*goes one dev update without mentioning mercy*


Meanwhile there are other heroes like Bastion, Reaper and Hog whom are trash and some of the worst heroes in the game but haven’t been touched in months


If bastion/reaper/hog mains echo chambered they might get what they want, but alas they seem to stick to one post apiece.


It’s spam or be spammed baby.


They literally just touched Hog. Bastion and Reaper, yeah, pretty much ignored outside of universal changes. Mercy is being ignored though… Which is why they did not address her. Funny how that works in the world of reality.


Yep, they nerfed him. The worst tank in the game and they decided he needed a nerf.

(And no, the primary fire fall off Buff did nothing. There is literally no reason to use primary fire if they’re more than 5 meters away from you)


I know right? I want Mercy to be viable, but these people are being obnoxious, and i feel bad for the other Mercy Mains out there


I do not necessarily disagree, but at this point, I would like a Reaper nerf just to see if the developers remember he even exists, to be real with you. I can only speak for myself. If you ask me, the binary shotgun change DID nerf him. But it was a universal change, so I am not sure if they had the gall to do it themselves.

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I personally think mercy is fine as an ana main i notice she happens to be good on alot of the same maps ana is bad in so she is useful to me.


As a representative of the Bastion mains, i am here simply as witness…

And to address the fact that most heroes are being “Ignored” No matter the amount, due to a disconnect between developers and players.

Some maybe more than others… But that is no excuse for poor balancing, and delayed fixes.

The players, no matter who they main… are not to blame for the inaction on the part of the developers of this game.

We didn’t ask for our heroes to be changed in the ways they were, and now… We simply ask for fixes to the problems that were caused directly by said uncalled for changes.


The problem is, when you say you gonna sum up the hot community topics, you dont ignore a topic which is being discussed every single minute, and address some other “hot topic” which people maybe mention 2 times a day. This is why its infuriating when everything is on fire and we get 1 forum reply since weeks and its about some stupid crap like x hero likes this color or not.

The harsh reality is,until Blizzard acknowledge and fix Mercy, (best possible solution is still a revert with some tweaks), the riot wont stop and this hot topic is gonna suppress all other issues. Hey, thinking about it maybe that is Blizzards intention.

Top of all, you can focus on other heroes, its fine,really. But at least acknowledging the problem and promise that Mercy is being looked at once again but dont have any info to share atm would not take more than 5 second.


Whenever i see mercy mains complaining i just think about how bad reaper is and laugh


Mercy is fine though. No need for changes.


4th lowest winrate in the game lowest winrate in gm negative winrate in every rank but diamond where she’s .12% above 50% “mercy is fine”


The funniest part?

The biggest problem isn’t even that the heroes “don’t work stats wise”
(Which they don’t)

The problem is that the players HATE the current state of the heroes, and Nothing has been said to address this.


Well bastion has his own megathread and it’s awesome, I haven’t seen a mercy one that’s compiled a bunch of great ideas in one place yet but I pray they do that sooner rather than later so that we can get all the mercy stuff there. Possibly have a well thought out wall of text explaining the pros and cons of certain changes, offering alternatives to just “revert pls” but probably also explaining all of that there too.
Honestly, even if bastion hasn’t seen anything yet I think the huge thread detailing everything in a concise, kind, well thought out fashion is the way to go. I really would love to see all 4 of these heroes be in a better place, and I think they should all have a thread dedicated to good ideas and discourse.
edit: accidentally made the whole thing bold lmao

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what are the most discussed things on the forum?

There was a mercy megathread but because the mods put any and everything somewhat related to mercy in it it quickly became a trashcan


Chibi might need to work on something then…

Our megathread’s a bit messy… It may be time for a “cleaned up” Revised version…

Either that, or… If i’m crazy enough… a thread addressing Each and every hero.
Or… “Threads” all leading back to the same one in the end.

A carefully woven tapestry of balance and concise knowledge…

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Thanks for that, I had no idea there had already been one
edit: I’m not being facetious, I re-read what I put and it sounds like I am, but I mean it genuinely lol I didn’t know

I look forward to this, good luck!

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