Giving Sym autolock is a good idea

I mean what you’re basically saying is, syms primary should be aimbot because soldiers and mccrees ults are aimbots

I stopped reading there for obvious reasons.


Nope, I’m saying that declaring autolocks shouldn’t been in the game means removing a lot of stuff that pertain to over half the roster. Symmetra was not the only hero in the game with an autolock mechanic.

Next time this happens, don’t reply to the post, then.

maybe you could just be better at sym

I mean, you conveniently left out the bit where I said: “especially if people expect the damage from the aimbot to be significant”. this also implies I’m strictly talking about dps, so you can bin pretty much every example you made

so take your own advice next time.


Sym2 had 120 DPS after 2 seconds of ramp up. Pretty much every other hero, except Mei and Moira have more DPS potential than this. This potential is balanced by aiming requirements and Sym’s ramp-up time, which gives time for her target to turn around and kill her before she melts them.

Not a single person is asking Sym to get her lock-on back with the new damage. People asking for the lock-on wants the old beam, the way it was, no change. Well, maybe a better tier 1 damage, but definitely still at 120 DPS cap.

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If you knew the level of skill it took for a Gold Tracer to rank up back when Hanzo had Scatter Arrow you would be laughing at yourself right now for thinking Sym v2 could stop a Tracer with her autolock even if it got an extended range.

You would literally still get trashed by any good Tracer player and be back here begging for nerfs 5 seconds later. This change would also have virtually no bearing on a decent Genji player.

I never played Symmetra and it never would have taught me how to aim. Babying people like this is why we have so many entitled crybaby quitters. The less participation trophy design the game has the more player growth will thrive and the less counterproductive trust system based competitive platforms will seem.

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Autolock can be in the game, but not for a DPS.

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I’m fine with that.

Put her back at support, where she should never had left in the first place.

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Maybe both sides could meet in the middle and give Sym a ‘soft-lock’ like Moira (and yes, I know that Moira’s beam isn’t lock-on, but the overall appearance makes it look that way). That way, Sym still requires (some) aim, but it’s nowhere near as intense (keeping Sym quite accessible) and the beam no longer looks like the ugly straight one we have now?

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I haven’t had any issue with killing Genji with her primary fire, and neither has the best Symmetra. It might be a you problem, not a general problem with the hero.

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Her auto lock can come back. As long as it obeys all other gun restrictions. And isn’t a copy of Mercy’s healing beam. You go behind cover. Even for a millisecond of a lamp post. It loses lock. It obeys its actual range limit. No training wheels on the beam please.

She’s never been an actual support, and Blizzard clearly wants to define supports as healers.

She’s always been a support hybrid, but has always been a dps first and foremost.


I think we discussed that before and agreed to disagree.

But if I’m confusing people, the tldr is that every part of her old kit is focused in improving her teammates. Beam was a peeling tool, orb and turrets were a zoning tool, turrets double as alarm system, barrier could save teammates and help pushes, and her ults were team-wide benefits.

I get bummed by this decision since Sym3 rework because I think limiting all support options to only healers is limiting your potential design space for the future. IMO, Sombra should had been another character thrown at the support role just to strengthen the “support do not mean healer” motto they had at launch.

But given current situations, I would be more comfortable with Sym getting some kind of healing that the mess that she is as “utility DPS” right now.

OK. Do you want the hero to be in OWL someday or do you want it to be accessible?

Because it’s kind of ridiculous that at least 10% of OWL players have been making at least more than 2x the amount of money that people who get shot at and blown up IRL do playing heroes that hold W+M1 to win games after begging and pleading with Blizzard not to make these one dimensional heroes meta so they can have the opportunity to showcase the skills they have acquired in the time they have played Overwatch.

Like LOL… we saw how this went for Brigitte. It’s not going to fly in OWL.

It’s an FPS… Shoot them before they shoot you. That’s all there is to it. Overwatch doesn’t need training wheel heroes. There is nothing more useless to a team than a DPS one trick.

And whenever Blizzard puts out a low skill hero that dominates, it’s all that people will play. We saw this with pharmercy, cheese comp, the spam meta, the moth meta and now GOATS.

These people will act like they can only play one hero because they are only confident playing one hero. It’s ridiculous to me as someone who always has to be the one who shoots Pharah. I wish DPS one tricks would get banned from this game, it’s absolutely absurd some of the situations I have been placed in and how I have been victimized and punished for actually trying to be a good player while others have not.

The game is hard sometimes and I get that sometimes people wish it were easier, but when you beat somebody and you have to ask yourself if you are really better than them and you don’t immediately answer that question with a “yes, absolutely”… Is it really a victory?

It’s an FPS. Aim. If you can’t, keep trying until you can. It’s that easy.

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Autolock is unnecessary, and they wouldn’t implement that without a decrease in damage.

I average 33% accuracy, but that includes me sweeping to find Sombras or hit blinking tracers/dashing genjis. When I don’t do that then my primary accuracy in a game is usually 50-60%. It’s already one of the easiest weapons to aim as you can clearly see where it’s pointing. The only issue I have is not always being able to tell if something is in range when you’re near the range limit.

Why not both? Skill floor doesn’t affect a heroes skill ceiling.

I’m really not here to get political, and I definitely don’t want to get into discussions about the military.

Pros don’t choose what heroes are the strongest, and they don’t care who the strongest hero is. All that matters is that they’re playing the most effective strategy to increase their chances of winning.

That’s quite the oversimplification there. You seem to be forgetting that there are abilities.

Too late. Sorry 🤷

I’d rather have a dps one trick than a toxic player.

Sorry, but that’s how the meta works.

Wow. Isn’t it crazy that this game has metas. It’s almost like every competitive game has a meta.

I’m confused why you’re bringing up one-tricks. I literally never mentioned one-tricking.

If you’re playing dps, you’re gonna be expected to switch to counter. The same applies to everyone else.

You aren’t punished because you’re a ‘good player’. You’re punished because others are being selfish. If you don’t like it, find a group of like-minded people.

Yep. Victory is defined as “an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition”.

Also, why are you acting like I want Sym to be OP?

If you want a ‘true’ Fps experience, play another game, because this ain’t it.

Because it’s just that easy for someone with a disability that limits what they can do, is it?

I’m not asking for Sym to be OP. I’m asking for a compromise so that both sides can at least be slightly happy.

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You do know that you still just hold down Sym’s Primary fire button. You just have to track with it now.

Anyway. Sym wasn’t played in OWL because of lock-on. She wasn’t played in OWL because of her mobility and poor DPS. If she did more damage she would have been used.

Right now she’s still not used in OWL. She has mobility with TP and does damage. She’s just too damn squishy with no escape. I don’t think that tickrate helps.

I want to note that I said someday.

honestly the thought of sym v2 doing anymore damage than she already was capable of doing legitimately makes me want to vomit because of the number of people who would one trick and just wanted to win the game by relying on the possibility that the enemy team is stupid.

sad thing is it actually worked for them because of how dumb competitive play is.

Moth (Support player for SF Shock):

I hope Mercy is never meta again.

Dhak (Support player for SF Shock):

It would be nice if Brigitte took more skill to play

EFFECT (DPS player for Dallas Fuel):


Top 500s:


Annnnd I’m not going to address anything else in your post because I can tell from all the witty one liners you had to throw out by splitting one post into like 20 separate quotes that you think having a disability entitles you to a handicap so you really have no respect for the competitive integrity of the game.

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I don’t even comprehend why Sym mains would want auto-lock back. You guys want to feel like you have no skill? Let’s be real even current Sym doesn’t take a good amount of skill in general. She’s pretty braindead, so imagine how’d it feel to have auto-lock back.

Though I guess it doesn’t matter, people just want easy accessible mechanics to baby them which is why this game is going to sh*t along with the abundance of CC and knockbacks.

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Autolock is not a good idea :no_mouth: And unless you make her damage laughable (a la Moira, who doesn’t even have autolock), then it’s going to be obnoxious and oppressive… which, old Symmetra’s primary was, but the overall cruddiness of her kit kept it from ever being a real problem.

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