GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


so purchased all access pass dint received those rewards neither the 4 skins that we get for cheering redeem button isnt working. no response from twitch looks like 40 bucks down the drain :frowning:


Hey everyone, just as a minor update in case anyone comes wandering here. The Lucio Dance Party emote was mistakenly listed on the game client for being up for purchase using Overwatch League Tokens. However when players attempted to purchase the transaction would not complete. It was not intended to sell the Lucio Dance Party emote outside of those who purchased the Overwatch League Twitch All-Access Pass.

If you made an OWL token purchase on the Blizzard online store, and you’re not able to use it, Blizzard Customer Service might be able to refund you the recent OWL token purchase (click here).

Any OWL tokens earned through watching OWL cannot be refunded. Any skins redeemed with OWL tokens cannot be refunded.

On a side note, the Lucio Dance Party emote (and all other All-Access pass items) can still be obtained if you purchase the Overwatch League All-Access Pass which is still available to buy on Twitch.


Greetings everyone, first update in a little while right? Well the information about the new D.Va Nano Cola Challenge is now up to date on the starting topic. Additional FAQs about time based rewards are also added.


Another new update this afternoon everyone!

It appears the Overwatch League streaming team has successfully issued tokens to anyone who watched the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend. I myself received several tokens (not exactly sure how many) just now (Tuesday 8/28). So check your Twitch Notifications or the Overwatch League menu in the game client to see if you received tokens.

Also here is what the drop notification looks like for the D.Va twitch streams:

Twitch Notification

Note the above notification will be the only notification that pops for this event, I have already received the first three reward packs from Seagull’s stream with one more to go but no additional twitch notifications.



Please help.
I followed all steps to get drops and I never do. I never got tokens during those events, I never got the pink Mercy skins watching those streams and now after watching seagul for 4 hrs I never got any DVA items either.

I have my BN account linked to twitch (the icon clearly states “disconnect” so it must be linked.

I watch on the twitch app on windows 10. Latest version of twitch app. Win10 home version.

I leave the stream up and I come and go while doing other things like doing some work nearby.

What do I need to do. As stated above I have never been able to get any drops ever


Try watching only on your web browser. See if that helps.


so we can no longer acquire the all-star skin, and then the tokens come? gr8 b8 m8 ir8 8/8


I tried that also. No affect


can I have times in BST please. Thanks!


Are you asking about the D.Va Twitch Streamer schedule, simply copy the PDT time of the desired streamer and head here to convert the time for your time zone:


Okay try unlinking your Twitch account from your Blizzard Account and then relink it.


I’ve linked my Twitch to my Blizz acc. However nothing shows as connected on my Twitch page but it shows in my Blizz acc?
I get the email to say its linked… but the popup on twitch just goes blank with the URL ending callback error.
Have I done something wrong or?


Clear your web browser cookies.


I have a problem regarding the D.Va sprays rewarded from watching the eligible streamers.
I did, properly, and I was credited, in game, the sprays for the 2 hour tier, the 6 hour tier, and the 8 hour one… But it didn’t give me the sprays for the 4 hour tier! How is that possible?! I can’t do anything about that - I tried watching more stream, for 4 days now, but it doesn’t change anything. What can I do? :confused:


In your case please start a web ticket to Blizzard:

(Tom Powers) #218


Many thanks, I did now and hope for a solution!

How can reply on forum

Time for a bit of Necrobump… but Twitch drops are back everyone!

Free Week - Ashe Sprays Drops

During the Free Trial, all players (both free users and regular users) will have the opportunity to unlock in-game rewards for a limited time! Players with linked Blizzard and Twitch accounts can watch two hours of Overwatch streams starting November 20 through November 26 to earn three Ashe-themed sprays.

Ashe Sprays

Unlike past promotions, any Overwatch streamer who have their Twitch account linked to a BattleNet account appears to be eligible to distribute drops. To ensure you are watching a valid channel, make sure the channel page has the following message displayed below their channel title:

Channel Drops Enabled

The following notification will appear when you have watched 2 hours of an eligible Overwatch stream:

Ashe Spray Drops Notification

Remember! The sprays will appear without any prompt or the “NEW!” icon displaying in the Hero Gallery in game, so be sure to visually check in the promotional sprays where other sprays that have the Blizzard Bonus Icon icon.

Ashe Spray Drops Notification

(…and thanks to Tom Powers for pinning this thread again for the week!)

Not getting any drops on twitch
(Tom Powers) #221


Any idea why I don’t have the sprays even though Twitch says I got 3 spray from watching Fran ?