all of them will be given to OW1 owners at no extra charge, I’m all ok.

I agree with you. Toning down content is fine when you got a pretty large patch like OW2 in the works, but neglecting everything to the point of making events purely cosmetic is a bit far. Adding a enemy hero to Junkenstein, adding a new Lucioball background, making a toned down Archives mission (with picture cutscenes like Uprising, and recycled resources like Storm Rising), shouldn’t be too hard while working on OW2.


Did you expect them to update the content of a game merely out of some sort of goodwill towards their customers? Servers gotta get paid for, modelers, programmers, testers, artists all gotta get paid. Investors in the company have to be kept happy or the games will stop being supported.

Yes they’re getting paid, but you didn’t HAVE to pay more money.

Actually launch Ana was pretty weak.

She had SIX shots, that fired slower; her healing was worse than even 50hps Mercy

The thing was she still had her 100%, 5 second duration grenade at the time which should have been nerfed when they buffed her ammo and fire rate

But it took 7 months for it to get nerfed :stuck_out_tongue:

I could really go for echo as the shielding support to replace symmetra. Or even Sanjay if they wanna spice things up. But I really don’t think they will.

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World needs more heroes

Honestly they haven’t even got the balancing close to right in competitive, last thing we need is another hero to make it worst

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