Gm Symmetra in Season 20 review

I’ve mained Symmetra since launch. And since her 2.0 days I’ve managed to mostly stay at gm with her. I was almost 4.4k with her when she was doing well for those 2 weeks before she got nerfed.

Afterall, If you’re good at Symmetra, you can climb as you would with any other hero you’ve mastered. But it’s when your at Gm that it’s a completely different story.

A lot of the dps heroes are very viable currently. But I feel Symmetra just isn’t one of them. As of season 20, I recommend you do not play this hero, if only for a few Tp strats on some 2Cp maps.

And this is the first time I feel like I’m legitimately super disadvantaged and have to try far harder to secure just one kill.

1. Her damage is too low. All forms of her dmg have been nerfed. Remember when Soldier fell out the meta over 1 dps nerf? Well Symmetra’s damage in total was nerfed by 45 dps… I’m not saying her damage is bad… But for how inconsistent and limiting her damage is, it’s no surprise the big damage numbers she’s undergone have really affected her.

2. Her turrets, hate them or not, they’re bad. There’s so much splash damage these days that they have very low uptime, and they’re damage isn’t even good anymore. I understand this part of her kit makes her unfun to go against, but something needs to happen here… Maybe they should just scrap them altogether for something good.

3. Survivability. Almost everything else would be okay, if Symmetra wasn’t a glass cannon… minus the cannon… She seriously dies to everything right now. And her main weapon requires her to get in there. Like I said her turrets are never even there anymore, so there not going to be there to protect her in the higher ranks. Symmetra is like a melee Zenyatta… If she get’s dove on it’s over most of the time.

Anyways, I don’t see Symmetra in any of my games I play at gm. And my winrate on her has never been worst. It’s so hard to win games with her right now. Like way worst then it was before before her buffs that made her meta for 2 weeks.

Anyways, I’m done playing Symmetra for now in ranked until she gets some buffs. She’s quite weak right now, and It’s clear I’m just going to lose most games with her.

Symmetra is more niche then before? Finally, this is my last thought as of late. If you go back to Symmetra’s 3.0 rework developer update, you can see their intentions were to make her far less niche. But in reality, I feel like she’s more niche then ever. Her niche is for like three 2Cp maps on point A attack. Only difference in her last rework was she was niche for the same maps but for defense…


I admit that all these claims are correct.

However, at this point, I do believe that Devs are very much aware of Sym’s current bad state, and that they overnerfed her in a panic.

I do, truly and honestly, believe that we will receive buffs soon…

The teleport has been really buggy lately.
The instant teleport bug on the PTR, and it recently started destroying itself again.
I believe this is because they are trying to do something with it or are testing something new. What else could make an instant teleport bug?

Its good that they are testing her teleport because its too static, a taxi ability no less. It needs better flow, lower cooldown, and to serve Symmetra more then her team. Its holding her back

I advise patience for now. We spammed up the forums for months already.


Well it’s good you have hope. And I’m excited for the frequent balance changes for sure.


The existence of turrets hold her back too much, imo. They’re too effective in low ranks, and too ineffective at high ranks. It basically means if you’re high rank, you’re not going to get much value from turrets. Might as well just scrap turrets entirely for a more versatile ability. I dunno what that would be, I’m not a Sym player, but removing turrets is probably the way to go.


If you removed her turrets, you would have to increase her beam damage to compensate, and also give her a secondary ability that slows and does damage, as that is what the turrets do.

In all honesty, the last nerf to the turrets was simply unneeded and is what has really screwed Symm over. The CC and extra damage they provided previously was what helped her secure kills and protect her teammates/the objective. Now that the slow is weak and the damage even moreso, they have a hard time fulfilling their primary function, particularly with only 30 hp.


I completely agree. I used to be in GM as Sym on my main. The past 2 seasons I’ve continued to play her despite the nerfs. This was a mistake. I’ve fallen to diamond so quickly that it shocked me.

I now have been playing her in lower ranks, trying as hard as I can. Even there she struggles to get value.

Her numbers are too low and inconsistent for the amount of effort she takes.

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They aren’t gonna remove the turrets. I just hope they make them valuable again. Maybe raising the cap that can be deployed and reducing dps


Its her fundamental design and fantasy as a builder control hero.
They worked just fine before the unneeded nerfs, and I really hope they get buffed soon.

4 turrets would be good, added range, lower cooldowns, lots of stuff can be done.
Because overcharging her primary is just begging for more nerfs…thats exactly what happened actually…

And her teleport certainly needs some love.

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It’s hilarious to think that turrets are supposed to be there to protect symmetra and the zone around her, but characters like doomfist can jump her, ohko combo her and jump out and the combined damage of her 3x turrets grilling him and orb to the face isn’t enough to kill him??? While he can freely do a suicide esque maneuver that if symmetra was any other character, would outright kill him?

What other character is currently so weak that you can unload 30 second worth of cooldowns and charged up primary onto someone within your turf and still lose the encounter even if the enemy made positional error? It’s like losing a duel if you have immortality field, you get a frikken resurrection or you recall twice as tracer and blink 10 times.


Yeah, well Doomfist is barely affected by turrets. His abilities have set distances, so he’s not even slowed by them. He looks at Symmetra with zero fear, as most characters do in this game.

I mean, what is she going to do to you?


Problem with turrets is also that they don’t actually slow down half the cast using abilities. But they still had to be nerfed according to the same video that brought out this issue.

Blizzard was quick to fix turret slow stacking and making some character slows cripplingly slow, but naturally as they despise symmetra, didn’t fix turrets not slowing half the abilities in this game.

If turrets actually worked properly, 3 turrets beaming onto doomfist might actually do something and he would be actually punished for being reckless.

30 seconds worth cooldowns should not be so worthless honestly. Sigma can just spam primary, zarya can spam secondary and poof, everything is just gone in an instant. No matter how well you placed them behind walls.


I still dont know why her TP doesnt end up in the killfeed when it gets destroyed. Why did they remove that?


It would’ve been nice to know who destroyed it


I’d be all for Sym changes if they removed the turrets. They’re somehow both annoying and useless at the same time.

I hope this is true

D.Va is honestly already annoying me

She is returning to 90% of all matches regardless of not being that good and eating everything lol

My bias against D.Va becoming meta aside, if Sym becomes viable again not even meta but just decent against D.Va and Sig who suck against beams, I can play someone who won’t have bullets sucked up by her anymore. And I actually kind of like Sym.

Tbh tho, if they wanted her viable, it’d only take 2 changes, and they know it :confused:

50 more shield

Shield regen interval is interrupted by teleporter

and if they wanted her more than decent they could do a lot of things

  • TP Revert
  • Turret nerf revert
  • Turrets have a better damage threshold
  • Cd for turrets lowered from 10 to 7-8 seconds
  • No more slow on turrets so they damage isn’t whined about
  • TP cleanses status ailments
  • TP Cooldown begins on placement and pauses at half the maximum cooldown until teleporter is destroyed
  • Primary weapon damage buff
  • No more of this ramp stuff. Make a requirement besides just holding down M1 to charge her beam like hitting orbs or charging her weapon or players teleported to gain energy. Idk Balancing her beam feels overly complicated atm with a damage ramp. It’s either good or negligible as we see with Zarya at max charge and Zarya/Moira
  • 50 more health
  • Better range on her beam so she can contest at longer ranges with her puny health. This gives her an advantage with her skinny hit box as it is not so skinny 5 meters away.
  • Longer Beam helps contest pharah _ cough Dps Zarya cough_
  • Thicker Beam
  • Secondary has a fatter exposion to make it more effective mid-fight
  • Fix her ult so it doesn’t end after ~10 seconds
  • Remove or lower the cast time on TP
  • Remove or lower the interval on TP to make it effective with combos cough D.Va Bomb from the middle of nowhere cough
  • Revert TP and back shield gen as a tertiary ability optional between TP so she can give allies shield upon cast
    More shield damaged instead of decayed to charge gun like a Zarya bubble / more defensive assists to charge gun / less shield given and more to charge her gun / I think you get the point

Most of these are random Ideas I’d throw on Sym because I don’t even know what she’s supposed to do or be considering she got floored in the only possible meta she’d fit in with her rework.

But if the devs really cared about her, they wouldn’t have left her this crippled for this long.

Bastion is a bit of a different story considering he…is a literal turret…Idk if I want a turret to be meta and thankfully the devs dont either

But the poor Sym treatment doesn’t make much sense

Why would the devs destroy their own creation and leave her in F-Tier for…her entire life-span and then floor her when she got out of it?

Being honest, if the dev team is a big team, most must despise Sym and those that like her can’t convince them to buff her. If any like her

I absolutely am more hopeful than ever to delete D.Va as Sym with our Zarya :eye:

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Make the beam thicker again please


I feel like they should have improved the ramp up speed to compensate for the dps nerf to make her feel more consistent. It just doesn’t feel right that I can get to high energy on Zarya more consistently than Sym.


Design - wise, no, Symmetra 3.0 is by far a much less situational hero than her significantly more badly - designed overall predecessor from pretty much all aspects that was Symmetra 2.0…

But, realistically and after so many times 3.0 has been blatantly and unreasonably overnerfed, I would be a fool if I didn’t claim that yes, current Symmetra is more situational than 2.0, but once again, claiming that’s because of 3.0’s fundamental design and not how statistically weak she has been for months now is beyond ridiculous to be honest…

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Changes I would make to Sym:

  • Turrets: no longer can be placed on locations. Instead, Symmetra gets 3 charges which cast a “light turret” onto a team mate. This gives the team mate 50 shields and a “turret” which fires over their shoulder.

Turret does its current damage and slow. It will target nearest enemy or enemy targeted by the “owner” (team mate the turret is attached to”.

Once the 50 shields are gone, the charge goes on cool down for Symmetra before she can recast it.

Limit one turret per team mate.

  • Teleporter: reduce cas time by .25s, increase range by 5m.

  • Ult: remove barrier. Give back Shield Generator. Except now it is also a shield regenerator. It will give a Symmetra and her team each 100 shields in the area of effect, but will also heal all shields at a rate if 25 shield health / second.

Give it the same large area of effect the old shield gen had.

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Considering the nature of her treatment through the years, I think it’s safe to say that this is where the devs want her to be. The most likely scenario, to me, is that she will remain untouched while awaiting another rework.