*goes one dev update without mentioning mercy*

Okay well where’s the Bastion, Roadhog and Reaper threads? Come one hunnies, jump on the train. The only reason the Mercy threads are all over the place is because Mercy is literally the most popular character in the game. If the roles were reversed and say Reaper was the most popular. There’d be non-stop threads about the non-stop Reaper threads flooding the forums. This is what the forums are for. They’re not a place where people can make whole threads telling people to shut up

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They touched hog but they didnt improve him

It makes a huge difference.

It just makes Mercy mains seem entitled. Their hero isn’t mentioned for one dev update? THEYRE BEING IGNORED.

But other heroes like Bastion reaper and hog are worse off yet, MERCY IS BEING IGNORED. Definitely not like they’re trying to focus on other heroes for a bit, like the torbjorn rework they have been teasing for months now.

Yeah, and? People have mentioned that too. We were given a trash rework, Mercy is now a shell of herself and holds the lowest winrate of all supports, yet they say the support changes were successful, blatantly ignoring Mercy’s state. I mean idgaf if people think I’m entitled, but they are blatantly ignoring Mercy’s problems as they have been since the rework launched. I’m not going to mention Bastion and Hog every time I mention Mercy lol.


Except the support changes were successful

Before 4/6 supports were viable. Ana and Lucio were not

Now 5/6 supports are viable. Mercy being not (I’d argue she is still viable and useful but then I’d get slammed with <50% winrate even though Briggites <56% WR “doesn’t mean anything”)

That’s objectively a success, it’s not perfect but definitely better than before.

Bastion megathread #1: 🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

Bastion megathread #2: 💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (400+ Likes, 14,000+ Responses)


The new cool thing for Mercy mains to do now apparently is going battle Mercy then coming to the forums trying to justify that battle Mercy is better than one that actually heals their team because 50 hps is “too weak”. I don’t know where most you Mercy mains are ranked but I 100% rather have a Mercy on my team than a Lucio/Ana/Moira most of the time in plat and diamond. One that plays properly at least and has any sense of awareness.

And more:


There’s always a support with the “lowest winrate”, ALWAYS. Ana even had 45% at one point, in which she was basically a garbage/throw pick against an enemy with a Mercy (almost half a year, the latter half went progressively better due to slower comps with Brig). She was basically non viable unless you play extremely aggressive looking for picks and flanks. And EVEN THAT she was only viable at the highest tiers of master-gm with around 48% W/R with the rest of the population being super garbage at 40-45% WR.

Yet being the “worst” support is somehow a huge problem for you now after one month? 49% isn’t even that bad. It’s still slightly below 50-50, which means you win once and you lose once.

Can. you. be. freaking. fair.


Mercy was balanced and given a rework that made her as more interactive and skill dependent hero? Oh no! How could they!?

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Mercy’s WR of 49% is far from being “non viable”, “garbage”, “unimpactful” or any other stuff they decide to call it. Ana and Lucio had WR’s of as low as 40-45%. They were basically throw picks against a team with a Mercy, and only in Master-GM they had a slightly better WR of 48%, which is STILL BELOW CURRENT MERCY.

Like isn’t being a must pick for a whole year not enough? I don’t care if it’s fun or not, playing your brains out with a Grandma with 45% WR wasn’t fun either when your enemy could just undo everything by holding M1 and E. And I WAS PLAYING Mercy too, for the simple fact that Ana was so garbage. I still do now, but she’s best picked at certain maps/comps that prefer pocket healing and/or maps with high grounds. She’s not a cookie cutter pick anymore, stop playing her like it.


This community… :man_facepalming: Honstly though just because other heroes rot doesn’t mean Mercy has too (Although I think she’s fine, but then again I haven’t played her) I don’t understand how people write long post about “Mass rez was bad” or “Mercy mains complain too much” when y’all could be typing out posts for those heroes that y’all claim has been trash tier for so long.

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Yeah I agree mercy is still good but I just don’t wanna be harassed by mercy mains claiming she is a throw pick and garbage

Is there peace in this thread? Does the Brigitte Spaghetti Movement have to step in?

Brigitte Spaghetti Movement?

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Brigitte Spaghetti movement has been deployed. Peace shall be achieved sir. (wheatly… are you a sir or madam? I’ve never asked lol)

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Yes because no one is tired of the constant mercy spam

That rework was SO SUCCESSFUL it took something around 10-12 nerfs (i’ve lost count) to make her seem balanced again to those constantly complaining


This is my new favorite topic. If this were reddit, you sir would receive my goldest of stars! (Well, the initial post and sentiment behind it. Can’t speak on behalf of the replies)

The end result of those nerfs is a balanced hero without mechanics that the developers didn’t want in their game.