Giving Sym autolock is a good idea

With Brig being overnerfed to the ground Tracer and Genju could use a new counter, and having a autolock DPS would give them troubles


Against Tracer and Genji… I just save my Sentry turrets for them.

When they dive in to kill someone, they get a nasty surprise they don’t really have the time to turn and destroy.

My only problem with Sym losing her auto lock was it kinda gave beginners to FPS a good scaffolding intro to learning how to aim… if they wanted to learn. Scaffolding examples like:
Sym -> Moira -> Zarya -> McCree

However, I think very few actually did something like that.

Yes! And it’s coming from a non sym main I think!

It’s catching on






This or make her current primary fire better and worth using.

But yeah I just miss her old form where flankers were actually scared of her lock-on beam. Obviously if she did get the lock-on back they’d have to revert her weapon because a lock on beam with potential 180 damage isn’t balanced no matter how you look at it.

But for real I think she’d function just fine with her old beam + new orbs. The lock-on is optimal for close / mid range combat and the orbs are for close - long range / burst damage.

See, the thing is that her old beam had way better consistent damage potential as opposed to her new beam.

I just want her to be consistent with her primary fire, not useless

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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Her current beam is supposed to Tank bust…but at close range which is suicide

As usual, people are overestimating nerfs. Brigitte won’t be nerfed to the ground.

Symmetra right now is strong. Most people just don’t know how to play her correctly (see: Doomfist a few months ago). People like stevooo find massive success with the new Symmetra.


I feel like no reply is needed with that posted

At this point I almost don’t even care about her primary. Give her older kit back at the very least.

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i miss sym being good.


I swear this forum thinks her old beam was as simple as latch->auto win.

How can you complain about her being “close range” (she isn’t) when she used to genuinely be melee range?


The forum’s problem with her old auto lock is that up close, a bronze sym is literally as effective as a GM sym

auto aim mechanics don’t belong in a shooter, it’s not a complicated concept
especially when players demand that said no skill beam also does significant dps


I disagree with that but I see your point

Fact is, in higher ranks, her only reliable source of charge was barriers. Which is the entire reason she has the barrier eating niche she has right now.

“Tank bust” yet incredibly weak the moment a tank has armor

Let’s rework Soldier and McCree ultimates, then.

While at it, also makes Zen aim his discord/harmony orbs, Brigitte aim her repair packs, and Ana aim her Nanoboosts. Make Mercy track for her healing beam as well.

Ah, and don’t forget to remove the melee abilities, since all of them don’t need aim either, just facing. Reinhardt hammer, Brigitte flail, Genji Dragonblade, Lúcio Soundwave Boop, Doomfist entire kit…

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I am in agreement that learning to aim is key, but learning to aim isn’t enough to help you deal with things like deflect and Tracer’s blink-stepping. Those abilities raise the aim requirement above what an FPS calls for.

are you really comparing a primary to ultimates?
please don’t tell me people are really this dense

you’d have a valid point if soldiers primary was a permanent aimbot
there is an obvious reason why soldiers primary is in fact not an aimbot


There are three paragraphs. Read them all.

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Symm needs more range is all it boils down to. Mei has more range. Zarya has more range. Moira has more than twice as much range. I don’t think she needs more than 2-5 meters, but she has to get way too close to have any survivability.