Giving Sym autolock is a good idea

Giving auto lock to anyone is a bad idea.

brig can still do very good against both of those. Winston moira says hi to genji and tell tracer well tracer doesnt exactly like sombra

I will agree that part of the problem is the break from “casual” to “esport” in OW history. That being said, there is no real reason why an autolock, if properly balanced, wouldn’t work given how short a range it had. The real issue with Syms old primary was not really the autolock, it was the damage ramp. As for the around corners question, heck even now, with latency etc people still effectively get shot around corners. BOB even can shoot through walls and floors under certain conditions. We need to move eSports forward, not leaving it standing still in one form if we must have eSports.

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Remove the ramp up altogether and give her a flat 140dps or something. It feels like the ramp up mechanic has been holding back all 3 versions of Sym.