Hateful and sexist players

I am seriously getting sick and tired of men in chat that verbally abuse us ladies in the chat or voice chat.

I just finished a game with a rude and sexist Winston and Doom player, The full game I had to hear them say vulgar things to me, and they won’t allow me to make calls. They must be lucky I was not streaming!

I wish to see sexist idiots like them get banned permanently! It ruins the game for me completely and hate being targeted like this just because I am seen as inferior to them.

I will not post their usernames publicly to not overstep rules.

When will overwatch make a stand against these types of abuse?


I wholeheartedly agree.

This sort of harassment and abuse totally gets out of hand. It even disrupts the game for those not even partaking in the conflict.

Overwatch, please banish these hateful men from our community.


Agreed. They should have mods in every single game that is ever played so they can hear this non sense and weed these players out immediately!


doom players LOL

prob some nice doom players but every doom player I have ever heard speak on a mic sounds like their double chin is choking them


3 words:

Mute, Block, and Avoid.


No offense, but why you were listening to them for the entire match instead of straight up muting?


I think you are victim blaming here @Luanari… The point isn’t just blocking and avoiding (Which you can only do up to 3 people)


Unfortunately its never going to end, if you feel the need you can use the pointless report system but it’ll never stop, just ignore it, angry little people who hurl abuse over vc or however else are speaking volumes about themselves more than yourself, mute them, block them, do what you need, you’re never going to stop a$$holes from being a$$holes.

I think on top of this, obviously its a competitive scene, so there’s always going to be some toxicity, but i think how Blizzard deal with the game is really poor, a poorly cared for ladder, poorly cared for roster, bad maps, boring metas, awful matchmaking, awful balance, the fact the game dosent teach new players a thing? alot of how blizzard treats the game really induces alot of toxicity i think, if the game was well cared for everyone would be alot less angry.


Oh boy…

Here we go again


Yeah… The point is in to just sit there and let random people harrass you. I get it


You have to understand that a lot of them don’t attack you in that way because they’re sexist. Why a lot of players do that is because it’s a cheap and easy way to get the biggest trigger out of the other person. Not to say it’s any less disgusting with different context

Also report them and if they continue their toxic behavior they will get suspended for it. This is something I can say very confidently from personal experiences as I’ve witnessed the “thank you for reporting!” screen probably around 50 times by now


I do that but the fact that I need to this almost every game is just sad.


I remember one time my gf was being harassed as mercy by this soldier who was focusing specifically her for pretty much the whole game and sending her hateful messages for being a female.

There comes a time when manhood comes before the game. So, I proceeded to switch to mccree and spawn camped him for the entire rest of the match. He never got to leave. He kept sending me messages from in spawn and everything. That’s what you get for being a jerk.



I apologize on their behalf.


So I assume I should sit back and do nothing? No sorry I wont, I always report and mute but this time it has gone too far, you have no idea what they said, if I had to repeat what they have said id get a report on this form. :confused:


@LokeTi, No one is whining here. This is a person asking Overwatch to do something about the toxicity towards women. You are probably one of those that are targeted, so you wouldn’t know the issues at hand.

Just like there was a storm on the forums about toxicity in general, there is a new aspect of it now. The reporting barely even works. There isn’t enough female presence to get enough reporting against these toxic men to have the system do anything about it.

So why not use an actual forum where these sorts of issues are meant to be addressed?


yknow, you could just mute them tbh. reporting them is also not a bad idea.


@Luanari, so you expect every female player to hop onto a game, get harassed and only after the fact has happened, then do something about it?

What about just getting rid of the scum? What about increasing the number of avoided players to more than 3? Like come on, grow up and see the bigger picture here.


Welp, you have the tools, can’t really change people’s mentality. Nothing much to say really.


@Zoro, we have the tools to to do something AFTER the fact the harassment has taken place.