Having Mercy be non meta is okay

I can already think of one thing that would’ve been more effective to fix this and would literally prove that a rework was not neccessary.
Drum Roll

A cast time; something Mercy had previously but was removed for unknown reasons.

Actually, I am GM but that’s not the point! Ult economy is essential for competitive play. As for casual play, well, it doesn’t really matter… If we balance around casual play, we’d be dealing with a lot of unneccessary hero changes.

Firstly, link these stats. Secondly, again, her pickrate has always been high, even when she was underpowered. Thirdly, that is also false. Her ult charges slower than most other ultimates in the game.

No. A counter is anything that negates or decreases the value of an opposing team’s ultimate.

This is argumentum ad verecundiam. Devs can be wrong too. If we take the devs words as gospel, most feedback would be dismissed.

Funny, because in the video you keep referencing, they never even talk about counterplay or invulnerability. Are you just going to keep making assertions without evidence or are you actually going to provide something worth-while?

I don’t think ignoring a whole, well-written argument proving that the reasons behind the rework were bad because Blizzard is Blizzard is good. In fact, it’s a logical fallacy.

You do realise lower ranks exist too? I’m not saying the game should be balanced around low tiers but basically saying “Everyone should play around my favourite hero’s game breaking ultimate so I can feel special and game changing because screw you” is getting really annoying.

Mass Rez is gone and for a good reason. Sorry you don’t enjoy Mercy anymore,but spamming the forums daily and talking trash about the devs won’t do you any favours. They’ll just ignore you more. Reworks happen,the devs made this game and they can do whatever they wish with it.

Besides,some of the changes you all want would either make Mercy overpowered again(Mass Rez with Valk on E) or a bottom of the barrel garbage tier hero because she would be so weak(Mass Rez with LoS and cast time)

Besides,Mercy is fine as she is.

This honestly best describes you. All you’ve done is said thus far is, “she’s OP. If you disagree you’re lying and you just won’t admit that you’re wrong”. I’ll let you figure out the issue with that.

The responses you will get will likely be aggressive and frustrated either ignore them or try to maintain civility. otherwise you’ll just get baited into redundant arguments that wont solve anything.

The issue with people wanting to buff her a large majority wont be happy either way as you cannot please everyone but in this instance Im not even sure a lot of know what they really want her buffs to be like at this point, its just rage now. They cannot stand her being in a bad place balance wise for even a short amount of time let alone this long.

Again, A implies B is not equivalent to not(A) implies not(B)
That’s a common bias.

The compound p→q is logically equivalent also to ¬p∨q (either not p, or q (or both)), and to ¬q→¬p (if not q then not p). But it is not equivalent to ¬p→¬q, which is equivalent to q→p.
(¬p = not( p ))

I’m actually studying maths, so I feel pretty confident with what I say. But thank you.

Nice contradiction. How can there be 2 Mercys in every match if it differs for certain ranks ?

Acording to your definition

Which I agree with.

No check back the counters I gave you.

They all fit your definition of counter.

“How dare facts disagree with me ?! They must be wrong !”


Lower ranks is not casual play? Also, we balance top-down. My point still stands, if we were to balance around lower ranks, a bunch of different heroes literally would be getting changed 24/7. Also, I never said that? I want a balanced Mercy. That’s why I always insist on bringing back mass Resurrect. It is quite literally the closest to balance, Mercy has ever been. I don’t know why you had to strawman just now. :confused:

Atleast try to acknowledge all the evidence that proves the contrary. I’m not trying to be mean but just saying this is honestly going to make you look bad.

I indeed don’t enjoy Mercy. I’m not the only one. Our concerns shouldn’t be dismissed because of lower ranks. :confused: Also, you’re strawman-ing again. I don’t spam the forums and I don’t trash talk the devs… If you’re going to make this claim, please provide evidence accordingly. I’m honestly surprised about these claims because I’ve never, intentionally, indulged in such behaviour. I am well-aware of how disadvantageous it is.

And that’s just another way of dousing the fire they started in oil.

Actually, the balance triangle completely destroys this assertion.

Mass Ress Mercy was historically underpowered so adding a new e ability wouldn’t make her overpowered unless said e ability by itself is overpowered. Besides, most people want either a Cleanse ability or Pacify.

I’m pretty sure these changes aren’t to make her more weak. We all want Mercy viable. Besides, good Mercy’s won’t have a problem with these changes. These changes are only an issue to those who, you guess it! Hide and Res.
Also, this Mercy suggestion that has accumulated a lot of likes is relatively balanced. Here it is:

I invite you to give your opinion on this suggestion though, I will warn you; as far as I know, no one has effectively proved this suggestion to be bad yet. You may be the first. Who knows…

Not according to statistics. Do you have any proof you could provide?


what are you even talking about? why do people keep saying wierd stuff like “she didnt USED to be complete garbage” So WhY aRe YoU SudDeNlY mad NOW???

like its this out there mystery. when i heal all i pplay is ana or luceo and im glad they are viable i never thought it was fun to play mercy she doesnt fit me at all but why should we accept a brokenly bad heros state just because ONCE UPON A TIME she USED to be IN THE PAST a brokenly op character.

nobody is in general complaining about anas state. nobody in general is complaining about luceos state however you spell his name. they USED to be the wrong choice more often. what if people were still super upset now? if that was your argument i would understand. but i dont see why you would be angry about the complaints relating to a clearly misjudged redesign.

Once again, a post arguing mercy is fine based solely on the fact that she was once meta. :woman_facepalming:

Buffing her to a viable spot =/= “ShE mUsT bE mEtA 4eVeR”

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Okay,here’s proof: I’ve been playing her and she feels fine to me. She’s enjoyable even.

I’ve read Titanium’s post and jesus christ,you need to stop putting them on a pedestal. What,are they like Mercy jesus or something? No other hero mains have like “big people” who they consider their leaders. The hitscan damage reduction ability would just make DPS worse and enable GOATs more. Nobody wants that.

That’s not really proof. Personal experiences are not reliable because they always vary from player to player. Do you have anything that’s more reliable?

Because no one has yet to successfully refute his most recent thread and he makes fantastic points. You don’t need to be hyperbolic. :confused:

? When has anything ever called Titanium a leader? Better yet, when has anyone ever even mentioned the word “Leader” in the same sentence with Titanium’s name? Honestly, these assertions that literally have no proof need to stop.

Actually, most people don’t mind GOATs because of how easy it is to counter. Also, debuffs like this are really good against one-shot abilities which I’m sure, most people dislike.

Tell me about it!


I’m ok with Mercy being non-meta. Symmetra is non-meta too. The difference is, Symmetra is actually fun to play (for me at least).

I was taking about pre rework as well. She was. Not balanced.

Actually, a small buff would’ve fixed that. All in all, a rework was not neccessary.

A small nerf to Mercy 1.0 would have done nothing. She did over double the heals over the other supports and had over double the pick rate of the second most picked hero.

They nerfed her to have 1 rez every 30 secs and that was still op.

I said buff and Mercy 1.0 was underpowered before.

Heals really do depend on the situation plus she was picked a lot meaning you’re going to have a lot of Mercy players in different scenarios healing their teams.

She has always had a high pickrate. Even when she was underpowered. If you want to look at pickrate to prove that she’s balanced or not, you need to look at high level play. If we take a look a glance at that, you will see that Mercy wasn’t overpowered.

That’s not a nerf in any sense? That’s a buff.

A support that can’t keep her team alive…
With a kit that it is fully dedicated to heal and support the team, yet she can’t even do her basics well…
How viable.



(20 characters…)

If there was a hero that stood in spawn, not moving or doing anything, but by existing did an okay-job of helping the team. Not enough to be a must-pick. Kinda bad, but not super-trash.

… That hero would be as fun as Mercy became.

Seriously, the healer that single-target heals teammates but can barely keep them up even when having to ignore other teammates that need healing. Who’s only impact-ability makes her stop dead in place for a bit and in most cases can’t do anything because players often die in stupid positions with no cover and nobody can (or will) put a shield down.

Mercy not only has some kinda-bad winrates (not the worst, again, she’s not “trash”) but my god is she trash in terms of fun.

NOBODY WANTED MERCY TO BE META, GET IT STRAIGHT PLEASE. We just want her to be fun, not a boring specatator.