GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


Reach out to Twitch support on this one if you are still showing the “Redeem All” in the Loot Tab.


Yeah, I’ve sent them a mail now. I still got token for watching OWL tho, so the account linking seems to work…


Hey quick question if i missed the stream because im in a diffrent time zone will there be another oppertunity to pick up the sprays i missed or are they gone forever? :hushed:


So I watched the stream from start to finish (only partially with sound on though, if that helps), on the Twitch a
android app, and I’ve been checking my notifications for the last while. I still don’t have anything, can anyone tell me why? Is it an issue with Twitch mobile, perhaps? (Yes, I also thoroughly checked that my accounts were linked, so it wasn’t an issue with that) Will I know when I open Overwatch, or should I know before that?

I really wanted those sprays so any help would be appreciated!


I strongly recommend reaching out to Twitch Support if notifications never popped up. They should be able to look into it.


So watched the whole stream didnt get any spray. Are they releasing them in batches or is this a bug?


The high majority of our community did get their sprays appropriately. If you did not get any drops, please work through the troubleshooting in my starting post.


Anyone else not able to Redeem the “All-Access” items?


Pretty rough how you can’t get credit for the sprays by watching the re-runs.
Kinda defeats the ‘All Access’ aspect of the pass, doesn’t it?
Those Non-Americans who exist in timezones that don’t lend to viewing can’t pick up the same rewards on the replays?

At least with the Breast Cancer streams there were multiple streams at different times across the course of the week.

Are there going to be changes for future promotions to accommodate the consumers who purchase All Access Passes in future iterations?

Are there going to be alternate means of obtaining the four sprays?



Yeah, me. I’ve tried pretty much everything at this point, including uninstalling and re-installing the game. Waiting for a reply from Twitch now…


Thanks! I was gonna try that anyway. I appreciate your response :slight_smile:


Is there any precautionary steps I should take if (IF!) I were to buy an All-Access pass for my nephew who’s also playing on PS4? To avoid the experience I’m having, I mean. Or is it more or less “console plus twitch plus blizzard lul, deal with it”?

Anyways, thanks for the help Wyoming; I hope twitch will resolve this issue soon.



I have a question regarding the sprays. I even started watching before the 1st round began and watched the whole thing and only closed the browser after the result was announced with Spitfire’s victory with 3-1.

Still, on my twitch notifications I got nothing. I know my account is not eligible for earning tokens thanks to the country, that’s fine, but I was watching partly for the sprays and should have earned at least the 1,5 hour one.

I watched it on on firefox (blizz account connected to twitch), got win10 on my pc and from Hungary. Does my country even make me uneligible to even earn the sprays? If yes, that’s ridiculous and please take players like me into consideration when planning future promotions.

I hope someone can tell me what should I do.
Thanks in advance!


I would advise you to submit a ticket with twitch support. You can also write to the customer support of both blizzard and twitch on twitter.

What is known so far is that blizzard are aware of the issue and it’s being looked at. The customer support in twitter has already replied to several people asking about the sprays issue, including to me. The official stance is that they’re working on it, but so far that’s all the information available. Right now they’re copy pasting this reply to the people writing to them:
“This is being looked into. I’m afraid I don’t have any more information at the moment.”


So, I haven’t had a problem with reciving the drops until last night. I watched the majority of it for the tokens and sprays (despite not watching the QnA), but I got a message saying that I got two drops, but in game, I never got any tokens or the spray. I’m in the US, so I know my account is eligible for both, to which I watched the entire stream on Twitch itself via the app (of where I’ve never had any problems).

I don’t mind not getting the Winston spray because of the QnA portion being the 3 hour mark, but what about the rest?

EDIT: Only the D.VA spray dropped. Still no tokens. Still not the previous two sprays. It’s kinda disheartening.


Is it still possible to get the grey mercy owl skin?


Yes, you must cheer accumulative total of 1,300 bits


Been over 24hrs since I ordered the All-Access, and still nothing. No response from twitch either.
Physical item that’s being delivered across the country arrives faster than this :confused:


Hello, I purchased the All Access Pass last night but I’m unable to redeem anything, it simply won’t work, and the “Redeem All” button is greyed out. I’ve reached out to Twitch and I’m still to get a response.


That means it is claimed then, reaching out to Blizzard Support may help at this point but no guarentees.