Got kicked out of the game

mid competitive, got kicked out due to something about ‘‘connection’’, and instantly got leaver penalty. whole thing happened (playing game like normal, kicked, got penalty) in like span of 5 seconds. no chance to reconnect or do anything about it except witness it unfold in front of me.
got ‘‘game found joining game’’ or something stuck to top of my screen until the match ended, and even tho i couldnt reconnect to the game (no option and got penalty already) i could see endgame chat where they discuss how unfair/sad is it that i ‘‘left’’ as if i chose to. and we were kinda struggling but we just got some picks moment i got kicked so it doesnt even look like ragequit cuz bad fight or anything.
also it was weird how do i see their chat when i cant join.
i can understand arguments that would go like ‘‘your internet just sucks’’ but in past 4 years of gaming, i dont remember last time i got kicked from ow game. especially not recently. plus my partner works IT job from home we have good enough internet.

i am not even that hurt about losing sr but it just sucks to happen unfairly like this.
anyone experiencing same issues and anything we can do about this?
why is it instant leaver penalty with no chance to reconnect anyway?
i got some screenshots but im sure nobody wants to see, but in case, i can show.

P.s. match code is M6ZT25.

Hey there,

The penalty system has been discussed multiple times over the years and as it stands, leaving the game for any reason regardless of how it happens, will result in leaver penalties, suspensions, and SR/Endorsement losses.

If you wish to continue that discussion, then the general forums would be the best place for it.

Now if this issue was a one off, then yes it can happen sometimes, it should be rare and the system does account for that which is why you are never season banned nor do you immediately see xp penalties for a single or rare disconnecting/leaving of a match.

Now if you are experiencing this issue frequently or consistently then that is something this forum can attempt to assist with via localized troubleshooting as the issue is then something likely local to your system, client or network. If that is the case, reply back and read over this post first to ensure you include the needed data to allow the community to assist you further.

i think no chance of reconnecting is quite unfair either way. its not issue of me being kicked, but not being able to come back/rejoin the game/help my team. but thanks for the reply.

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