Hanzo's Storm Arrows are INSANE


Against tanks that are easy to headshot, the damage output is INSANE. Up to 960 damage?? Nice knowing you, Orisa and Roadhog. RIP. Also RIP to all healers that can’t outheal 320/640 damage per second, you are useless against Hanzos that can land arrows.

Add to that the fact that he now has pretty decent mobility and damn son. Either the damage or number of arrows needs to be reduced. A big problem with the damage being 80 is that if the Hanzo is receiving a damage multiplier from any source, ie Mercy, Zen, Orisa, he can one-shot headshot any 200 hp hero with Storm arrows at any range without needing to charge them and he shoots 4 per second.

I remember the devs saying how they nerfed Mercy’s damage buff from 50% to 30% because McCrees could just one-tap any 200 hp hero but now Hanzo can do the same thing with no damage dropoff and a faster fire rate. I genuinely believe that nerfing the damage from 80 to 70 and reducing the amount of arrows from 6 to 5 or 4 is reasonable considering he also got mobility and more reliability.

I feel like Hanzo is the new Junkrat and Sombra. He got too many buffs all at once and it’s overwhelming, people are unhappy, and it’s likely going to be nerfed because of the outrage. Even IF Hanzo was balanced (and I can’t honestly say he is, nobody would care because it’s too much change, too fast, and again, it’s overwhelming.


You are meant to use your defensive abilities to survive as a tank. It is Hanzo’s job to punish you for not doing so.


Something tells me you may be biased.


Which abilities exactly besides DM? Because from my experience as a Tank, Hanzo can break it quite easily with SA and some support fire from his team


My argument is wrong because i play Hanzo?

Every tank has a way to survive storm arrow


If Hanzo breaks your barrier with SA how is he killing you with it?

DM doesn’t break tho?

Dva has dm and can fly to disengage

Hog can try to hook if in range, or take a breather for 50% shield wall and hp

Orisa has fortify and shield

Rein has shield

Zarya has shield and smaller hitbox

Inb4 I’m a hanzo main and don’t play tanks so I don’t know what I’m talking about


You said that as a Tank, I would have to use my defensive abilities to survive, but if he uses SA to break my defenses and kill me, then wouldn’t it mean he used SA to kill me?

Also, as close range Tanks like Reinhardt, usually swinging the hammer is the go-to for close enemies. But against Hanzo, I would have to hold the shield to hopefully not die to SA because I would actually die faster to SA plus a normal arrow than landing 3 swings, against a character who has a leap and wall climb no less.

Doesn’t that sound wrong to you? A Tank who can be effective at close range, having to be afraid of a 200Hp character that can be effective at midrange, but have to fear him when he finally gets close?


they are arrows infused with magical powers from the true lieder of the shimadas, born and raised to fulfill the role of head of the biggest mafia in japan, in the future where robots fight against humans…

they are meant to deal tons of damage


I said abilities beside DM, so DM wasn’t in question.

If the only options for Tanks at close range to a Hanzo, who is designed as a pseudo mid range sniper, is retreating/turtling, wouldn’t that sound wrong to you?


Firestrike for half his HP? Toggle shield on and off to get close and bait his ability?

I swear you want to take the most ideal situations for Hanzo where the enemies are bots and can’t strafe, where they have no game knowledge or basic game sense.

Out of all tanks Reinhardt has no excuse dying to Hanzo.

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Firestrike is so telegraphed and slow, you don’t think that Hanzo would take the opportunity to land shots and Lunge away from the strike?

Also, toggling the shield on and off won’t matter when the time it takes to do a swing is what Hanzo needs to fire an arrow and start pulling one

If you really think it shouldn’t be so difficult for Reinhardt, why don’t you try it out then?


You should stop playing like a bot.

Firestrike is telegraphed but SA isn’t? what a joke.

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Correct SA is pretty much instant w/o a lot of travel time for the projectile - Firestrike can take seconds to hit its target. Additionally, Hanzo is pretty much a meme character in Overwatch. It isn’t his fault or the players - it is simply because Hanzo shoots insanely oversized projectiles at a high rate of fire pretty much giving the player six shots to land an instant kill (usually w/o needing to aim). I hate to say it, but Hanzo is basically the “training wheels” for a sniper class.


4.59 k/d this season with Hanzo. I think that’s the best hanzo seasonal stats I’ve seen on PC. Good job. Just don’t be surprised if Hanzo has some numbers retuned in the future. Remember we are still in the data gathering phase to see how he is balance wise.


I believe he’s given too many arrows to fire at such quick time with great damage


It’s nice to finally get a decent shield buster but getting one or two shot from across the map as a dps just feels cheap sometimes because the rate of fire is so fast you can barely react sometimes.

This patch has made McCree useless on console, he was already struggling but now he just doesn’t have the sustain or escape capabilities. Some matches feel like a deadly game of pinball because you’re thrown around and stunned so much while trying to avoid flurries of damage.

Pick rates for hanzo and even Brigitte speak volumes right now…


Yep, not a great time to play Tracer, those distant one shots are coming in a lot more often now with SA but at the very least new Hanzo has to aim more now, and not burst damage someone at their feet which was dumb.

OmegaLUL… okay eat that information up. I’ve seen arrow animations COMPLETELY outside my physical character frame that killed me. Odd right?


Lies. Hanzo needs to aim less now, because he is not punished for missing anymore. Just spam and fly away if someone comes close.