Hanzo is getting a nerf

yeah thats why i dont want a massive change, sombra was considered good maybe even ‘meta’ for two weeks until they gave her a super small nerf, and now shes considered awful.

Every Hanzo nerf thread in existence be like
Who would win: 2-3 Hanzo onetricks vs the entire rest of the forums.

hanzo actually have a better fan the hammer
it does 10 more damage, can crit, can be aimed and cannot be juked

Do Blizz test their game ?
Even a Bronze player can understand that Hanzo is like a super sayen version of McRee. It has no sens.
It’s not the first time they act like this.

Wow, OP. When you’re right, you’re right! He got the nerf within a few hours of you posting that.


I told you he was going to be nerfed.


As I predicted all last week. Same pattern.

-Release Brigitte to comp
Everyone says she’s overtuned
Only Brigitte players say she’s fine
Blizzard announce nerfs after a ~week of comp

-Release Hanzo to comp
Everyone says he’s overtuned
Only Hanzo players say he’s fine
Blizzard announce nerfs after a ~week of comp

This is mainly why I tend to ignore players opinions during the first two weeks. Especially those who main the new heroes. They are always looking at things with bias.

I mean to be fair, the people playing against them also have their biases. There were a lot of people that insisted that Moira would be nerfed and she was not.

This is a bit different than that though.

Everyone is biased, some of us are just self aware enough to be able to still see something is broken.

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I remember those threads, weren’t they mostly from Genji mains? I loved Moira from the start.

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Yup. It was mostly Genji mains, there was some Tracer ones too though. Then the flankers were forced to get better and now it’s not that big of a deal.

just my 2 cents. But I think you are responding to this “OverPowered” issue a little too strongly. If you must dial it back- 75 should be sufficient. My reasoning being that low HP heroes typically have ways to subvert that kind of power.

Er, you do see the irony here right?

You don’t ignore player’s opinions during the first two weeks. You just ignore the opinions of players of the character you think is overturned. You automatically assume they are biased because they play the character - but you don’t recognize any bias in the people getting killed by the character. You consider the opinions of the playerbase valid when they agree with you that he was overtuned valid.

Personally, I think there is a bias against Hanzo having any sort of high burst damage ability. And I think that regardless of how many times they nerf it or change the ability entirely, people will complain.

“S-sure I’m biased, but at least I’m right!” is exactly what a biased person would say.

It really isn’t.

When he overcomes the hero that everyone is complaining about being “OP” (Brigitte) easily in pickrates and winrates, is that not a sign that he’s overtuned? lol

No, like…“I like Brig, I like her style, and I like this meta, shes still OP” are words I have said.

Same with Hanzo. Its delusional to think either of those hero’s were not OP.

and how is this a bad thing? pros actually know what they are talking about

Right, no no I get it. Anyone who disagrees with you is delusional. They lack self-awareness.

I mean, these are clearly objective things we’re talking about here.

Now we need the Pro to complain about Brigitte and we would all be happy

It can be a bad thing because balancing around pros can potentially ruin characters in the lower ranks, which is where the majority of the playerbase plays. Think of the Zen change. Zen was nerfed because of his damage output in the very high ranks, but in the lower ranks Zen did not do these sorts of numbers. Now a healer who is already somewhat underused and played poorly, is even worse.