Hanzo still trashing the game

He has too much of everything. He never needed Leap, or faster arrows, or to be a tank (and everything else) buster.

Why did he get buffed so hard with absolutely zero adjustments to keep him from getting to this point?

Why couldn’t they be more conservative like they are with Sombra?


But but they nerfed his Storm Arrows by 10 damage and increased the cooldown by 2 seconds!

Now he’s completely balanced!


I wonder if the devs just want to force Hanzo to be meta so he looks cool on Disney channel.


I love his new Lunge ability and the more consistent primary fire, nothing quite as satisfying and fun as a jumping ace headshot, so I hope those don’t change. They can dial back his Storm Arrows and ult charge, though, it seems those specifically are making him an easy and forgiving lock for casual players and a stronger overall DPS choice.


The worst thing they could possibly do is nerf his ult charge, that’s the wrong answer. Instead they need to ask why he’s charging his ult so quickly in the first place, meaning he’s dealing too much damage.

He’s in the same place Junk was a couple of seasons back so he needs a similar nerf. Either dialling back his projectile speed or making storm arrow more like FTH so it cant headshot and has spread. He also needs a look at his lunge so it’s possible to dive him as he currently has no counter.


Don’t even mention when Hanzo gets nanoboosted.


I would argue that old Hanzo actually was more like Junkrat than today. I say this because like Junkrat Hanzo was a hero with inconsistent primary projectile spam, compensated for both by powerful burst damage (mines and scatter) and a strong multi-kill ult (riptire and dragons).

The thing is Blizzard wanted him to be more of a sniper like Widow and less of a projectile hero like Junkrat, so naturally they increased his arrow speed to improve his consistency and gave him lunge as a better positioning/mobility/escape option. They removed scatter to diminish his burst kill potential and instead spread it out across his new Storm Arrows to require aim while still giving him the opportunity to output a similar overall amount of damage as before to contest tanks while giving squishies a chance at counterplay, it’s just that it’s still quite powerful and is used as a crutch by casual players to kill anyone, and causes his ult to charge up faster.

Honestly, I don’t see why Hanzo should be divable compared to other DPS, I mean Genji has a double jump passive that he spams without any cooldown that’s arguably harder to aim at, and he has a Swift Strike ability that allows him to move 35m in any direction, Hanzo having a jump that moves him a few feet every 4s seems fairly weak in comparison.

What does Disney has to do with this?

Overwatch league will be on Disney XD

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He needs to lose an arrow in SA and to further increase the cd by another 2 secs. SA should be a rarer skill.

He’s not a Sniper now though and never really was.

He’s close range, mid-range and long-range now. He’s only outclassed by Widow at very long range. His weaknesses have been heavily eliminated and it’s why he’s picked a lot now.

There is no reason to pick another damage hero over him unless he’s already chosen by someone else.


I’m too annoyed by Zen and Mercy to be bothered with Hanzo right now.

Well he has always been classed as a sniper, you would get the warning “too many snipers” if you chose him and Widow. I would also say it is easier to get ranged headshots with Hanzo now compared to before, despite his arrows still being projectiles that require leading the new speed shortens the window within which enemies could change course, which effectively improves its consistency at long range.

The thing is that unlike Widow, Hanzo is always unscoped, which means the utility of his arrows is pretty much the same across ranges, whereas at close range Widow has difficulty sniping targets because they can easily jump in and out of her field of view. It’s still quite difficult to headshot moving targets at close range for Hanzo, though, and the redraw speed at different bow-draw lengths compensates by giving enemies the opportunity to kill Hanzo before he can hit them.

Well as a hanzo main prebuff i didn’t really like the arrow speed buff. I always saw hanza in a gray area between sniper and mid range dps. I feel like the buff was unnecessary since he doesn’t really have any zoom in like ana or widow.
There really is no reason to give him a longer range cause he already has a strong mid range. It’s like making soldier put out full dmg in long range, it wasn’t needed.

Also I feel like the rework is a big slap in the face to every person who actually took the time to learn hanzo's weapon, instead now he plays more like a hitscan with having to lead your shot by the most minuscule amount instead of predictable amounts.

Yeah I honestly don’t care what Blizzard classified him as, because he was poor at long ranges before but now he’s much better. But he’s also better at mid-range and close range now.

He has very few weaknesses currently, that’s the whole point and why it’s a problem. He has increased mobility, Storm Arrows to melt anyone who tries to dive him and increased projectile speed to be good at any range.

Hanzo is the meta and it revolves around him. It’s the reason why Widowmaker is being picked more and more, because Hanzo destroyed dive and can melt any flankers.

Disney, ESPN, and ABC family (i think) were given permission to put OWL on live TV

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Revert the arrow speed increase and I’m ok with it, he is supposed to be a projectile hero not a hitscan. His truck sized arrows make him a crutch. Change my mind.

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they didn’t nerf his arrows by 10 damage.

why did they buff him so strongly but shaft Sombra? Hanzo definitely needs a a damage nerf. But what makes him so powerful is the insane amount of healing in the game. No one can easily kill him with a mercy beam and harmony orb on him all the time and a discord on his targets.

Im thinking it has something to do with the Hanzo statue. They always seem to release these statues for characters at their peak of being op.