Hanzo arrow speed can we have it back

  1. that’s still way way slower than Hanzo’s arrows which also don’t lose velocity
  2. that’s a compound bow, that’s a really huge awkward contraptions using a series of pulleys to accelerate the arrow more than force alone would.
  3. 90m/s is still a far upper limit even for a compound bow. 75m/s is more typical, the 90m/s is for absurdly light arrows that lose velocity quickly.
  4. 90m/s is nowhere close to 300mph, it’s 202.5 miles per hour.


That doesn’t make sense.

The sense of time isn’t distorted, the in game distance has you set so you’re head height is the appropriate level of the ground for Hanzo’s height and you move at the speed of a running human.

One reason it seems that Hanzo’s arrows NEED to fly fast is they are inexplicably affected by drop yet most “fast” projectiles in the game aren’t affected by drop. Most notably genji’s shurikens (60m/s) aren’t affected by drop. Faster velocity = less drop.

So if Hanzo’s arrows were made slower they could be made “linear projectiles”, they could go as slow as 90m/s. Still fast for a bow of that type but plausible.

That’s…exactly what it was for a couple of months?
The arrow speed just made him too good at all ranges. One shot potential, from any range, is incredibly strong. The arrow speed redux makes sure he is a little weaker at long range, allowing heroes dedicated to long-range only (Widow) to have an advantage against him.

No it was not. Arrow speed got nerfed first, then storm arrows a couple weeks later. Now he has storm arrow dmg back. Was never the faster arrows, and 60 dmg storm.

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were did he say that can you link me.

Hanzo? The man who can still delete tanks with one ability?

He throws paper straws? Since when?

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He does say that it got hanzo consistent and he wondered if there was another way to do things, but what we have now is just revert to old inconsistent state.

Nice to see threads like those though thanks for sharing.

Only if they nerfed he’s headshots damage and fire rate.

Do you have anything to add?

why do people even suggest this idiotic change.

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Lol same. I couldn’t hit crap in the last few matches (not that my aim amazing anyway lol) But I could tag a few pharahs. Not now tho lol :joy:

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Yeah, obviously, make hanzo’s arrows “linear projectiles”.

You could tolerate way way lower arrow velocity if arrows had no drop. One reason arrow velocity must be so high is to minimise this drop which is a huge added complexity along with leading the shots. Then the velocity could be reduced to 90m/s which you suggested is an appropriate speed for an arrow (though from a compound bow).

I also think the arrows could shoot at a faster rate but lower damage, an overall rate of 1 fully charged arrow per second but only 100 damage per fully charged arrow. This will mainly impact Mei, Reaper and Bastion, heroes who are REALLY suffering right now. Also can’t easily 2-shot Baptiste’s immortality drone nor Torb’s turret.

This would be a buff for Hanzo as if he is facing a 200HP opponent like Ashe (a very highly-picked hero right now) then a 250 damage headshot is overkill, Hanzo only needs to charge up a 100 damage arrow to get a headshot which (after recovery time) would take 1.05 sec right now. If you could fully charge a 100 damage arrow in 0.5 sec (on top of a 0.5sec recovery time from each shot) then you’d be able to headshot after a miss or double-body-shot Ashe slightly quicker.

When wearing down barriers you’d do it at the same rate.

A 100 damage arrow every 1.0 sec is literally the exact same sustained DPS as a 125 damage arrow every 1.25 sec (which is how Hanzo is right now).

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what if only storm arrows were hitscan shoots or simply faster? i kinda like that very much

Well even widow can flick you at close range. So what’s the big deal?

Same. I’d trade his entire kit to get his arrow speed back.

But why now? The Hanzo arrow speed changed months ago. People moved on. Hanzo players either got used to his new arrow speed or they just gave up on Hanzo.
It would be unfair for players who got used to the new hanzo arrow speed and/or might prefer this more inconsistent speed.

They can’t handle any dps hero, besides sym, being viable.

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No, I’m saying that at one point, when he first had Storm Arrows, he had the speed and 70 dmg. That’s why it was broken, bc 70dmg changes the breakpoints to 2 storm arrow headshots to delete someone. . .when it was down to 60, there was really no point in using storm arrows for a duel, since a normal charged arrow would’ve been faster than 3 storm headshots. The 70 dmg is pretty huge, and allows him a lot of strength in duels

Widow flicking requires a huge amount of skill. As Hanzo, it’s still difficult, but the practically-hitscan speed at close range combined with the hitbox of a projectile, and a much smaller speed decrease than Widow for firing?
That’s why it’s good. Hanzo is better in a LOT of DPS duels, with his weakest ones being Genji and now, Widow again.

The 70 dmg is big because 1 headshot and 1 body kill. Or 3 body. At 60 it would be 2 headshots to kill, just like at 70. Just 1 headshot and 1 body wouldnt do it anymore, nor would 3 body shots.

But my point still remains, they havent tried on live servers, 60dmg storm arrows, but the faster projectile speed it had since his rework, until 6 months ago.

That clears up your point a lot, so thank you for that first and foremost.
It would be okay to try, but some ppl might freak if they changed the speed a 3rd time :sweat_smile::joy: