GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


I struggled with this myself. You have to go to the actual overwatch league twitch page (where you would watch the stream) and click on the loot tab then click redeem. The bits are not given to you automatically


I am a ps4 player, i bought the all access pass and also cheered 1500 bits and havent received any of my items. My account is linked to my ps4, my loot is all claimed. Can someone help?


Its been about a day and a half since i bought it also


Hey there, first please verify from your account management page that your PS4 account is listed, there have been some issues trying to link from directly in-game but you can get your account linked from that page if it is not already.


Update 7/19/2018: Overwatch League today, announced that players can earn the D.Va Overwatch League Grey skin if you have unlocked all 12 Overwatch League team standard Twitch emotes. I also have made a few improvements to the guide including careful instructions on claiming earned in-game rewards. Cheers! (^^)v


Ive made sure everything is connected and my items are still not there, I dont know whats the matter


that was a long read and unless I miss something it still doesn’t tell me how to access my OverWatch League All Access skins and Lucio emote.

my Twitch account is linked to my blizzard account which is linked to my Playstation Network account.

How long should it take for me to see the skins available to me?


When and how do we get the skins and the emote for paying the $30 to become a OverWatch League all access pass member?


Wanna earn Overwatch League tokens fast? Create 10 Twitch Account viewing bots, link your Overwatch Account to all of them an go afk.

Thank me later


As a friendly reminder to everyone, you can earn all of the following rewards this weekend!

Other tips to remember:

  • Check your account links (twitch account, console account) before the stream begins. This will ensure you don’t miss out on drops.
  • Remember to tune in early for the pre-show on Friday to ensure you can bank up to 3 hours for both spray.
  • Sprays are time based drops. When you watch for 1.5 or 3 hours respectively, the drops may not immediately trigger. Don’t worry, the Overwatch League team monitors the time your twitch account watches the stream and should issue the drop appropriately.
  • Blizzard Customer Service cannot assist with issues with receiving drops from watching the stream, cheering with bits, or purchasing the all-access pass. Either ask questions here or reach out to Twitch Support for these issues.


What’s the last day to get all the Twitch drops? Will they go away after the finals are over if you haven’t cheered enough?


I also want to know when is the last day to get the rewards for cheering. I’m still missing some skins and emotes, and can’t get them since I’m broke until next month. I tried contacting the OWL facebook page, and Twitch support, but haven’t yet received an answer. Also, there is no mention if the sprays you can get for watching the grand finals will be available to the audience at Barclays Center, or if they also have to have the stream open. I’m not going, but know someone who is.


I am not certain, remember that the All-Star game is still to come later in August.

This I also do not have an answer for. Given there has been no publically provided, details leaving a stream open on a computer is a very smart idea.


Ah, I didn’t know about the All-Star game! I should have enough time to unlock it all then, thanks!


Yep, I do not know specifically if they will keep rewards running for that match, but I bet they will.


im confused as to how im meant to “watch for 3 hours” today when there will only be one set… each set typically only lasts close to 2 hours. How do i watch for 3 hours when there isnt even 3 hours to watch?


The pre-show has been running for an hour now.


ive been watching that, but i figure the pre-show probably doesnt count


FYI, those who have been watching from 4:00 PM are now receiving their drops. Look for this notification:


When can I expect to get the All-Access content on my PS4? I’ve got everything linked, and I’ve tried to de-link and re-link my PSN acc through Blizzards website, and I’ve restarted my PS4 and Overwatch numerous times, AND I’ve tried to claim the stuff from the lootpage through a sh*tload of devices and browsers.

It’s been 7-8 hours now, and I normally get my “rewards” from twitch alot faster than this. Of course it’ll take time the one time I decide to spend like 37$ :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also: Add deadzone sliders, plz! I believe you can do it, small indie developer!) :frowning: