Hanzo The Perfect Hero? Check

Soldier is a good pick against him. Easy fast long strafes and Hanzo is very easy to track.


Drawing arrows makes him move slower and you have to hit your shots to get value, the player is the weakness.


After Hanzo’s rework, he generates ult so fast he can practically spam his dragons.

So, what did the devs do when Hanzo’s rework immediately spawned a “grav-dragon meta”?

“Nerf Hanzo”, you say? Impossible!! He can’t possibly be at fault for creating a meta around him right after he got a huge power upgrade!!

Let’s nerf the bystanders, instead. That’s totally the reason why Hanzo’s rework is so overwhelming.

Sorry, Zarya and Mercy. Hanzo’s rework is so obviously balanced and perfect and has zero flaws or mistakes, so the grav-dragon meta must be your fault for enabling him so much with abilities that were never a problem before now.



Ive seen someone say that you could remove storm arrows and he would still be a top tier dps and its so true. Storm arrows is just a cop out for when Hanzo lets someone get too close to him and its completely overtuned.

The official DEV policy with regard to hero balance is the same that was given here when asked about Ana…

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Hanzo is pretty good. But, he’s no Orisa. Struggling to win games? Play Orisa! - OW 2k19

Then he shouldn’t have the benefits of one-shot kills. Not sure if you were saying this to point out why he’s “fine the way he is”.


Once again, what exactly is Hanzo’s weakness? He practically has everything minus a self heal.

That’s not my call. I don’t play him. The point of the post is that’s their policy. What is his glaring weakness is for them to express.

However, glaring implies obvious. The fact that we don’t readily see one does suggest that he needs one or needs that weakness amplified to be more obvious than it is.

Perfect hero = Torb.

Short range - Shot gun
Long range - rivet gun
Spam - Turret
Speed boost - Overload
Devastating ult of boiling lava - Molten Core
Good looks
Large muscles

Long range damage?

Not really. Hanzo is a projectile hero. Past a certain distance, his damage is never guaranteed no matter how skilled you are and always has an element of luck to it.

Spam arrows in a general direction to randomly hit a ton of head shots every game?

Widowmaker can do the same thing, but Hanzo is balanced by the fact that he’s not hitscan and has to actually get close to his targets to be effective.

Seriously, what is supposed to be Hanzo’s weakness because I just can’t seem to figure it out. I absolutely despise this hero.

Widowmaker obviously does well against Hanzo as she does against any other hero. McCree does well past that certain distance where Hanzo’s shots become more luck than skill-based, and at close range you have flashbang. Genji can also do incredibly well against Hanzo with his dash+RMB to get in Hanzo’s face and deal massive damage at the same time, and well-timed deflects punish careless arrow spam.

Sporadic movement making it more difficult for other snipers to land shots?

Any hero can have sporadic movement with A-D spam. Hanzo has one small burst jump that’s on a cooldown and makes him easy to headshot if you don’t panic fire.


They havent gave him is self heal yet. Then he’ll be the perfect hero

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cool cinematic? Check.

He has no self sustain? You asked for A weakness, you didn’t specify how bad it had to be…

I don’t even consider him a sniper.

It makes zero sense that a sniper is rewarded for closing distance like he can.

I got no problems killing him with Genji… everyone claims that you should just counter switch right? then why not do it with him?

I have said this a MILLION TIMES
Hanzo is OP because he has the strengths of a sniper without the weaknesses of one
he has a lot of mobility
has the 1shot kill potential of a sniper
is super strong at close range
accuracy? he is practically hitscan unless you are going super long range
in my opinion they need to increase leap CD
reduce projectile speed to before the rework of 85 M/S
make storm arrow UNABLE TO HEAD SHOT
(this nerf is just an idea)
increase the CD of storm arrow but also increase its duration while also increasing the minimum time between each shot so its less of a Gatling gun of arrow, for example, say the time between each shot of storm arrow right now when holding down left click is .25 seconds, increase it to say .5 seconds (this is just an example)

edit, btw if you think you have seen this comment before I am just copying and pasting this comment I made from previous posts about hanzo


There’s a reason why he’s the most top picked hero in GM now.

Dive works decently enough, pull hooks have been very effective and he also loses in a lot of 1 v 1s.