Good job you pushed another boring shield meta

One shots

Balanced experience


do what i did, download quake champions. i play both OW and quake :slight_smile:

Seems like someone realized they’re much less effective on DPS than they thought when separate SRs rolled out.

so funny how forums are full of these toxic people who imply I’m a “trash DPS main” when there’s literally top 500 players saying what I’m saying that the game is a slog. On top of that, most DPS choices (McCree, Genji) are much more demanding mechanically than a hero like Orisa, there’s 0 reason why they should be weaker than the latter.


OP is complaining about how tanks and shields are so op so just flank them and what is better than a good tracer flank

I’m also not a fan of shooting shields for decades either. But due to how many of the overwatch maps are designed in an extremely linear manner, shields as of now are a necessary evil.

That being said, in order to balance things out with the incredible amount of shields right now, they either need to create more flank routes in their maps, not making them so linear. (2cp especially) and/or give some heros the capability of doing more damage to shields.

They should give tanks more health PERIOD. So they can decrease the barriers health. Tanks should tank damage with their body also not only hiding “scared” behind a barrier and just die in a nano second when it breaks.
Tanks should be the ones that are alive and contest the point even after all the squishy heroes are dead and not LUCIO-OH the trickster


Wait Orisa has the best CC in the game?

Ok so instead of wanting goats to return because you have an issue with shields, why not simply ask for shields to get nerfed so they can be brought down much faster and increase the pace of the game?

They should make everyone deal maybe 5 to 10 percent damage to shields if it’s really an issue.

you know that there is a middle ground right? Between DPS solo carrying and shooting shield whole game? Tanks close quarters are already much stronger than DPS so I hardly believe “DPS gods want to bully tanks”.

Your tone is also uncalled for. Nobody calls support players “toxic d bags”, or tank players “people who can’t aim”, so you shouldn’t make stereotypes of DPS players either.

Remember dive? Was any hero useless in it? Yes, DPS had more carry potential, but ALL roles could do something very impactful for the game. Right now, unless you literally hit 3x headshot on Sigma in that brief moment where you both realize his shield broke, he will just go behind a corner and wait for his cooldowns to regenerate. And can a DPS push that type of play? Maybe Doom or Hanzo yes, but certainly not anyone else.

Analogously for Orisa.

If you think DPS is balanced and fun to play, I suggest you queue ONLY DPS for 1 week. You will see that besides the enemy having a barrier fest, you will encounter bad healing, inadequate healer comps for your DPS pick and bad tanking. Most often, you will resort to playing Doom, Hanzo, Mei and Sombra because all other DPS choices are basically a throw pick at high level and god forbid your 2nd DPS player locks something unimpactful like Tracer or Genji without an Ana or Symmetra on a bad map.


nah i love orisa and sig (sig more bc active playstyle)! heck back in dive win was a shieldish tank

I’m actually fearing a possible cardboard box meta. Heavy wooden boxes? No problem. Punch it.
Paper box? Takes 100 rockets without a scratch.
Next hero, Cardboarda.

I would attribute this sustain-and-push due to the amount of healing and how it makes it much more difficult to actually kill things, as well as tanks and supports that can do other roles’ jobs (i.e. Roadhog being a DPS-centric hero while also having 600 HP, Zenyatta being more heavy on DPS than some DPS heroes, etc.).

Did you mean “was any role useless in it?”

Because there were certainly heroes that were useless in it. 80% of the roster, actually…


you are right, healing is also slightly too strong however not a super big deal. The big deal is that OW is currently played in a GOATS-like fashion, i.e: push lots of hard-to-kill HP on the point (Orisa, Hog, Sigma) and bully the enemy team off from it. Unless they mirror your comp, typically the choice for them is either die on point (due to tanks being too strong at bullying off from point in combination with supports), or concede the point. Getting kills in this game isn’t necessary to win, and that’s the real problem.

Edit: about dive: yes, my bad, this is what I meant.

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no because it’s true and a lot of people know it, DPS Mains cry like children the minute they are not getting guaranteed value for aiming and shooting at another class, which is FPS balance, but the literal second you give that same utility to a Tank/Support, nonstop forum posts/youtube videos are about “X is support/tank, therefore X shouldn’t be beating me” which is MOBA balance. The hypocrisy is astounding. It’s why everyone takes time out of their day to defocate on DPS Mains.

I’ve been playing since release, this game has relied on DPS carries for years ( in fact the entire Boosting economy I see, relies on DPS). Additionally GOATS and Moth were the one metas where you couldn’t DPS carry.

Once again, stop acting like ya’ll care about balance, since you want DPS to basically W+m1 and win the game against Tanks and Supports then just say so and stop wasting everyone’s time.


lmao this game doesn’t revolve around DPS for a long time. It’s literally carry with tanks, especially without a good Orisa/Rein/Sigma and an Orisa on enemy team, you can do NOTHING on DPS.

And yes, aim should be rewarded lol. What’s the point of playing DPS otherwise. Tanks at super close range are already stronger than DPS (if you don’t believe this, think about how a duel Rein vs McCree would go at point blank range, Rein wins every time).

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This is actually a lie mccree/76 were GARBAGE during dive and braindead Tracer was the go to dps with extremely high pickrate in the OWL at the time. The only other acceptable dps pick waz widow with honorable mentions to genji. OW is not a traditional FPS you people need to get this already it will never be one either. Blizz plz keep bringing in more shields DPS community can cry all they i enjoy their salty tears.


That’s an accurate statement…at least in Bronze/Silver…shield tanking is thankless! No one stands behind it…and when you move forward w/ it, you turn around and no one is there. You’ll get flanked, turn around, and no one is there. It’s horrible at times. I use Orisa b/c she’s got the ability to burn through shields, but Rein is torture most of the time.