Giving Sym autolock is a good idea

Ok fine, Change her beams from DPS to Healing and your problem is fixed.

Which helps me understand you took nothing away, but your ego in regards to what I said.

The scaffolding technique is less about babying and more about efficiency to climb at reaching an end goal. People place differently on things that might determine their grasp and understanding.

Symm’s auto lock wasn’t the same thing as Mercy’s, the player had to at least keep the tether on people and mildly keep tracking on them.

It might be hard, but I want you to imagine a player who has never really played an FPS game before. They want to first learn how to track the enemy. Symm 2.0 was great for that.

Now, if they were to move on… They’d then start to pick up Moira, who is a little more strict at tracking a target to hit, but still forgiving because it’s more like an aura of a hitbox she gets on enemies.

Now they get the hang of that, so they start with someone like Zarya, who they have to track on the hitbox to hit the target consistently… Then maybe they graduate to hit-scan characters with an autofire/bloom effect.

Now this process helps to getting to that end point of better being able to play characters like McCree, Ashe, Ana (scoped), Widowmaker, etc for a person who formerly had zero FPS experience.


Now that I explained what a Scaffolding Strategy is to you. the main point of it all is for me to say… That was my only problem with Sym losing her auto-lock was it provided that tool of progression for someone.

Considering how unlikely I figured it to be… I’m really not surprised that it’s gone. In my eyes, it had one use… which I just kind of said.

It wouldn’t have helped YOU, keep that in mind. YOU are not everyone, and in the same situation (Overwatch being the first real intro of an FPS game), just because you decided to go a difficult route to playing an FPS game that could have been avoided or done better, doesn’t mean others have to. Good job. I feel like that’s what you were ultimately fishing to read.

But a GM would have better positioning to use the weapon without dying, while the Bronze would feed more often while trying to use it - aka, there would be a difference in effectiveness. You can’t distill it down to one mechanic and expect that to represent actual gameplay while ignoring such important things as positioning and enemy reactions. You wouldn’t say Bronze and GM Genjis display the same level of movement.

That being said, I don’t think going back to her old beam is the answer - not because it was “easy value” that more often than not resulted in suicide (“value” ha), but because it sapped all the value from the rest of her kit because of its perceived power.

My filthy Sym main self who can barely aim, has to concour.

I dont think autolock is the way to go but a frontal cone with a hitbox similar to Winstons would fit better and then the old assets can be used which everyone knows looks and sounds better

I don’t think the ability to not lose ammo on barriers is supposed to make her a tank buster but more to stop her beam from being useless.

Imagine taking all that time to get full charge just to have a barrier make you lose all of it every single time, It would be too much of a hard counter.

It’s a tank buster in the sense that it was designed to take down barriers, which are all deployed by tanks with the exception of Symmetra herself. Really, a barrier buster, which is effectively the same thing as a barrier tank counter. Except it’s still suicide trying to bust the barriers since usually your tanks are as close as you need to be, so it’s a failed barrier tank counter.

I remember a recent game where I picked Sym on Hanamura attack at the first point. Enemy team had an Orisa set up in the choke so I tried to burn the barrier down from the corner. Guess what happened? I died, over and over again, because it still takes like 5 seconds to take the barrier down with a dedicated “barrier-killing beam” while I have no cover from 6 people shooting at me.

But if the intention wasn’t to actually deal with barriers effectively, what else can you possibly suggest as the intend use? You’re not killing small squishes with this thing, orbs are infinitely superior at that. You’re not killing the tanks themselves at 90 DPS max charge thanks to armor. There IS no other use it could possibly have with a design like this.

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It feels more like it is only there to stop being hard countered by barriers rather than designed to kill barriers.

You don’t really gain anything by killing a barrier over the player who dropped the barrier.

In a 1v1 there is very little reason to use the beam unless fully charged.
By the time you have charge the enemy probably has out damaged you/You’re dead/Better off using orbs.
If fully charged and in the right range I’d rather use my beam over my orbs (But I can aim).

Group fights are where the beam shines.
You need to find opportunities to gain charge but you can’t just run around trying to gain full beam charge 100% of the time or you will die repeatedly.

In a situation where two teams are basically face to face behind barriers the team with a Symmetra can do quite well because she wont be losing ammo while keeping the pressure on them, Soon as their barrier drops you are still ready for the fight not having to reload before engaging.

The basic question I ask myself before firing my beam is,
Am I likely to survive getting to full charge?
If no then I don’t use it.

I never think there’s a barrier “I better use my beam”, I do however think “There’s a barrier, Could I get to full charge using it”

If 6 people are shooting you from behind a barrier while you have no cover then I would expect you to die.
You are not a tank, You do not have a reactionary survival ability, There is no reason for you to engage 6 people alone.

What I personally recommend is using your teleporter to get behind the Orisa barrier (Hanamura room on the right or elevated platform left or very top beam of choke) or asking your team to focus all barriers so you don’t have to do it solo.

tl;dr Purposes are
Deflect + defense matrix.
Doing more damage than orbs at full charge.

Nah I think they should bring it back with a few tweaks such as: no lock persist when LoS is broken and a narrower cone of lock like say 15 degree radius from crosshairs so you have to do some aiming.

The damage might have to be lowered to compensate some but I personally think a percentage based damage would be cool. It would keep it very effective against tanks and shields but less so against squishies. Also lower turret damage to 30 dps from 50.

I wonder what RMB does…

No, please no! Just the thought of it makes me want Sym to be deleted. This can never happen.

Sym’s range is 12 meters. Mei is 10 meters. Zarya is 15 meters. Moira’s is 20 meters. So, Mei actually has the lowest primary fire range of all 4.

I agree with the overall point that a little more range wouldn’t hurt, but I think at most 3 more meters. And at that range (Zarya’s range), the shield busting ability might be OP.

I think maybe the 12 meter range is actually OK, and a better change might be to increase how quickly her damage ramps up. She seldom gets to her beams maximum damage. I think that is a bigger issue personally.

It wasn’t OP. The whole change was just to cater to “muh skill” whiners that should have been ignored. It’s easily one of the worst balance changes this game has ever seen.

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My friend, you are preaching to the choir’s altar boy. Growing up I was always the worst out of every single one of my friends at playing FPS games. I was so much worse, that it was legitimately a surprise whenever I killed somebody. I started playing Overwatch because it presented a unique opportunity for me to enjoy challenging myself to become good at something I was bad at.

Anybody can do what I have done:

They just choose not to. There are no shortcuts to success.

Now attempt to shame me for going from the bottom 1% of players to being above average. I know this song & dance.

just what we need another thing for noobs to dominate we already got moira sym turrets and torb

I can see why, since brig cant deal with flankers that well anymore they could maybe give sym a soft lock like moiras, so they still need to aim just not as much

Auto lock promotes toxicity not skill.

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I wouldn’t mind a very soft lock on, similar to moira but a bit less. This way she could still do a lot of damage with a lock on

I don’t think there’s anything more toxic than people unable to handle themselves emotionally when they died in a video game, leading to hostile outbursts ingame and even later on the forums. And that behaviour is not a problem that goes away with changes to gameplay. People who seriously could not handle dying to Sym with her autolock are a problem and are not people I want to see in my games.

That’s why I’m gold my boi