GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


Hello !
Something strange happened with my cheering. I cheered 300 - got just 4 quote emotes and cheered 200 then, so together I cheered 500, should I get all quote emotes ? Because I got none the second time :frowning:


How can it possibly be claimed? I bought it last night and have been trying to redeem the minute I purchased it.


I mean you should now see the items in game. NOTE, the “New” mark in-game DOES NOT appear for Twitch Drop rewards, so check your Hero Gallery carefully otherwise, reach out to Blizzard.


Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:


I watched both days way over 3 hours live but only got 3 out of 4 sprays.
The Watchparty: Gibraltar spray didn’t drop for me even though I did everything correctly and got the other sprays ingame now.
This has to be some kind of bug or something, I don’t know. But I wanted this spray the most and now it’s the only one I didn’t get altough I should have :confused:


I keep hearing that reruns count, but I don’t know for sure.

Being a completionist this is a punch in the gut…


To anyone trying to still get today’s sprays, it sounds like Re-runs count:


The spray was delayed. Drops don’t seem to be enabled for reruns.


I definitely didn’t mean to spread any misinformation. I just got my second spray a few minutes ago and I am quite certain I didn’t get 3 hours in of the games themselves, I am pretty sure I tuned in 1 hour after it started because I didn’t realize custom sprays were being given out.

I definitely hope I am not spreading misinformation, taht was not my intent.


Welcome to my world.


I am sorry, am I in trouble?


No. Far from it. I am working hard to piece information together for everyone, and it is not easy. I am very appreciative of any information anyone can have. Unless I get official word from Blizzard, I can only go buy what information you guys have provided. As you can see I have had to edit my Twitch guide over 25 times since the start of stage 2.


I am not sure, of course, but since I tuned in 1 hour late and still got my second spray in reruns, I think I might be accurate. I just don’t think it was possible for me to watch 3 hours of live because, well, I didn’t watch live for that long.

I don’t remember the exact numbers but the game ended fairly shortly after my first spray, and there wasn’t a possibility of it being three hours. That said, sometimes there are delays in drop-granting so I might be missing something.

So yeah, would be nice to get Bliz’s official word.


I just want to say, it’s a bit off putting having to watch the reruns to get all the sprays, especially as a Fusion fan.:slightly_frowning_face:


Watched 3 hours of live and 3 hours of rerun and got just two sprays ;_; will they be sent later or something ?


If the notifications have appeared on Twitch,
Go into the hero gallery and check for the sprays. please note there’s a minor bug with these for new sprays where they are alphabetically sorted into each individual Heroes specific sprays, instead of being sorted into the sprays that are available for all heroes. Also remember that the new mark will not appear for any twitch drops.


Has anyone not earned any drops at all? I checked my Twitch/ connection prior to playoffs/grand finals happening and looked good on that end. I kept the stream running for the grand finals the entire time (live, not re-run) and it seems that I’ve earned neither the sprays or any league points…


Many players did receive all four sprays and OWL token drops throughout the entire weekend, including myself. It is frustrating to know that some players did not get the rewards and I will continue to look into finding any possible answers for those who may have been left out.


i bought the all access pass but didnt receive the in game rewards?


Twitch support hasn’t answered regarding my All-Access ingame items, but atleast Blizz support has answered (and it only took 'em about 2ish hours to get back, which I’ll give 'em props for). Anyway, here’s the answer:

“Looking over the account I sadly do not see the licences for the purchase you made. From here I recommend unlinking and relinking the Bnet account to Twitch. If that doesn’t fix the issue contact Twitch to make sure the order went through correctly, if it did then wait 72 hours for the purchase to fully complete before trying to claim your items.”

So, I’ve delinked and relinked everything for the fourth time, and all the other features on my All-Access pass works as intended, and token/spray drops works. I’ve checked my bank account once again to see if the transaction went through fine, and yes, my e-wallet is still 37$ thinner.
The “Claim all” button under the loot tab is still greyed out.

I got one week of vacation this year, which is now, so I kinda hope this sht will get fixed before I’m back to working 14hrs days and sleeping in a caravan, far away from home. Get your sht together, Twitch :frowning:
(and yeah yeah, first world problems, I know, I know… It’s just annoying, and I can’t let-go of it and actually relax, cuz I’m a worthless effing manchild)

Jeph & the crew, I promise I’ll buy another bogus and faulty gamepass if you throw in a deadzone slider and give me the option to reduce the deadzone. Everything will be forgiven then :wink: