Hanzo's Storm Arrows are INSANE

I hope this post is not serious. Makes you look completely stupid =-)

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Meh ive beeen using him for multiple seasons, and I’m suppose to Be plat but me no try in comp anymore cuz it’s trash

Good job diamond pal.

Get that garbage elitist attitude out of here.

Showing off at diamond rofl.


Still he should not be better then reaper at close range… I know he is suppose to be midrange but not close! And with his faster arrows he is better then mccree… that is just bad for the game. Better then a tank buster and stronger then a solid midrange hits hitscann.


I think they wanted to hold out until they could get some competitive feedback for her, but we all saw it coming a mile off. Having said that, I do approve of the 3 announced nerfs and believe they are fair for the time being. More changes will probably come if needed.

If you weren’t blinded by your juvenile salty anger you’d see I was responding to someone who claimed I was “sitting in bronze”


Better ways to handle it, settle down there POG champ.


Hanzo is not better close range than Reaper.

And why should Mccree be better than Hanzo? You just don’t want Hanzo to be good. Talk about bias.


Lol someone’s butthurt.

So your response to that was I AM DIAMOND HEAR ME ROAR, GOLD GARBAGE!


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Mmm no I never said you were sitting in bronze, It was more of an insult to the QQ cry babys , that part wasn’t directed towards m8

after years hanzo is finally considered not a troll pick can we just chill a little bit, maybe it needs adjustments but it would be unacceptable for hanzo to go back to his previous state where people get false reported and banned for playing him.


Hanzo has more damage than Widowmaker, her ult as an ability - you are right, he is not a sniper. Hanzo can be good sure, but not broken - that is the line that is being crossed and not addressed.


It’s ok we can’t have nice things, people complained about having him on ther team and one shot scatter, now that he’s viable and u have a chance to get away they want him worse then DOOMFIST

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You’re an angry little fella aren’t you? Do you just do the rounds defending the other Hanzo mains? Are you like their police?


I don’t care… hanzo can be good and that’s fine after a so long time as a meme hero but he is strictly better then reaper with storm arrows. But he is broken more then junkrat was before all the nerfs after giving him two mines.


yea i think you are right sadly

i don’t even play hanzo at all i just want the game to be in a healthy state and that manes no heros are considered troll picks

its probably impossible but its the most realistic thing to hope for as its probably even more impossible that false reporting will be dealt with

I love how you mention he is broken but you don’t know why.

Anyone demanding nerfs doesn’t know why, they just scream high damage as if high damage inherently makes a hero overpowered. His pick rate is a result of the meta. A meta that is not even a month old.

PSA: Your opinion is not necessarily true. You don’t own the truth.

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There is a different between broken and viable. Hanzo is supreme and that’s bad. Not because its hanzo because it makes heroes obsolete and punishes the hole game.

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Hanzo isn’t even alll that much bette, he’s just more consistent, I still rek him
With tracer and genji, and yu guys seriously need to learn about shield tanks man.

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Being better than Reaper is not an achievement. We should nerf every dps for being better than Reaper then.

And he is not more broken than Junkrat was. His pickrate is a result of the meta, a meta not even a month old.