Hanzo still trashing the game

Uhhh like I explained in my post they nerfed STORM ARROWS from 80 damage per arrow to 70.

Which is still a weak nerf.

It’s his main attack. It charges faster than Widow and he moves around while aiming faster than her as well. He also has very generous aiming. His insane damage is the cherry on the top.

What they should do is further slow him down while aiming that way he has to be much more careful about his positioning and aggression

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The idea I liked most that I saw floating around was giving him reverse fall off. It would make him have the weaknesses of a sniper again, since he has sniper damage.

Since you seem incapable of Googling, here you go.

Link 1
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He’s getting another nerf, next patch, I just don’t know if it will be enough. He is really oppressive now though. I used to be able to duel Hanzo with Tracer 70% of the time if I waited for him to blow Scatter. Now I feel like even if I wait for storm arrows to go down I’m boned cuz it’s up fast, he can leap, and dodging his arrows is super hard now. I really have to wait until he’s totally distracted to even attempt to kill one now. Kinda sad imo :frowning:

Cool, you’re a troll. Feel proud of yourself.

The problem is that Hanzo has zero reason to ever actually do anything besides mindlessly unload arrows. For all the crap Widow gets, at least she actually has a charge to be aware of, and using the scope significantly reduces her situational awareness.

Both the sniper DPS in this game basically need a redesign to make viable.

And yeah, Hanzo never needed a dash. He can already wall climb meaning he’s more mobile than every DPS character in the game that isn’t Genji and Tracer.

He is Kaplan’s favourite after all…

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Yes, the rest of the sentence.

The way I look at it Storm Arrows is the major problem. If you took it away for all practical purposes his basic kit is similar to Widows, I mean imagine giving Widow Storm Arrows instead of her machine gun, it’s just a bit much. I think in their effort to improve Hanzos consistency as a sniper who headshots, the balancing changes to tone down and spread out his burst damage ability hasn’t gone far enough to compensate for most player ranks.

Of course Hanzo also has the dragons which Widow doesn’t (her ultimate is just a bigger version of Hanzos sonic arrows), but the power of her hitscan can’t be underestimated and in the right hands is just as if not more powerful than dragons, as the former persists in utility throughout a match while the latter is setup dependent and situational.

He’s still weak to high mobility heroes like Tracer and Genji who can easily bait and dodge shots while delivering damage, the problem I think here is that such heroes aren’t meta right now thanks to Brigitte, meaning in most scenarios Hanzo can go uncontested. Balancing in Overwatch is pretty difficult, you move one thing and it pushes another out of place, but I’m sure Blizzard will eventually hit a sweetspot.

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Snipers are 80% of the reason why new Sym is trash.

TBH SA’s short CD is prolly the issue.

multiple instantly charged shots with near instant travel speed means quick ult charging.

the short cd also means he doesnt have ot really worry about missing as it’ll be back real fast.

His ult itself is not really scary.

Its got a small windup and voiceline signaling it.

and does allow you to GTFO of it.

Sure it combos well, but so do all ults (tbh junk tire/d.va bomb does grav betetr as not even a zen ult will save you from those 2 where as zen heal can keep you alive from dragon.)

we need to do something; he’s so OP he’s making playing this game not worthwhile, especially in the hands of someone really, really competent and pocketed on the enemy team. it’s now a game of who has the better hanzo smurf than tactics, and it’s really freaking frustrating to deal with. season 11 is hanzompetitive.

lots of dps streamers are just defaulting to playing hanzo now, even if they’re way better with other characters like genji or mccree.


I really hope they un-frak Hanzo soon, he alone is the reason why I stopped playing Overwatch and started playing WAY more Fortnite and CS again…