Good job you pushed another boring shield meta

Chipsa said it right, Overwatch became GOATs (in terms of gameplay, not in terms of comp) and it is likely here to stay. Thank you for making your game incredibly boring, particularly for those who enjoy playing DPS.

Not too long ago, people realized with GOATs was the ‘best’ way to play this game, in the sense that playing the objective and pushing people off from point with tanks beats getting kills (which is what dive, or heroes like Widow are about).

Tanks in this game have too much stalling potential and too many escape abilities, and if you happen to use them all, just wait behind a corner until you have cooldowns again. DPS and supports are so incredibly easy for tanks to kill and that’s because tanks have too many damage mitigating abilities (look at a hero like Orisa, she has the best CC in the game, the best shield in the game and a very strong damage mitigation ability).

If you want your game to be a MOBA so be it, only know that a lot of DPS players, including me will eventually leave when DPS is a role you can only get carried on and not have an impact (due to the abundance of shields, damage mitigation abilities and “out of jail freecards” such as Baptiste lamp).


dude just flank


hook, new dude rock, sleepdart, antinade, boop, Orisa pull, flashbang, storm arrow, need I go on about anti-flanking abilities.

“just dodge them lol” if you are not skilled enough to dodge 20+ anti-flanker abilities AND manage to have enough cooldowns to actually do damage, you are a noob-tier Tracer/Genji/Doom/Phara, am I right?

Also, the funny thing is that NOBODY enjoys playing shield tanks, just watch after the hype over the new dude will fade, you will see people wanting to go Hog or Zarya or Wrecking Ball.

There’s a reason why an expression such as “Orisa jail” got even coined to begin with, playing tank could be incredibly fun if the meta was something like Wrecking Ball + Dva but no, you, Blizzard in all your wisdom decided to making meta heroes that NOBODY enjoys playing such as Orisa (aside from 2-3 Orisa 1 tricks out there).


bait these out/avoid them/counterplay the counter play

imo, tracer is best for flanking because of her own ‘get out of jail for feee’ otherwise practice you’re own positioning or just go shield break like bastion, junk or pharah. there’s already enough damage in this game when it’s combined.

just focus shield.


I know right, how dares something be able to absorb and keep the enemy safe ! That’s just blasphemy ! /s




bro Tracer currently is one of the weakest DPS. Any game you win on her, means that your team is better and you might as well have won on a McCree or Hanzo. But any game you are losing due to, say, supports doing to much, I promise you that at high level Tracer won’t do anything vs them.

I’m not against shields, but let’s say you queue as tank. You will see both tanks wanting to pick something like Ball. So why are people FORCED onto Orisa if they want to win? Your words might be nice when you are playing support, but I bet you’re one of those who never plays shield tank themselves.

Even if you do, in my book a hero like Reinhardt is balanced, he is a shield tank but requires a lot of decision making. Orisa currently is just very overtuned and ruins the fun and the creativity in the game. Having 2 shields (the current meta is Orisa + Sigma) + eventual Symmetra ulti is just too much and makes playing DPS a total joke.

On top of that, currently there is already some toxicity among DPS and support players (particularly I noticed this at lower ranks) when people ask for a shield tank or they proceed to throw the game or become very toxic because they think having a shield is the only way to win (at low rank it’s not, but at high rank it is).


I see you are not a tank player, you probably just pick a widow to try and get picks but shields block your easy shots.

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Because Reinhardt is currently not the meta character, because he synergizes little with the other meta heroes. Hence Orisa is the only viable shield tank for now till Sigma has his place decided in the meta.

No. Just… no. The reason why Orisa is picked over Rein now is because bunker is currently the meta, Deathball, which is very much not meta right now, Reinhardt is the tank to pick, as he relies heavily on Lucio to give him a speed boost etc.


‘only know that a lot of DPS players, including me will eventually leave’

Don’t bother waiting. If you’re not having fun playing this game now then it’s unlikely you ever will.


Flank team who already jumps on your head?

TBF I’m often forced to play Orisa and she is boring to play and boring to play against IMO.


I think the salient issue as pertaining to the complaint was that the claim was 2-2-2 preventing another “boring meta”. It seems that it has enabled it.

Well depends on rank you play in.

If you dont know how to play her and you just spam the shield then it might be boring

I get what he’s saying but imagine where would we be without shields??? Sniperwatch ( i mean it pretty much almost is that currently)

Oh okay, I didn’t realise she had secret abilities to make her fun.


She has many tricks.

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I feel shields need a universal Brigitte treatment.


When Orisa is allowed to press W everybody has fun. Except the enemy team I guess since they are usually dying when you do that.

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there is nothing fancy about the hero, it plays in a fairly straightforward way. Also you might be one of the few people who enjoy Orisa, but know you are 1 of the few.

Regardless, a lot of people don’t understand what I’m saying. This is not just me, it’s many pros and GMs who share this opinion. If you think otherwise, try to play only DPS for a week and you’ll see how much teamplay and enjoyment you get. A lot of people think it’s about “just click heads lol”, it’s really not, it’s about having a balanced experience.