GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


I watched 2 days stream and rerun, no single spray is received. I know that I wont receive any token as my living country is not within the viewership. But I can receive other drops like the pink mercy one, so I think my twitch acc is already linked to my bn acc. I had sent an email to twitch tho.

When will twitch reply me? Anyone have the exp. about dealing with twitch cs?


Someone pointed out that there were instructions that stated you had to watch for a certain amount of time each day…

It would’ve been nice if it was advertised better…all I saw on the website was that the match started at 7 (my time) so that’s when I got on (slightly early)…I had no idea there was stuff before then…I watched some of the pre game on Friday and the entirety of the match…but I got off once it was over…so I didn’t accumulate the 3 hrs of required time…

If the match had been longer I probably would’ve though…should I blame London for winning so convincingly? I watched the actual match…isn’t that what the rewards were meant for?


I watched the finals on the OWL site while logged in, since didn’t have a twitch account at the time (I got a twitch account just in case i had to claim the rewards there), and none of the sprays have unlocked for me. I had the stream fullscreen and audio-on both days, so I don’t think it’s a muting issue… I use Windows 10 and was watching in Firefox, would either of these have caused me to not get them? Also, I’m an EU battlenet user, but was on the en-us OWL site for the stream for some reason, would that have caused me not to unlock the skins?


0 OWL tokens and no sprays at all for me and my younger brother for July 27 and 28.

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Hey everyone, looks like the time has come to let my guide set sail into the unknown. Thanks to the Blizzard CS team for originally sticking it in the tech support forum, and thanks to Tom Powers for allowing it to be moved to general discussion so that the CS team could clean up the ever growing list of stickies there. I will update the guide as needed, but unless something huge comes for either the World Cup or the All-Star weekend, you all will need to search for the guide manually if it sinks. Don’t worry I am still fully alerted if there are replies.

As a reminder if you have any issues of not getting the spray notifications, contact twitch. If you did get the notifications, but the items are not in-game (and you checked for the bugged sorting), then try reaching out to Blizzard after you completed all troubleshooting in the guide. Cheers everyone!


HAH, “contact twitch”

That is a good one.


Been over 48hrs since I bought the OWL Pass now, and I’m still not able to claim my items, and Twitch still won’t answer my call. Really looking forward to more “forced” Twitch interaction in the future!
I’ve been in a constant grumpy and salty manchild mode for the past two days :frowning:

(who can the little man trust if he can’t trust the big, nice multi-billion dollar companies!?)


Twitch replied, and they told me to do the things I’ve already done a couple of hundred times.
The “All-Access pass” tab says all my in-game items has been redeemed/claimed, and the “Redeem all” button under the “Loot” tab is greyed out, and it says “0/14” above it.

I’m guessing this is the part of the corporate bs-ride where Blizzard says it’s a Twitch issue, and Twitch says it’s a Blizzard issue, and I’m stuck in a limbo between two support lines where nothing gets resolved, but atleast the rich gets richer, so it all works out in the end :smiley:

…sorry, I’m just salty. I feel kinda powerless…
Does the Lucio emote even exist on console?..

Did anyone here on console get their All-Access items? If yes: what special steps did you have to take? Is simply linking everything and hoping for it to work out not enough, even though sprays and tokens drop? Would love to hear; I don’t want to be stuck between support lines when I’ve already paid n shizz. I’ve done my part of the deal

-EDIT 2-
I finally got my Lucio emote. There’s been loads of dance parties in the spawns tonight :smiley:


I farmed over 6,500 free bits during Season 1 and I was able to do more than 4 ads a day. Most times I had to wait several minutes maybe 15-20 after it telling me “limit reached try again later.” And so on and so on until it really reached a limit for the day. And the next day I’d start all over.

Well I haven’t been able to farm 1 free ad in probably 2 months now. Is it because it’s calculating what would have been 4 per day in days for me and making me wait that long to farm more?

Luckily I have literally everything OWL related right now from twitch and the all access pass. Also got 17 free skins during season 1 from token drops.


Any incite on what I posted above? Still haven’t been able to farm free ads not sure I’ll ever be able to again. With new teams coming season 2 and surely more bits rewards I want to know if this is normal.


I am not sure if I can say, this question is best suited for Twitch to answer.


I was never able to watch a single ad… so I had to buy my Bits. Anyway claimed my Lucio Emote yesterday and I’m just missing out Mercy + Genji OWL skins. So I think thats Good Value.
I think I even tried once to watch ads without ad blocker and everything disabled, still didn’t work so I gave up.


Blizz, cmon. A lot of us didnt get anything. No tokens nor sprays. Say smth.


As a reminder, if you never even got the notifications in Twitch, it means something blocked you from getting those rewards. If that is the case, you have to reach out to Twitch Support as that part is handled by them. If you did get the notifications, double check your Twitch account link to your BattleTag.


Well, 4 days already. No reply from Twitch, but something happens. When I go to twitch today, I got all 4 spray notifications. I don’t know if this is a delay or twitch is doing something behind. Whatever, I get everything now. If you are the one who did not receive anything before, go checking your twitch now :slight_smile:
Good luck


So you did get the notifications on Twitch, but you did not receive the sprays in game? Please have you confirm that you visually checked for the sprays in a Hero’s spray list? There is currently a visual bug where the Grand Final sprays, are appearing in the individual hero list and not in the common spray list. Furthermore the sprays will not trigger the “NEW” icon in hero gallery.

If at this point you still do not see the sprays in game, now would be the appropriate time to reach out to Blizzard, make sure you note to them that you have received the notifications on Twitch that you should have received your sprays to your linked account.


How am I able to cheer while the stream is not running? Can I still redeem skins if I cheer when stream is not running?


It’s been days now since I ticketed twitch and still no response. What is the average time to get a response from them?

Only received the sprays from day 2 and not day 1.


I still can’t watch ads. Maybe won’t ever be able to again… lol. Sucks too since ATL is getting a team and that’s now my favorite team since that’s the closest big city to me (3 hr 20 min drive away).

RIP the 17 free skins I chose… could’ve had 17 ATL skins. Sigh.