*goes one dev update without mentioning mercy*

There have been I think 9-11 mercy megathreads (I lost count) 3 of which regulated by mods which made those 3 into trashcans


Thanks… :sweat_smile:

I’ll need it if i attempt such a thing… Basically, i would make single threads about Each hero, attempting to address them as a third party, Non subjectively… and talk with the mains of said hero, and those who play against them… to reach a conclusion on that hero’s Overall balance and needs…

THEN I would weave them into one MASSIVE Thread… linking and addressing each thread, and all heroes.

That, and maybe looking at the history of OW At the same time.


Bastion was buffed and became awful for the game. He has a niche and it can be ridiculous at times on payload maps.

Reaper, is definitely not “Trash”, but he could use some QoL update such as Shadowstep and maybe some shotgun changes.

Hog, is pretty bad. Probably the worst of the list. Just don’t buff his hook and all is fine by me.

Reaper is definitely trash i fixed it for you

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Bastion was buffed in the wrong ways, and then nerfed directly after… seeing no compensation whatsoever.

And seriously… with the upcoming TORB Changes, he’ll be less than unplayable… along with the tanks he’d need to have Near perfect Synergy with, in order to function at all.

He’s a lot less than fine…


Maybe because we aren’t a cult? We need a pope like figure like the Mercy Mains have(Aria Rose)


Oh not with this bull again… :woman_facepalming:


I mean I’m no better than the Mercy mains, I’m a Otaku NEET with a Eli Ayase figurine/statue collection as well as an Eli Ayase body pillow, that right there is true degeneracy and dedication to your waifu.


Do we really want Bastion back into the meta though? All this talk of skilless heroes taking over the game and being highly rewarding… I mean, Bastion kinda fits in that (well he did anyway at the time). He’s not an overly exciting hero whether ally or foe. He’s stationary and fires a hailstorm of bullets.

What would you have changed for him back in like…Season 3 was it? I don’t remember.


Alright, you may go…

But as for the rest of the people still throwing around the “Cult” thing…

Is it not more of a cult behavior to rally Against something, than to stand for it?


And… how many dev updates/discussions with + replies to the community do we get monthly, again? The dev updates, whilst not really plentiful, are scheduled so that makes sense.

But aside from the few sentences here and there outside of dev updates… what do we get?

(In general, not just Mercy related. Don’t count Chu, he isn’t a dev. Or Mr. Powers.)

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My friend who mains Reaper would laugh at this conversation right now, because veteran Reaper mains still can destroy in matches. He has some flaws… he’s not as useless as people say.

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There are a lot of Mercy mains that make well worded posts here and that I agree with but some do have a cult like behavior that reminds me of my dedication to Elichika.


Cool bud i dont see him in this conversation tho

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Real talk. Mercy has been in the focus of the devs for sooooo much time. I don’t know what these people are smoking saying they don’t address her…


We never stated we want Bastion “Meta” In fact, we don’t want anyone to be the Most Effective Tactic Available as it alienates other heroes all together, and forces specific picks.

We want Bastion to be rewarding, and fun/hard to play… Oh, and actually Functional.

As of right now, he is out classed by MANY Heroes.
Soldier 76 can out dps a sentry Bastion, in a 1v1, at around 20 meters.

Oh, and the removal of Headshots literally dropped his skill ceiling, we want that back.

We all also agree on the removal of 100 ammo, Fitting with his original balance.


??? What…? :confused: You brought him up…
(EDITED for clarity)

Lucifer said reaper isint trash… And then i said he is trash… Because well he is what are you even talking about m8

Oh, and to address this.

The only changes we wanted, were a slight spread decrease on Recon mode.

And we got it.

We wanted to be able to heal while Moving And for taking damage at all to not stop the process Completely As it did before.

We got that.

Then they GUTTED Sentry.
For seemingly Zero reason, mind you.
Calling it “Compensation” for the buffs he had received…

I’m still waiting for the “Compensation nerfs” For hanzo… tbh.

Oof mb, didn’t read far enough. Pages kept skipping so I gave up :sweat_smile: