Hanzo's Storm Arrows are INSANE

Firestrike has a lengthy windup time that tells you when is it gonna shoot out and SA is less than a second activation with instant firing.

You should actually look up the meaning of telegraphed before calling something a joke, because you’re just making yourself one now with how easily biased you’re defending it


Rein has no chance vs new hanzo. He spams his shield down and when he trys to attack storm arrows kills him. As Dva Hanzo is my biggest counter now and Winston is also bad vs him now. He lost Dva and Winston as counter, screws RH and can spam down barriers. His damage to barriers is close to JUNKRATS stats of you see the statistics! That’s abnormal! All in all he is broken. In GM his pickrate has gone up from 7 to 47% pickrate!! And that in GM! Almost all other DPS pickrates gone down. McCree lost over the half of his pickrate.

He is not viable… he is worse then the buffed junkrat without the nerfs… he is broken.


Hanzo along with Genji have the smallest projectile hitboxes as far as I am aware. Although, this does not mean in any way that any projectile has more zoning potential than any hitscan.

To be honest, I don’t really think that Hanzo is broken. Perhaps he needs a slight nerf to his ultimate charge.

If it goes to a “must nerf” storm arrow proposal I would go for the following:
Decrease the fire rate, but it would work as a hitscan ability.

Yeah i must be biased. But you a tank main is clearly not biased.


He is in the moment more frustrating then Brigitte… and that is a real problem.


That’s an opinion not a fact. Don’t really care who people find frustrating.

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He is not shooting SA at nothing though, more likely he actually is aiming at something, a choke point, a focused target, it’s still aiming, and I’d take him aiming 6 fast arrows in succession over one burst arrow that can delete a tank instantly, so once you spread one arrow out in to 6, that’s actually more aiming, not less because you’re spreading out the shots.

But as I’ve said, my guess is Hanzo will mostly likely get some numbers re-tuned soon and life will go on as normal, just like Brig is getting 3 numbers retuned. Probably storm arrow in some way and/or ult charge increase maybe.

I’m sure Blizzard is gathering all the data they need from S10 to see if and what changes are needed.

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True but storm arrow every couple of seconds is like spray and pray…you can’t avoid it most of the time.

The game feels like it’s punishing skill characters and handing out cheap abilities that pretty much guarantee kills.


Then read my other comment. He is also broken statistic wise. He should not have the same barrier damage then a junkrat. That’s junks job… hanzo just does this by default… or be more dangerous close range then reaper…


Yes apparently Junkrat is the only hero allowed to be a threat to barriers now. Yes very logical.

If you are more afraid of Hanzo than reaper close range you are doing something very wrongm


The reason I’m not stressing over it too much is because we’re still in the data gathering phase, it’s early days and I think Blizzard will retune some numbers on him. We shouldn’t be too concerned. They followed the same pattern with Brigitte.

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Well, I envy the strength of your beliefs. After seeing new hero “Brigitte”, my hopes of Blizzard managing to nail some sort of agreeable balance kind of… vanished.

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Bo but it is his design. A sniper should be weak to barriers… and not just burst them down! Are you so blind that you not see that his statistics are crazy? New buffed junk was strong but this new hanzo is another level.


I seriously can’t wait for the Hanzo nerfs. Look at his ridiculous pickrate right now.

There’s absolutely no reason the highest damage projectiles should also be the fastest. That’s straight up bad game design.


You must be joking , hanzo worse then bird? Get outta heeeree


She made quite the entrance, didn’t she? Don’t you think the 3 mentioned nerfs sound reasonable? I kind of do. I mean, I would have preferred a 7-8 shield bash cd, but they said they will try 6s and monitor her as we go.

You are blind with bias because you somehow see Hanzo as a traditional sniper. He is not, that is why he does things a usual sniper would not. He lacks the pick potential of Widow so he needs other advantages.


Brigitte was in testing for nearly two months and they didn’t adjust her at all.

She goes live and suddenly they acknowledge the issue with stun and armour.

Changes are taking so long at the moment, too long IMO. Just look how long it took for them to fix Bastion and Mercy when they were OP


He is. Bri gets nerf left and right but stays playable… I even think the bash CD is with 6 to low but let’s see how it goes.

But Hanzo? He counters now even his counters xD


Oooh yeah I misread that.

Besides DVA which tank is retreating in this instance?

Orisa can fortify and push forward, as can rein. Roadhog is moving kinda slowly so can’t really push I guess.

Not sure what you’re getting at here.

Ah forgot winston. Leap onto hanzo and shield dance.