Hateful and sexist players

How about you grow up and use a report system instead? If you keep giving trolls attention, they will keep using this as an invitation to continue. I thought it was obvious enough.

I don’t see you being better.


I mean I got a differing perspective on that matter, I think that the players have the tools to hash things out on their own terms, but that’s a whole other story.

Seems arbitrary to allocate resources to a problem thats 90% solved.

@Luanari, I do use the report system. But the fact remains that it doesn’t work. There isn’t enough reports on the sexism because guess what? Female players are scared, the leave the game because there is this type of behaviour.

Please, do continue to try belittle me. It just shows your true colours. Not able to give an actual rebuttle and instead throw insults.

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@Zoro, please walk me through the process of the tools? Because what I see is, female gets harassed enough to actually stop what they are doing in the game, mute them, report them, after the fact that they have been reported… And we have seen above that the reporting system is just below par.

If there is a single female in a game being harassed, what is that single report going to do? It only happens when the entire team actively reports them. And even then, its like a slap on the wrists.

i find it ironic your telling this guy off for belittling you, when you are literally insulting him and treating him like hes below you


Welcome to the forums.

It’s not very obvious but you can report players for “abusive chat”. Press “N” on your keyboard after the game is over then right click on their icon and look for the option that says “report player”.

You also have options for “avoid as teammate” and “mute”.

There’s similar options on console but I don’t know what buttons to press.

Just be careful you selected the right person and be careful not to report people unless they are breaking the rules, the report options make fairly clear what is and isn’t abusive chat.

Mute, Block, Avoid.

Doesn’t matter if the report gets actioned or not, it matters nothing to the person because you’re practically never gonna see them again.

A craving for revenge isn’t the mods job to deal with.


You can’t root out the problem, but the report system barely works. You could get 2-3 reports for being sexist, and not be sexist, get 0 reports for a few days, come back and not get banned/silenced. The report system in OW is garbage.

Muting someone does jack. They still exist and are still saying it. I mean, of course do it, mute them, but you aren’t stopping them. Blizzard has yet to really come against these people saying that it’s pure unacceptable.


cant argue with most things there. But the fact that people actually listen to the trolls and engage with them, only gives them more incentive to troll.


If enough people report the said person, he will get punished. It works.
It just doesn’t work immediately because it’s all automated.

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How do you avoid more than 3 players? How do we avoid these people forever? You can’t. See the problem?

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if its so bad for you, then leave the game for an hour so you dont get in queue with them lol.


I did? I insulted someone?

And that specifically is why it’s garbage.


Unless youre like high GM chances are you wont see the same players more than once, unless in the off chance you play at low population hours.

Just cycle avoid slots, chances are after an hour the person is gone.

I dont see a problem because there is no problem, just pettiness and revenge craving.


Nope i believe in treating other as how you want to be treated but if someone starts being nasty and mean to me guess what i am w big boy, 20 years of being bullied helped me learn to grow a thick skin (that is a possitive) and so i ignore them and report, words are just words, they only bother you because you let them bother you


Well done for being bullied and having a thick skin. I hope your child never gets bullied and you have to tell them to suck it up. But I guess this comes down to immaturity.


If you’re so sensitive as to where you let completely anonymous people online get to you, and refuse to use the tools available to you and force the mods to deal with a non-issue, chances are, the moderation is not the problem.


No one is refusing to use the tools. No one is refuting that. We are stating the tools are ineffective… -.-

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The tools COMPLETELY NULLIFY you having to interact with them.

The tools are effective at their job, not at your revenge-seeking.