Happy Friday to the OW forums

Unfortunately higher rank does not automatically mean more superior understanding in game development and all that surrounds it. Plenty of high skill players can have genuinely terrible feedback and ideas.

The OWL Experimental earlier in the year in March that consisted of player suggested changes from the pros and “influencers” that were largely received to be a joke from the community should prove that. They had a chance to really make some big and impactful changes and what did they do? A whole lot of nothing. A clear missed opportunity. Made a lot of very small adjustments, along with biased tweaks towards favored skill heroes and a lack of attention towards the unfavored.

The point is that you need a mix from all perspectives, because the vast majority of the playerbase is not high skill at all. And not being good or great at a game doesn’t mean you can’t comprehend and understand ideas.

Also, just as a side note, the reason why across the industry less and less developers interact with the community is due to the attitude that some players have. A lot of “feedback” ends up being non-constructive, vague, full of emotion, and at times too personal.


He could at least tell us more about the Sombra rework. He mustve seen everyone being so worried on here.

Why doesnt he come in and say “Dont worry guys, shes still good - I tried her myself!” ?

It just makes you think that its because they know she will be awful. As we all know aswell. Since she is not one of blizzards favorites. Been least picked for ages and no cares given. Ana always #1 most picked on all ranks, no cares given. Just favoritism is all.

Its about time some official has actually answered on that. But you know they wont.

Thats because they brought in streamers who were in Bronze and Gold who did majority of the awful takes. Shouldve just brought in the OWL gamers alone. “Mercys GA resets when she gets a kill in Valkyrie” what? Those streamers were clueless lol. Dont bring in a bronze when you want to balance the game. Simple as that.

You are actually proving my point with that…

Shoot I think Jeff was plat and that was pre RQ

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There is a reason he works at Blizzard and you don’t.
He probably understands the game way more than you do.


Yes. Because Im not interested in working there. If I wanted to get s3xually harassed… Theres plenty options available without having to make the move to California.

You don’t have to be a pro to offer insight. Tons of commentators or even some coaches were terrible players but their mind was godly. Think of it like this understanding strategy has nothing to do with physical capabilities. Napoleon won a lot of wars and I can promise you he was not in the front lines of every battle


You’re playing overwatch, girl. Don’t flatter yourself.


Lol what is that supposed to mean.


Note, despite the thumbnail, it’s a video mostly saying the current situation sucks, but also really hopeful for what’s in the future. Just kinda waiting for the game to reclaim some of that magic it launched with.


…hm so uh… you guys had a good Friday? Been enjoying mine with some overwatch and deltarune!


This conversation dovetailing in this direction is my fault folks.

I shouldn’t have engaged with the comment, regardless of my intent. I get where MissEdgy’s comment comes from, and I do want to assure you that I am not in any way responsible for decision making around design and balance.

My role is to facilitate communication between the developers and the community, something I’ve been passionate about for years. We’re required to have empathy for both the player experience and the developer experience, and walking in both worlds can be a bit tricky, as shown in this post.

Let’s get back to hearing about your weekend plans, and I sincerely hope that everyone has a great night.


Likewise and have a good weekend.

You too MissEdgy :kissing_heart:

Looks like we’ve scared away another community manager :cry:


Happy Friday, Andy!

I really appreciate you communicating with us on the forums. It’s really nice and I really enjoy seeing posts like this.

Let me know how that pork shoulder comes out!


Howdy. Any more info on Bastion’s hat for us?

Andy, thanks fer all the feedbacks and good vibes. Have a great weekend and enjoy yer pork :v:

My weekend? Spend time with my lovely family, rest a few, Netflix and play some videogames. The best plan fer recharge batteries :battery:

(and well, study a little too :sweat_smile:)


Well I’m not a masters player so I suppose my opinion on a game mode where I’ve spent close to 2000 hours doesn’t matter either :sweat_smile:….but if you’re still around Andy….

Can MH players get a version that doesn’t have hero stacking….I don’t care if it’s a separate version altogether…or if it doesn’t happen til OW2…but it is often game breaking…also if you would kindly just state for the record that it is in fact the best game mode I will give you a heart :innocent:

As for my Friday….playing MH as we speak of course


But you also say

If people that are personally invested into the game, beyond a business relation, such as Pros, is what you recommend, then things will not go the way you want.

You say you want the game to be in good hands, when Pros would have the most reason to pick & choose what to relay back to the devs, from the community.


hey andy who u play, i’ll pocket u

(i’m silver)

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youtube videos and reddit updates incoming.