Good luck supports

Tracer now has her ow1 damage.
You’re all screwed.
Idk who thought this would be a good idea.


Welp, I guess got to learn how to position where she can’t get me. Why did they do that why do they hate supports, I just don’t get it

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Yeah, back to tracer main here. Hanging up the Sojourn rail gun.

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Great, so what’s the meta?

Still Lucio/Kiriko rush, except Doomfist and Roadhog? Maybe someone replaces Sojourn at least.



Another post telling this without reading the patch notes… they said the reverted the falloff bug. I’m not saying it’s a net nerf or buff, but it’s definitely different. And from the writing, the bug could have been around in OW1 as well.

So, higher damage on close range for sure, but probably the same, or even less, at mid range.

There’s no way they fully reverted her damage without any compensation nerfs :skull:


Most likely gonna be tracer driven at higher ranks, I don’t think people realise how unstoppable she will be in ow2 with less cc and ow1 damage.
She’s about to overtake sojourn in terms of brokenness.


I will take Tracer every day over getting one shot

In gm you’ll be clipped so fast it will feel like a one shot.


So now we need brig buffs (real one’s this time).

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Wait I didn’t know it was a full revert to her OW1 damage?!?! :tired_face:

Oh for …

I’m so done :rofl:


Nah, spacing is better in higher ranks, getting one clipped is definitely possible but that at least requires more effort and risk than Sojourn pressing M2

You mean you can actually get into the game rn?

Anybody know the falloff for the damage? 20% buff within 20m is gonna feel pretty good.

Well they fixed the damage falloff bug… This patch is so stupid

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Honestly, I’m not surprised.

The “changes” we waited for were 5 ammo for Mercy, and 1 second cooldown reduction for Ana.

And they really thought this was it. This would save the support category and make it not feel stale and cruddy.

I’ve accepted that they don’t know what they’re doing, and that their confidence in communicating that changes are coming are founded on blind, misguided confidence on their part.

They don’t know what they’re doing. They’ll never figure it out.



Kiriko will be replaced before Soj as she was nerfed much harder. Soj nerf was met with more than enough compensation to make it moot. Tack a Mercy on to Soj’s 195 railgun and you’re back to one shotting. The same damage break point that was considered too much for Ashe to have is now on Soj who was already hard meta. Nothing really changed with Soj.

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Once, I may have called this post overdramatic, but nope…

Support queues are already 3X shorter right now and they’re adding a new tank and buffing two existing tanks.

This NEEDED to be a patch where they threw support players some kind of bone, but here we are.

At the very least, they need to increase the reward for flex queueing…


There’s the issue. Lucio and Kiriko are just really good. I don’t they’re gonna get replaced.

Flex queue is just support queue 2.0. Lol.

Like, they really don’t want people to enjoy playing support. If they wanted to fix this mess, they’ve absolutely and laughably missed the mark.

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