Goat Brigitte skin

Is it now considered as legacy?

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I think so, yeah, most of OWL legendary skins are all legacy.

That means you can’t get it anymore?

Yes I think so (20).

It’s officially not listed as a Legacy skin yet according to the Hero Gallery filter, that being said, no Legendary skin that was available through the purchase of OWL tokens has ever returned for a new opportunity to get that skin. I do not anticipate this skin will be made available again.


The gray skins are making a return and they are not set as legacy so I it is safe to assume we may see any of the legendary skins making a return at some point.

Gray skins are not legendary skins. They’re more for viewer incentives for the Overwatch League if anything. Same as with the Contenders right now.

They are still OWL skins and are not legacy as well.
Does it really matter if they are legendary or not?

My guess is that they may put them for OWL tokens at some point for limited time.

Gray skins yes, but those are Epic ranked, and never have been listed as Legacy. However older Legendary OWL skins (2018 All-Stars, Flying Ace Winston, Zen-nakji, 2019 All-Stars) are all now officially listed as Legacy. GOAT, Thunder, and Alien are not yet, but I anticipate they will be eventually (they usually label past Legendary skins at the start of the new OWL season.)

In addition the 2018 versions of the San Francisco Shock, Los Angeles Valiant, and Florida Mayhem Epic Team Skins are now officially legacy.

On a side note, if you got money burning in your pocket and you are an avid skin collector, work to purchase more OWL team skins, it may not be a bad idea to purchase more of the currently available team skins you do not have in your collection. Given the fact three teams changed colors last year, I am anticipating something for more teams later down the road.

But I am talking about the skins that are not marked as legacy. There is a possibility to come back as long as they are not legacy.

It’s a shame really, they could have sold them as bundles during OW2’s release.
I guess Blizzard don’t need the money.

Yes and no. As mentioned, it often takes several months before a skin gets labeled as a legacy skin (even for non-Overwatch league skins).

And to throw a wrench into all of this, there is Demon Hunter Sombra (the 2018 BlizzCon skin) that got re-released as a earnable skin in last year’s Halloween Event and before its re-release, it got labeled as Legacy for a little while but was taken off the list. The reason behind that is that Blizzard had to make good on its promise from a certain blog post about BlizzCon 2018. That is the only case of a Legacy skin ever getting re-relased (or most promotional skins for that matter), but I consider that more of a fluke instance.

D.Va’s police skin?? and Genji’s Oni skin

Yeah forgot about D.Va Police and Genji Oni. Those are promo skins that were eventually added to the standard Lootbox distribution. There though as a case of making sure console players had the opportunity to get those skins (especially if they could not play Heroes of the Storm on PC).

However neither ever went on the Legacy list (that is because the Hero Gallery filter was not introduced by the time they were added to loot boxes).

Has Blizzard ever confirmed in writing that these All-Stars skins are limited time only?

All of the skins they advertise are specifically listed as “limited-time only” but never mention “one-time exclusivity” in any form or context. So technically, “never say never” but please don’t hold your breath… you do not want me to perform CPR…


Just wanted to see if they wrote themselves into a corner… cheers.

This is a matter of personal opinion, but they kinda did with the whole Demon Hunter Sombra fiasco… all of 2019 was an intense panic for skin collectors especially when Demon Hunter Sombra was given the Legacy label in April 2019… my thread alerting players before BlizzCon 2018 did not help matters (and I sort of regret writing it).

They’re making money on the first-round exclusivity and limited-time availability of certain skins. When they advertise and sell on that premise, you can’t just turn around and offer them again at a later date. That errodes trust that any skin is ever properly ‘exclusive’ and people will just pass knowing it’ll be around later.

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Exactly. And if we are to look at their other games whenever limited-time only is a phrase, used it often means that is your only chance to get it.