Glitching in and out of Retribution


When the battle comes to a part where it loads new enemies I am getting sent to the Main Overwatch screen, with a Game Search box at the top then get loaded back into the game. Sometimes I am dead already, sometimes teammates are dead, and sometimes we are all alive. It has caused me not to complete retribution once so far. Please fix your glitchy update

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Hey Scientific!
Can you try repairing your data for me and let me know if that resolves this issue?
You can find it under Options -> Scan and Repair -> Begin Scan.


I do not see that under Options


Cathy meant in client and not in the in-game options


I was able to find it and run it. It did not change any thing at all


I have the same issue. Happens in both uprising and retribution. I get disconnected various times throughout the event. I already tried to repair from the battle net client no change.


I can’t load into comp since this update it keeps me on the VS screen and doesn’t load me in. I have a 30min ban from this happening twice and lost 100 sr please fix.


I am having the same kind of issue. When I’m playing retribution I lag almost the entire game and will have multiple times where I get sent to the main menu with the game found at the top before going back into the game.


Having this exact issue on PS4. Also happened last year during the Uprising event which made the gamemode unplayable. Game kicks me out of the game and into the main menu for a short time, tends to happen about three times in one game and often ends up losing me the game. Would be great if this could get fixed, would love to play the gamemodes without ruining the experience for the other people on my team.


Found this on Reddit:

r eddit. com/r/Overwatch/comments/8bhehq/pve_disconnect_issue_solved_netgear_r6220_router/

Haven’t tried it yet but I will when I get home.


This happens to me also on Xbox. The Halloween event the same way. Has there been any solution? I love the events but can never play. It only happens to me and not my friends. Very frustrating joining back and all my teammates are dead or report me for leaving lol

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Thank you for that Reddit thread, SpritePR!

For those of you affected by this issue, can you tell me what router you’re using? Name and model number if possible. Also, are you experiencing the issue in story mode, all heroes mode, or both?


Tried the reddit suggestion and although it seemed to work at the beginning, about halfway through started having the same issue with lag and disconnect/reconnect. I do have a netgear router and the model is R6700


Im having the same issue and I have a Net Gear NightHawk R6700v2 router and im wireless issue is still there

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Thanks Kychow17!
Do you remember if you experienced the issue in story mode, all heroes mode, or both?

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Thanks xXCODHawkXx!
Do you remember if you experienced the issue in story mode, all heroes mode, or both?


I’ve had this same issue in both Retribution and Uprising both story and all heroes mode. My router model is a Netgear AC1200. Plz help meee it’s so annoying I can’t get achievements.


mine is not router issue. i can play comp and quickplay for hours on end and not have any problems. only in the 2 new modes do i come across it every match. i dont know whats going here, but its not on my end, or at least to my knowledge


I had the issue on both

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Thanks so much for all the information guys and gals! We’re trying to reproduce the issue on our end and really appreciate the cooperation. Can you also tell me if you were hardwired or wireless when you encountered the issue?