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If you were Diamond and above in OW1 you can reply, if you are currently above Diamond you can reply Diamond now is still bad. Please tell me how I can do better here. maybe it’s mechanics but I’m playing with low ELO here and trying to make a diff. I’m Kukuprovince as Tracer. I was consistantly 2800SR in OW1 and 3080 SR peak season 23 (basically 2019), which was the last time I played before OW2. This is a typical game for me when the matchmaker is working to it’s maximum fairness capacity. There was a DC on my team on 2nd round but he came back at the end.


I will watch it tomorrow for you and give my 2 cents ok? I forgot about to do earlier i saw your post before. I had back in the days ow 1 tracer smurf and got placed GM. Thats the only exp i can offer :slight_smile: main account peak for now d4 dps soloquing mostly

Replying to bump, trying to help the OP get some advice.

Without looking at the replay yet I will say if you are playing tracer in OW2 like you were in OW1 you’ll probably struggle a lot. Go to get cooldowns out of high value targets before even thinking about trying to kill, tracer is not the hero she used to be in that regard with supports being turbo buffed (and kiriko existing zzz). Only go for kills on ones with genuinely no cooldowns, or are just low in general. Generally tracers in that ELO also do not play for their lives as much as they should, if you are dying a lot, try to switch up how you play. Slowly push boundaries, etc. The more you uptime you have on tracer the more useful you are.

I used to play her in masters in ow1, I don’t know what rating I can play her at rn because I’m still re-ranking. D1 right now but it feels like I have 2 or 3 still above me, so there’s that.

Mercy is right, she’s definitely got a different play style compared to before because many of her matchups and effective ranges changed due to her dmg nerf (and in part, due to the falloff bug).

I’ll watch and try to find some pointers later tonight. Replying so I don’t forget :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Im going to piggy back on this if thats ok.
What are some general tips as tracer? I feel like I can never finish off a target, i get them low, they look at me, and i die. Should i be aiming at the chest? or at the head? the neck?
Optimal range? I feel like i usually play too close. (around 5m)
How do I survive longer if i die when I get breathed on? I mostly play mid to long ranged characters, so playing tracer is quite alien to me.

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hi fren, thats where the blink + melee + recall combo practice comes in handy. as for the ‘where to aim’ just work on doing dmg to the enemy (tracking) and then the headshots will come once you understand the crosshair placement.

one problem i have always had on tracer is i found it was significantly harder to consistently hit head shots when i was super close, for myself 5-10m is optimal, yours may differ, but you dont have dmg fall off if you are within that range.

save recall for escapes, and never engage without at least 2 blinks.

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I have a couple of pointers for you

It looks like a lot, but most of it is just explaining what I mean

  • You find yourself stuck in the middle of the fight. If you imagine the fight as a boxing ring, tracer wants to be around the ropes, not dead center. If you’re dead center, you should be dead (and you will be against people who can aim). Avoiding it keeps attention off of her, forces people to split attention, makes it easier to escape, makes it easier to deny sightlines. Overall you get more consistent and start duels from better positions. Ideally you should never be more than 1 blink away from breaking line of sight of enemies. Certain maps (like Busan Sanctuary, the one with the drum) make this impossible.

  • I got the feeling that you didnt know where the healthpacks were. There were times where you were low HP (in a duel or otherwise) where you didn’t go towards a pack that was like 1 blink away lol. You gotta control the healthpacks during duels and use them outside of duels to increase your uptime. The absolute worst thing you can do is start a fight next to a healthpack, and let the enemy take it. Prioritize a health pack over recall if you can.

  • Keep consistent spacing, theres only 3 distances you should be shooting to kill from as tracer. Before mentioning them first be familiar with the parallax effect. Something close to you looks big, but moves a ton relative to where you are looking. Something far looks small, but hardly moves at all. When you strafe around someone at ~3 meters or under, it is almost impossible to track them unless you are predicting their movement to a tee AND your mouse control is flawless.

    • First (due to the bug) is 15-20 meters. Exact distance depends on enemy hitbox size. You can get a feel for this in the training range as there is a spot with markers every 10 meters. You can 1 or 2 clip a 200hp character at this range, so it is one of her strongest positions.
    • Second is 7 meters, which is her blink distance. The reason to play at this distance is for blink-melees, but it was also her optimal engage distance before her fall-off bug due to spread, falloff, blink-melee potential etc. It is also close enough that her a/d crouch animation is very hard to hit at 7 meters.
    • Third is literally in their face. Preferably not infront of them so you don’t accidentally get hit. The only reason to be here is for a 1-clip on someone who is clearly distracted OR can’t burst damage you, to stick a bomb, or to melee them for literally 1 frame and recall away. If you are at this distance for any other reason, its probably a bad habit
    • Im not saying you can’t go for cheeky 1-clips during duels, Im just saying you should expect to be punished for it. It is a low percentage play unless you are smurfing.
  • Dont push kills so hard. If it takes more than 2 reloads, its probably too much. Usually that means 1 of 3 things: Either a healer is involved, they used a big CD, or you missed too much.

    • If they are pocketed, back off a bit. The kill aint gonna happen at 5 dmg per shot. Your goal should be to either force a resource advantage, switch to a different target, or back off and wait for the pocket to leave.
    • If they used a big CD, that’s fine. Just get out alive. Trading a blink or 2 for something like immortality field is huge. Play your life here, not the kill
    • If you missed too many shots, then your best bet is to break line of sight and get out alive. This is really easy if you started the duel from a corner. Sometimes they even chase you around the corner and its a really easy kill on them because you drag them away from their team and they have a predictable approach.

You will see a lot more consistency if you adjust your approach a bit. Take wider (wide, not FAR) angles with cover and healthpacks. Control the healthpacks. Play corners and off-angles, not the open. Don’t overstay your welcome after the duel starts. :+1:

Neck at super close range, otherwise just aim torso and let the spread cover headshots
If you aim for neck/head at too far of a distance, most of your shots end up hitting air

You can also test this in the training range vs various characters, set the bot to ana or lucio and see how your spread works vs different hitboxes at different typical ranges

Same as what I included for the OP in my last post

Could be a lot of reasons. Maybe your movement sucks, maybe the timing is off, maybe you just peek too many people at once and you get “unlucky” headshots from 2 people at once. Most of the time it’s because people are too far in the open, infront of too many people, at the wrong time and for too long. Your goal is always to not get breathed on.

Timing is more important than moment to moment mechanics. Waiting around a corner for peak distraction can be the difference between killing an ana vs getting slept and killed by ana. How you stage before a fight (the position you secure + how you got there) as well as your approach and positioning during that fight is also more important than mechanics.

You can get pretty far with bad mechanics if your timing and positioning is solid. Building a strong sense for that also makes concepts like map control simpler, it helps you handicap the other team’s carry potential instead of yours, lol

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Its honestly probably a combination of these two for me

I’ve linked this thread in my Comp Resource post so people can come back to it later for the wealth of knowledge that’s been shared


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