Have you gotten in?

I have not :’) But I’m also working atm so I’m sure my job appreciates that I’m still working LOL

The only thing that is frustrating to watch is people getting in, kicked out, and back in before I even get in once. :confused:

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i cant even get the game to even show up… idk its like stuck running as a gui deprived instance and show as running… but it does nothing… like did they ddos it so hard it wont even start up? idk what the heck is going on…

I was in for about 10 min. Got some practice range in then got kicked out 2 min into a quickplay game.

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No. I keep seeing “0 players ahead of you,” then after a while it’ll start looking for a server and it’ll say there are 20k players ahead of me. Then it counts down like it’s going to let me in eventually, only for there to be an error. Then the cycle repeats.


It was working before, but now I cannot get into it when i wanted to stream the game.

That sounds like you need to update your GPU drivers. There was also something about a “black screen” in bug report… let me dig it up.

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Streamers are more equal than us. Whats not to understand?


Went from from 0 to 30000 players ahead of you!


I got in and its treating me like a new player, 99% of my items are missing heros are locked that shouldn’t be. Trust me you’re not missing out.


gotten in and out multiple time

first out because i want to change graphic system

second out game kicked me out from server

third out becaus it’s 6 am and im want to sleep

but at least i got two POTG on those sessions

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I got in changing the region to Asia. I’m in. I’m Korean now.


Paid 1000 just to get instant queue priority


This is all I’ve gotten so far:

0 in queue…
Searching for game server…
Error finding server, retrying…
[Many retrys later]
You’re 40k in queue.
You’re 30k in queue
Error finding server, retrying…
[2 hours later]
You’re position 700 in queue…
Error finding server, retrying…

Meh :frowning:


I should thank Blizzard for closing a working game.


I got in when queuing for the Asia region too, but then got bounced between 2 games in the middle of them. The first was after well over halfway through the match. The second was 1 second before the match started. Definitely having issues.

got kicked from asia too. played 5 games though

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Did not get into the United States.

I did get into Asia in under a minute. And got POTG my first match :slight_smile:

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Got in and then got kicked as soon as it found a game.

And then back to “40,000 players ahead of you” …at 11pm…on a week day…


I did when I switched to Asian servers. Didn’t play a single match though. My goal was just to check out how my personal settings transferred and how things have changed.

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the streamers likely have a dedicated login server…