Going by the Numbers


Now bare in mind the previous update a month ago reduced her overall healing 20% which in turn made it take 20% longer on average to gain your ult. So the ult cost being reduced realistically just puts it back to what it was a month ago, so NOT a buff. As for the healing being put back from 50hps to 60hps during valk, we already know what that feels like and in fact it is the undisputed most hated thing about 2.0 in its current form. You still can’t keep anyone alive from focus fire which was the complaint when it was previously 60hps, so how could it possibly be OK now? Now I’m no Mercy expert, I’m just looking at the numbers. Wouldn’t this just be an effortless revert on an over-nerfed hero that will still be weak after the fact? -1 + 1 is still just 0 guys.


Hog used to have 33% more damage, now his shots are more consistent… Its a nerf!!11!1!! Not a buff!!11!! Because it wasnt how it was 7 years ago! Wake up people


When you’re ready to have a conversation, not childish incoherent babbling, feel free to come back. Till then just hold this flag.



Yes it is just a subtle partial revert


Its true though. Just because its not how it was before, doesnt mean its a nerf.
Its better than it was. Thats a buff.


Ana used to be OP so when she returned to meta it wasnt a buff boys pack up
Reaper was good in season 2 so this buff is meaningless pack up boys :confused:
roadhog does less damage but is more consistent now so not a buff cya boys :frowning:


Prior to that, it was at what we have on the PTR. So no, not a buff.


Seriously people continue to say “oh you should be happy your heroes getting buffed in the first place” when first thing first it is far from any kind of “buff” its almost close to a revert but in “valk” blizzard continues to try and make valk a ultimate but no one is satisfied with it and to quote EveeA on it " these changes are stupid and are pointless"


Thats how balancing works. You nerf some things, then you buff others.


Ana was still being played, but the buff solidified her as a must pick. Constant nerfing of mercy due to her being too strong is what thrust her back into the spotlight.

Reaper is catching up to the over abundance of armor CC and stuns that kept him from doing his job.

Roadhog has always suffered from inconsistency in his shots, it was just less noticeable before his damage nerf.

At least make sure you have your facts straight before you try to make a “smart” comment.


We were literally playing with this Mercy barely a month ago. We KNOW what this plays like and it was agreed it wasn’t very strong of an ult.


Unlike other heroes getting Mercys ult requires nothing but clicking one button. Why should it be game changing when its so easy to get?


just give up on this game, come to paladins and become a seris main.


We all new that Blizzard was going to take this unnecessary step though. They “restored” Valk but they’re going to have to do better and I hope they know that a buff or big change there is due.


Are you serious? THAT’S your argument now? every hero has that function. Wow lol we’re done here…


Truth hurts, I suppose


More like you’ll say anything to look like you’re right…even something THAT idiotic.


Mercys kit is literally “Click one button”
You dont gain much ult charge with her pistol, you dont gain ult charge by rezzing. You can ult charge by healing, which is clicking one button.
With other heroes you have multiple abilities. You dont click one button, and then done.

Not saying her ult should be garbo, but theres no reason her ult should make every single fight a winnable one when she is so easy to play. Mercys ult is useful, the the damage boost is insane when you use it right. Its just not amazing.


As far as I’m aware, every hero in the game is entirely capable of gaining their ultimate solely by holding down primary fire.

Is it effective for most? Not particularly, but it isn’t for Mercy either and if you think it is…Well, you’re either Bronze (no offense intended), or have never played her before.


Im a high master/gm player with hundreds of hours on Mercy. I have an account where I exclusively play Mercy.

She is very easy to play, very easy to pick up. Her skill floor is the lowest of all heroes and her ceiling is maybe mid range at most. She doesnt deserve to be as good as the other main healers who take a lot more skill. Her ult doesnt deserve to be game changing when its so simple to get.